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tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!!

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Lauren in San Diego here (5'11'').  I was up to almost 180 lbs at the end of last year and I lost about 10 pounds during Jan-Feb and then got lazy.  I need to get back on the wagon.  I think I weigh around 170 and I would like to be 150.  Weigh in on Fridays for me starting tomorrow.  I would love to chat with others who have similar stats and goals to stay motivated.  All my girlfriends are little petites, I need some amazon love!!

Let's look hot and healthy this summer!!!

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Kassay-hey maintenance during vacation is an awesome accomplisment! Food is all I think about when on vacation (and it's definitely not the oh so healthy foods I'm talking about :)

As for me, this is actually my first weigh-in with all of you...so I'll just recap that I'm 27 and 5'10. SW: 211   CW:  204  GW:  175

I did really well with portion control this week (which is my biggest struggle).  And I was finally able to exercise this week (only 1X, but I'm easing in after my knee was injured again).  Hoping to be able to pick this up a bit this next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

G'morning gals!

I am @ 156.0 this a.m.- after teeter-tottering between 153.5 and 158.0 all week.  I'll take it.  I overindulged on sweets several times, and skipped two of my workouts. 

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Hey guys! Good job to everyone. Sadly I'm somehow back to my starting weight (6'2 and 213lbs) but I sort of expected it. It's my time of the month and I'm always a couple pounds up then. So I'm thinking positive and going to exercise and count calories this weekend and next week and hope for something more positive next Friday!

Hey all!!

I posted on this forum ages ago (I disappeared off CC for like a year...) and I'm trying to get involved in forums again...  I was in the best shape when I was involved on these forums and journaling regularly...

I'm 5'10.5" and I am looking to "maintain" around 135-140.  Not really doing anything drastic... I really just want to get in decent shape and hold myself accountable for the crap I eat.  I don't want to get stressed and lose or gain a bunch of weight.

I want to start adding a bunch of people (reading journals is motivating), so sorry in advance if that creeps anyone out haha...

Wow, go on a little vacation and the forum suddenly explodes. OK so I was on vacation for an entire month. A road trip with a 6 year old and 3 year old no less, that lasted 4.5 weeks. I am so glad to be home you have no idea.

Ate horribly, exercised maybe 4 times the entire month (including an epic hike partway down the Grand Canyon and back carrying a 3 year old and supplies in a backpack) So I *feel* like I've gained a bajillion lbs. although my size 8 jeans still fit me just fine so who knows. I refuse to weigh myself because I don't want to see the number and have a nervous breakdown. Maybe after a couple weeks of being good I'll brave it. Back at the gym this morning, still working on doing a chin up but it's so hard when you're 6'1", weigh 175 lbs., and are a *girl*.

Good to "see" you all again, keep up the good work!

Im a little discouraged but still going to try....






nastasja - don't be discouraged! I don't know what you weighed last week but either way, you're almost 5 pounds down from where you started, and that's something to celebrate! I have to remind myself all the time to take it day by day, and to celebrate little accomplishments and feeling healthier, not just numbers on the scale. Don't forget that losing weight the healthy way is a slow process. Keep going!


FINALLY!  A good week for me.  Eats were good but I didn't get in any "formal" exercise.  My weight was down 2 lbs today!! Yeah, finally.  Over the weekend we ate out a lot and I ate what I wanted with smart choices coupled in....I stayed within cals (as best as I could calculate while eating out) but definately ate a lot more salt and fat than normal.  Something helped, because the scale finally showed me some love.  How was the week for everyone else?

Good for you okie! 

My week was odd...I had some sort of GI virus (given to me by my lovely daughter :) and so for the first few days I couldn't eat anything without a visit to the bathroom...soo...my husband said take an Imodium.  So I did and ever since I've been bloated and gassy, ugh!  I was 203 on Wednesday and today it said 206 (relating the influx to bloating and water retention)...my scale is not my friend today! Ha, but the good news is I can still feel a big difference in my pants...in fact this morning I tried on a pair of work ones and I decided that I cannot wear them anymore because they're too big, so yay for that!

