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Weight Loss
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{{ hugs }}

What really matters is that now you are doing something about it! Soon that number will be a distant memory <3

Yes you can do it! I love your notion that it is like losing 10 pounds 13 times. :D

I know it's hard to think about where you are at now, but at least you are acknowledging it and taking steps to lose the weight. It'll be a long process but I'm sure you can do it.

But you know what?

Looking at your pictures, I would never have guessed 290-something pounds.

I would have guessed maybe 60 or 70 pounds lighter.
awww hun, just know that your on this website &those number are DEF gonna change, for the better!


       &nb sp;  ur ok hun atleast u know now you need to make some changes in your life, the same happen to me ^^ so ur not alone, Ur beautiful and all u need is a little help and u can find it here. best of luck to you, And it sounds like u already have a Goal and started to do well Stick to it! u can do it Tongue out !! best of luck to you

Thank you for all of the works of encouragement. It makes me feel good that there are so many great people here to help support me through the journey.

I started out almost that i'm under 180!!!  If I can do it, so can you!!!

The more weight you lose, the better you will feel all around, and the more you'll want to keep on losing!  Beware.......exercise is VERY addicting!  Once you get into the habit, you'll crave it!  You'll feel guilty when you DONT exercise for whatever reason......but what a great addiction to have!  I am addicted to feeling well and looking better!

I'm here if you need any support!


It may be hard, but being brave and facing reality head on, facing that number on the scale head on, is the first step to being able to make healthy changes in your life.
you really DONT look 294.  Are you quite tall? :) Good luck!
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Don't feel bad! The same thing happened to me last year. I under-estimated my weight by 15 lbs and I cried too!

don't get down! you can definitely do this!! and think about it this way, that is the LAST time you'll ever see that number on the scale! that's so great that you've already stuck with it for 3 days!
{{ hugs}}

Don't let yourself get down.  I know exactly how you feel.  I thought i started at 275lbs and was down to 255 until i bought a new scale and found out my old one was way 20 lbs off.  I actually at 275lbs now.  It was very depressing but i didnt let it get me down...

You can do this....I'm in the same boat as you are.  If you ever need to talk...just send me a message!!!

Good luck!!!


I've been completely disenheartened by the numbers on the scale too and you can change it.  The important thing is to stick to it and make it something you can live with permanently.  I made the mistake of going extreme on a diet and I just couldn't take it anymore once I got to the place where I was satisfied with my weight loss and I binged like crazy.  Its been really hard to get on track since but now I'm dedicated to getting back in shape. 

I love your way of looking at it in small intervals (I'm soooo stealing your idea!). With that outlook you are sure to make it!

Original Post by devbanana:

Yes you can do it! I love your notion that it is like losing 10 pounds 13 times. :D


I second devbanana!!  You are here with us now!  LOTS of support AND you have the right mindset!! Yeay!

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

You can do it! The scale may say 294 now but that number is just going to go down and down if you stick to your healthy eating plan and exercise. :)

Hi finthin09... jumping in w/ everyone else 1) you don't look that weight and even if ya did who cares you are doing something about it now!! 2) absoutely LOVE your idea of losing 10 lbs 13 times. I need to try that myself. The full number can be overwhelming!! 3) that pink is a GREAT color for you!! You're a beautiful girl. Inside and out.

You can do it!!

(((( HUGS ))))


Aww, sweetie, you can do it.

Even at a modest but healthy and sustainable weight loss of three pounds of week, you would be 156 pounds lighter next January. That time is gonna pass anyway, so don't look at it as a long way off.

Treat this as a journey of discovery. Instead of letting food control you, you take control back. It's an empowering feeling.

Good luck to you.

you CAN do it! a positive outlook is your most powerful tool to lose weight. if you think "oh i'm so fat, i'll never be able to do this" wont. but you can do it and you'll feel awesome throughout the process and when its done! you only lose when you quit.
Don't let the scales control your life. What is a number? You have started on a life change and that is what matters. You exercised, you stayed to a calorie count. All that will make the difference. Good luck and hang in there. Feel good about what you can do now not the numbers.
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