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Weight Loss
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Hello!  I am 6'1'' and a former college athlete.  I would like to hear from other tall women who are athletic (in nature or in build) to see what you weigh and what a good weight might be for someone my height. 

I am more concerned about body fat at this point and would like to weigh less for running... I am currently 6'1'', 170 lbs and wear a size 10 or 12 and have been vegetarian for over 15 years.  I feel too big right now for competitive running...HELP!!!
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I am a college athlete right now, and considering that I bet most of that 170 is muscle, I bet you are not "too big" for competitive running.  (I am 5'6" and weigh about 160... I want to get down to 150 by mid-summer).  Are you looking to strictly lose fat, or lose weight in general?
hi dillemma9 - Well, at 5-10 I'm nowhere near as tall as you, but I also have a pretty athletic build.  I think body fat %age is probably the best way to gauge what kind of shape you're in.  Right now I weigh 150, which is at the low end of a healthy BMI, but my body fat is around 26%.  So that means I probably need to get back on the weights.  A good athletic body fat percentage for women is between 14 and 24%, so I'd like to get somewhere in there.
Hi dillemma! I actually just quit my sport this year! I have been a swimmer all my life and competed D1 in college. I decided to stop b/c i wanted to pursue other things. However, now I have struggled with efforts to maintain/lose weight now that iam not exersizing as much. I am 5'10" and weigh 170. My goal is to get down to 150. If your concerned about competitve running, i would recommend a 20-30 minute run every to every other day along with some other cardio to mix it up. Also you might want to try some lifting to get your body back into the shape you want it to be in. Not heavy weights, just some light ones. Just out of curiousity, how much do you currently work out and what is ur daily caloric intake?
Well, I am looking to lose fat...I don't want the jiggle when I run.    I competed in D1 volleyball and would like to get down to 155-160 when I felt my best in the past.  Trick is I don't have 6 hours devoted to training these days!!

I currently work out 4 times per week...weights 3x's per week and I try to do at least 30 min cardio on those days with one longer run on the weekend (anywhere from 3-8 miles)

Calorie intake is the doozy here...I am really bad at tracking my intake....I think most days I am close to 1800...but I never know for sure.  I find it really hard to tally it up!!  This might be the area I need the most help???

Thanks everyone for your input so far...:-)
hey dillemma, sorry i couldn't respond to ur email cuz they limit the amount of messages you can send per day. Wouldn't you know i already hit that quota... a whopping 2 messages! Anyway, caloric intake is EXACTLY what I am working on! I am trying to maintain around 1600-1700 a day and I try to burn 400 cals about 5 times a week. I do some weights prbly 3 times a week as well. I would love to partner up here! My real goal is to keep my cals at 1600. I think that is completely doable. I am guessing we both have quite a bit of muscle on us, esp considering ur 6'1" and 170 (i think that you would be quite in shape for 6'1" at that weight!). Anyway, i will be in touch tomorrow to let you know how I am doing. Feel free to send me any tips and i will do the same. best of luck!
Well, at 5'8", I'm short by your standards, but taller than most, and I've heard from quite a few people that I have an athletic build.  I run and hike, mostly, but people assume I'm a runner or a weightlifter, even when I'm doing neither.  Right now, I'm at 178, which isn't terrible, but I'm pretty flabby in the aftermath of a long illness.  My goal weight is 145, although I have a feeling I might be pretty happy with the way I look at 155.

My weight loss has been very slow, but I think some of that has to do with the fact that I'm really exercising for the first time in three years and am probably building some muscle.  I eat between 1600 and 1800 calories a day, and on days when I do a long hike (4 hours or more), I eat 2000.

I'm guessing, at your weight and height, you're not very much overweight at all.  You can probably drop a few pounds just by counting the calories.  Have you tried the tools on this site? I try to work with the range that I get from the intake and the expenditure tools.  Good luck!
I'm 6'0" and played D1 Bball... when I was in my best shape (practicing up to 6 hours a day!) I weighed around 175 pounds... I since then have had problems with arthritis in my knees and haven't been as active as I once was... I now weigh 150 and am trying to get back into shape. I know that I can still lose at least 5 pounds and not be too thin... I'd really like to lose 10 though. I have always struggled comparing my weight to the little girls... I hate it when I tell someone I weigh 150 pounds and they look me up and down and say "well you hide it well!" or "oh! you don't look THAT big" I heard once that one inch = 10 pounds... I guess you could look on a BMI chart to see how accurate that is. But also take into account your muscle mass... I know that I can weigh 20 pounds more and look MUCH better than I do now.
Thanks for the reponses everyone!!! Getfit, sounds like we are in the same boat here...I just really need to get on track with intake.