I've had a busy week... weighed in at 133.5 :-/  Not really happy about this, because I realize it's because I wasn't eating right.  I feel totally weak, so I'm tweaking my goal to gain-- 140-145.  I'm not going to gain muscle without gaining weight!

I realize this is a WEIGHT LOSS forum... but I had so much success in the past with my fellow tall ladies that I don't really want to start posting on weight gain forums with people in recovery for EDs, because that's not where I am. (EDIT: it will probably only take me a few days to gain back, so I feel like posting on weight gain forums would be useless)  But if anyone thinks I should do otherwise, please let me know and I'll scram!

Down two pounds today so I'm at 211. I have to learn to be excited about little progress steps. Right now it seems like I'm just soooo far from where I want to be that two pounds seems like nothing. Ugh. 

Yay for okie and Erin's big pants!

Audrey-I have felt the same over this whole process, and I'm constantly thinking, gosh it's been hard just to get this far and now I still have a little over 25 lbs before my goal! But keep up the great work and and the little steps certainly will add up!  I was 215 at about Christmas and it's hard for me to believe that I'm so close to being under 200.  We can get there!

Holding @ 155 over here.  9 lbs from GW.....sigh.  The ginormous chocolate chip muffin I devoured this morning surely did not help. 

Still 164-165 here. I think this just might be my weight :( I have been up and down the same 5 lbs for almost two years. My fitness is still great but I just really want to be 153-155. I would be just that little bit lighter on my feet and faster.

Great work everyone that is down this week!

It's not Friday... but I just found this forum and I think I'm going to try communicating for once. Ive never looked for support to get in shape - maybe thats what im doing wrong!

Age: 24

height: 5'11"

HW: 187

CW: 176

GW: 153

Ive never tried anything like CC before, usually I just increase my exercise and eat whatever the heck I want, but I am full time in school right now and don't have enough extra energy to go to the gym 2 hrs a day... so I think for once I am taking an interest in what I put in my mouth! I'm hoping that being in contact with like-minded people might help me stay committed? Nice to meet you all!!!



cw: 204

gw: 170 ( first goal)

I went away for the weekend so I didnt get to weigh in this week on here so I wanted to make up for it now :)  I came down with some kind of bug while we were gone so I didnt feel like eating too much, today I'm feeling better but still not much of an appetite which is kind of GREAT for the circumstances, but at the same time I would like to feel back to normal. I finally feel like I'm totally committed to sticking with this as a new way of life and staying focused on my goal of losing alot of fat *sigh of relief* hopefully it stays that way! :)

Greetings ladies, I am so glad to have found a group of people the same height as me =) I live in Zimbabwe and really struggle with my weight!!!  It is not so easy to eat the right diet here and low fat items are virtually unheard of!  I have to loose my weight through excercise and frankly I hate excercising!!!!  I will be gettting married next year and would like to reach my ideal weight long before then so that I might maintain it!!!!

I am 5'11 and 104kg (will work out what that is in punds a little later!!! But really would like to join your forum and get the support!!! Thanks

Hi Genesis and Welcome Miwillia and Zimgales! 

I hope everyone is doing better than me this week!  The weekend was a nightmare...wanted everything in sight, mostly sweets Undecided  Trying to get back on track today...will be playing basketball and working on portion control. I must admit that if it weren't for CC and forums like this I probably would revert back to old eating habits on a continuous basis, but it's nice to have something to reel me back in...makes me more accountable for what my goals are and where I want to be at the end of all of this.

Have a great rest of your week!

Welcome miwillia and zimgales.  You've joined a great group.

Erin - Keep at it.  It will work if you keep it up.  I also wanted to eat everything in sight on Sunday.  Luckily, all that was in the house was good for me eats so I just ate small amounts of them often.  I think I ate all day long, at least it seems like I did.

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