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Weight Loss
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Does Taking Laxatives = Weight Loss?

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I have an overweight friend who is planning on loosing weight by eating pratically anything she wants, followed by a few laxative pills..

I am just asking if this has worked for anyone, not that i am trying it. Im just thinking that the lack of nutrition from doing this over a peroid of time would outweigh the positives of loosing weight. I am also scared for her health.

What have you experianced?

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no.  it's a form of purging, and it's symptomatic of disordered eating.  in the short term it will cause dehydration; any weight loss will just reflect that.  in the long term it can cause irreparable damage to the gastrointestinal system.

This is a bad bad idea!! Tell her no no no!!!

Ahh, laxatives.  I never used those to lose weight, but I was starting to become semi-dependent on them because my digestive system wan't working properly.  (And by semi, I mean a few days for a couple of weeks... So I'm not sure that counts.)  I did some research, and after reading about how it can mess up your electrolytes and pretty much only intensify the problem more (in my case it was digestion -- I was overweight at the time, and those issues are now gone after losing weight and eating plenty of fibre.) 

Either way, not only does it not really help you lose weight, but it only strains and confuses your body even further.  Eating whatever and how much you want, that alone is very difficult for your body to digest, but then you take something that messes your body up further.  What happens when they're not consumed anymore?  I would strongly recommend that your friend reads about laxatives and specifically laxative abuse.  Unfortunately there is no way to lose weight (fat anyway) while eating whatever you want (binging).  Unfortunately, being a binge eater myself and having gained a lot of weight due to this and depression, I've learned it the hard way.  There really is no quick fix. 

Perhaps ask your friend why it is she wants to lose the weight with this method, and if she truly thinks it will help.  I find that many people in that situation, or at least I'll speak for myself, don't really think that anything CAN help at that point -- and if it does, it's not tangible at all.  But without consistency and doing something you can actually maintain, there really won't be any true results.  It just further damages your health, and then it'll be more than excess fat that would be the problem. 

I think everyone must come to the point where they stop trying things that are meant to be "quick-fixes" and want to make an actual difference.  Laxative abuse, to me, just seems like it's on that road to destruction still.  Definitely not the road to recovery. 

I would talk to her about it if I were you.

That is called bulimia; I don't even think I need to say how terrible of an idea that is.

I'll save the preachy stuff and give you your answer.  See, I am a recovering bulimic so I have been down the road of eating terribly then taking tons of laxatives along with exercising four hours per day and vomiting.  Did I lose weight? NO.  I GAINED 25 pounds in less than a year. Let's also mention how terrible I felt, how bad my skin looked, how ashamed I was, ect.

Laxatives will just leave her in the bathroom all day with a bloated stomach and bad gas.  The "stuff" she will get rid of is waste from what has already been digested (i.e.-the calories have already been absorbed)


Tell your friend that she's an idiot and to look up 'lazy bowel syndrome'... one consequence of taking laxatives when you don't need to.   Expect it was some pie-in-the-sky idea borne out of desperation rather than anything more serious.

If she wants some help and support in losing weight healthily there are any number of diet clubs and on-line sites like this one where she can get sound nutritional advice and moral support.    But it takes a little effort.... not 'eating anything you like' and then hoping some pill will deal with it.


Do you watch House? There was an episode once about a woman who was using laxatives to loose weight. She either ended up dieing or having to get some sort of organ transplant. I don't remember. Make her watch that show....maybe it will scare her into not using laxatives. I also had a friend that used laxatives every day to loose weight. She started bleeding every time she tried to have a BM. Its dangerous. Tell her NOT to do it!

This girl I know used laxatives for a loooong time thinking it would cure her weight loss. Did it? No.

What happened? She wears a colostomy bag. Not sexy.

I take correctol laxative and you see about a 3lb difference evertime you use it. Dont take them for more than a week and I would suggest just once a month for cleansing but definitely ask your doctor.  I got a little addicted to taking them all the time and had to stop.  So tell your friend to speak to a professional before deciding to make it a diet plan. This can cause damages as others have already mentioned.

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