How do the rest of you do with tracking your intake?  I find it very cumbersome...but then again I need to get more specific with numbers or I am not going to see results!  How have others gotten "on board" with recording intake?  I really need help with this! Do you need to plan everything out in advance? 

I think I am going to use some of the tools and get more specific...any input as far as how others have conquered this would be great!! THANKS EVERYONE!!!

I'm 6'1" and currently weigh 208lbs after having 4 babies in 6 years (and am still nursing a 7 month old).

Anyway, I agree that 170 feels like a lot if you're like me and have medium sized bones.  At my top form in University, I was at 147-150 and looked and felt great (not skinny, not anorexic!)  My goal is to get down to 160, and then see what happens from there.

I'm training for a triathalon in September, and I have a 10k to run at the end of June.  My real passion is road cycling/racing. 

I need to lose lots more than you do, and believe me I know how awful it feels to lug around too much fat, especially when you're running or cycling up-hill (question of watts per kilo -- puts a ceiling on how fast you can go).  It's even worse when you have the point of reference of a healthier, slimmer you.

I read an amazing e-book, "Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle" back in November.  It's all about stoking your metabolism by eating the right foods and exercising the right amounts.  Often, you need to eat MORE when doing a lot of physical activity in order to stoke the metabolic "fires", otherwise you're body's chemistry can't make up for the caloric loss and has to conserve a maximum of energy in order to feed your internal organs. 

At any rate, I totally understand why you need to tone up.  My husband has recommended that I do longer distances and interval training in order to lose a maximum of weight in the healthiest way possible, of course (more food comes with the increased exercise).

Hope it helps a bit...
Thanks skinny kitty!

That book sounds interesting.  I am also working at increasing my distances in running...I am doing a 5K next week and am thinking about doing a half marathon in town this fall.  I think alot needs to happen for me training-wise before then though.

4 children?  Congrads!!  I admire women who can raise a family and remain active (esp an athlete!) How do you feel your pregnancies have influenced your current workouts?  Did you run at all when pregnant?  I have a former teammate that is 6 months along and running....sometimes I worry about her!!!

Yes, this will be quite the journey getting back to where I used to be...but it is encouraging to hear from others that are also walking (or running!) a similar path!

I am a 21 year old college athlete, and I'm what I like to call "big boned." I'm 6' and currently weigh 175, but am working on losing another 10lbs. I think that anywhere between 160 and 170 is healthy for girls as tall as we are, especially since I assume you're packing some muscle over there. Once you get to a certain point, it's not about the scale any more, it's about toning!
Recording intake seemed so huge and burdensome at first, but I just used the food log on this site, and it's really very easy.  If I know what I'm having for meals ahead of time, or for snacks I tend to have daily, I just record all of them in the morning, or even the night before, so I don't have to sit down at the computer every time I take a bite. 

I thought it would be incredibly tedious at first, but it only takes a few minutes at a time, and it's really interesting to find out how much or little you're actually eating.  I actually found out that most days when I was eating normally, it wasn't nearly enough for my activity level. Now that I make an effort to eat more on days when I do a lot, I need almost zero recovery time, and have very little muscle soreness.

Once you've figured out the right level of calories, and have logged your usual foods often enough, you probably won't need to keep doing it forever.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself!
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5'11" here and I'm at appr. 140lbs and dress size 4-6. Given youre a runner, high protein is a pretty good way to go. Try to eat loads of proteins while still limiting caloric intake. With toning and training, this should get your muscles in shape to stop the dreaded jiggle (I've got that happening too, and I'm a tad low on protein cause I like to watch grams of fat and tend towards vegetarian, I always wear black pants when I jog haha!)
Its also useful to measure more by looks/inches/size. I've noticed that my weight hasnt changed since I was size 8. I notice little things such as poky collarbones (they run in the family) which never showed before and more defined shoulders, yet theres no change in weight.
Thanks everyone for your responses...this has really helped me put some things into perspective.  erinspepito, brightestblue and niiko...great inout!  I do need to track my calories...I think my recovery time from harder workouts is suffering because my counting is off (or non-existent).  I have found it really hard to run back to back days (ex: had a GREAT run on Weds and really struggled yesterday) I am thinking it has to do with intake?  I will look into this.

I think aiming for 160 is realistic at this point (10 lb loss) then make my way to 150 over the longer term (end of summer would be GREAT!!!)

Niiko--what is your intake like?  Are you a runner as well? 

Thx again!!
Hey!  I'm 5' 10" and always stay about 132-136.  This is the weight I feel most comfortable at and I think it really helps my endurance.  I run about 40 miles a week.  I'm lean, but definitely not skinny.  I still have boobs and a little bit of tummy (for me, the more I run the harder it is to tone my stomach-but oh well, I would rather run than be in a gym!).  I eat about 1900-2300 cals a day.  Hope this helps!
Thanks andivan-wow, you are at a great weight.  I could see how being at that weight would help with running...and it is encouraging to hear that you have a womanly shape.  Do you run in the morning or afternoon/evening?  I think I need a better routine, something more consistent to get the weight off with running.  Do you track your intake too?  Looks like you and I are the same age too....thanks for the input!
We are the same age.  Happy Birthday to us!  Well, I work a lame 8-5 office job, so I go right after work and usually do 5 miles.  Weekends tend to be longer runs in the morning.  I feel good at this weight.  When I was playing basketball and lifting weights I was about 148.  I'm definitely not as strong as I used to be, but I feel much lighter and more agile now.  That sounds weird, but it's true.  I tried tracking my calories for a little while, but I got obsessed and started losing weight so I decided to knock it off.  I just plug the numbers once in a while so see where I'm at.  I know this is a calorie counting site, but just listen to you body.  It won't fail you.  Promise!

Hello Athletic and Tall Women,

I played a GREAT deal of sports.

In my view you should not consider yourself too heavy to run at 6'1 with your weight at 170 lbs. You may wish to see a running trainer that is certified.

The most important factors I belive are "HOW" you feel, wearing the correct "Sports Bra" for propper support and the best "Shoes" I use only "Brooks" as I have long legs.  They make EXCELLENT shoes for runners.

I re-injured a foot I broke a few years ago during Fencing class. I am 5'8" and weigh very firm 180. I am going to weigh 165 in a few months. On an athletic tall woman the loss of 10-15 lbs. looks like 30-50 on a non athletic woman.

I am now ready to start working out again. I can drop a size in 40 hours of working out. I would say relax and enjoy the sport you chose. As a tall athletic woman it would be good for you to see a fitness trainer that is certified!

Have a great time!




Hi everyone,

I run D1 Cross contry/ track (miler) and I am 5'9" and currently weigh 142 pounds.  I joined this site because my coach thinks I could lose like 5-8 pounds and run A LOT faster (I'm aiming for a 5:05-5:10 mile this season).  Anyway, I run between 30-60 miles a week depending on the season//month, etc.  I think my current intake is around 2000 but that is just an estimate.  I want to lose 5 pounds before February.  I have already lost about 8 pounds over the past 4 months by replacing cereal with oatmeal.

Any suggestions on how to lose the last 5 pounds?  I already run a lot and eat pretty decent..I'm stuck in a rut!!

Oh, and I completely agree with the whole I weigh more but look better becuase I am toned comments, because it is completely true!!  In HS I weighed about 125 and just looked gangly and now I look like a woman!  But good luck with everything, and let me know how it goes//if anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them!

I'm 5'9 and change and weigh about 152 right now. My BMI is 22.4 but my body fat is about 19% which means I'm pretty densely muscled. I do triathlon and swim competitively...although as a 37 year old mother of 2 'competitively' probably has a different definition for me than some of you college athletes! I compete for the experience, not to win (although I do alright in triathlon).

My run pace has definitely picked up as I've dropped weight, and I'm working to drop a few more pounds (not more than 7-8) and 3-4% body fat before the next tri season starts up. My swim and cycle times seem pretty solid regardless of my weight.

I eat about 2700 calories a day, I'm vegan and eat whole foods only. I don't even take supplements. I burn 700-1000 calories per workout, 5-6 days a week.

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