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Switched Birth Control Pill--any new chance for weight gain?

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Hi, I've just switched from Ortho Tri-Cyclen to the generic brand Tri-Sprintec.  I will be starting it tonight and I'm kind of worried.  Ortho Tri-Cyclen had no adverse effects on me (except a little weight gain in the very beginning 2 years ago, but that came off) I'm wondering if this new Tri-Sprintec will be a different story, even though it's supposedly the same thing, just with a diff. name.  Basically I just want to know if the transition will be smooth and unnoticable.  I'm also wondering if I have to wait a week or so for it to kick in just because this is a new kind of pill; although I thought that you only had to do that when starting any type of birth control for the first time, or after a long period without use.  I'm supposed to spend next weekend w/ my boyfriend..just us together and I'll be needing  protection..
I was just wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar and what they've experience
I also would appreciate any educated guesses as to what may happen to me.
Thank you all.
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when i switched to the generic brands -- there was no difference.  as long as there is no time between starting a new BC pill you shouldn't need backup protection.
there will be no change with switching to the generic and as long as you are not skipping a month without pills then there is no time in between for it to kick in. It's basically the same pill with a different label so it's like you never even switched pills. Have you ever thought of using the ring? So much easier then the pills.
Everyone is different. In my case I switched from ortho-tricyclin to depo provera, and I gained alot of weight. I switched again to the nuva-ring about 3 months ago, and I am loosing weight. so I don't know if the depo was something that caused me to gain weight or not, but it sure felt like it. I didn't change my diet one bit when I changed from ortho to depo. So like I said earlier... every one is different. You won't know what happens until it goes either way. Good luck !!!

i'm not sure what it is but everyone i know that has had the depo shot
(and i work with teen age girls who are in trouble with the law so it's
quite a few actually) they all complain of gaining weight, among other
problems but that's for a different posting i think. There must be
something about the hormones in the shot that cause weight gain or
something.  Also, new evidence suggests that the pill does not
cause weight gain like previously thought, but it can cause water
retention.  I remember reading about that like a month ago.  
I think I got lucky. I've been on Trivora-28 for about a year, and I never experienced any weight differences ...

Maybe a brand to look into for those of you lookin' for a new one? Then again, like lady11love said, everyone is different.
My doctor says that it's an individualistic thing and I agree. I have been on birth control for over 11 years now and have tried over 10 differnet types. ( I have to be on them for medical reasons, not to prevent pregnancy). I have gained weight from every differnet type/brand I have been on. Anywhere from 10-35 pounds every time I have switched to a different type. missryn, you don't have to worry about that though because you are not actually switching right. You are just going to generic which has the same levels of the same hormones. I am now on the ring which I am happy with, so far I don't have the problems I did with the other types. the patch was probably the worst type I was on because it always fell off. It never stayed on for more than 3 days and then I would have to put on a new one. The doctors said that because of my lifestyle (I would work out every day and take 2 showers a day) it was not staying on.
I use to take the depo, when I had to use bc.  The first time I took it I lost 13 lbs on it and was under wt. The second shot I gained 15 lbs. The 3rd (and last) shot I took I gained another 10 lbs. My dr. took me off of it.  Had my tubes tied after my second child and I love it.

 Anyway am I wrong, but are generic meds. the same product, just made by a diffrent co.?   I work for a vet office as a animal spec. tech. for 10 years and we used generic meds. It was the same product just cost less.

I would talk to your dr. (by phone would work if you cant see him/her) and ask about the generic.  Where you pick up your pills could answer any questions also.
i used to work in a pharmacy and so i know a bit about generic
meds.  once a patent for a prescription drug runs out it is free
game (usually 10 years unless a new use for the med is found or the
formula is changed) The formula is open for any other company to use
so, the medicine in generic pills is the exact same formula as in the
name brand.. there is no difference.. so, if there is a generic on the
market GET IT because it is soooo much cheaper and that's why when
generics come on the market the name brand usually drops it's price too
because they don't have exclusivity anymore.. hope that helps!
Thank you !

I've been on it 3 days and so far am not experiencing any problems
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im on tri-sprintec too! I never had any weight gain, but my periods are
a little off.. i get them sometimes twice a month, im pry gonna have to
switch again.. blach. So good luck w. it! :-) Dont worry about a weight
gain though.
i don't know much about tri sprintec. i'm on tri-nessa (a generic for ortho-tri) but when i got it refilled last week they gave me the tri-sprintec and said it was the same dossage and everything, it was just another generic. they were having trouble getting the tri-nessa. so far i haven't noticed a difference, i'm waiting to see what happens around that time of the month. the last time i switched prescriptions it was to a low-dose generic and i had a period for seven days, not fun, but i never noticed a weight gain.
When I was on a regular once a day pill, I didn't notice any weight gain.  After a while, I tried the patch, and I don't recommend it.  After just a couple days, I was very dizzy, and I could feel the medication flowing through my blood when I changed patches - it was quite weird and I stopped after 2 weeks.  I'm on Depo and it's the greatest stuff ever - I did gain about 10 lbs on it, but I'm taking the weight back off as we speak.  It also completely stopped my period, and my doctor thinks I can stay on depo indefinetly, but I'll probably give my body a break in another couple months. 

 Getting a shot, on time, every three months is a million times better than worrying about a pill.  Some women only have to miss one single pill to have an 'accident', so do be careful - also, both of you should be tested for STD's before having unprotected sex, so bring condoms anyway.
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hi everyone, i know this was kinda about her problem and good luck by the way, but while we are on the subject i'd love some advice. I'm 20 and i know i dont want kids for like another 20 years, but there's no way i'm going without sex that long, i mean who can? I've been trying to decide on some sort of BC and it's a really hard decision, i think i'd like to go with a shot, but i dont know how expensive that is, and i want somthing that IS GOING TO WORK. Please Help.!!!!!!
If you absolutely don't want kids for many years, go for the depo shot.  here in NC, it costs $80, without insurance, once every three months.  so thats only $320 for a whole year of 100% BC.  My doctor told me the ONLY way Depo Provera can fail is if you're late on your shot and have sex during that time.  Also, it takes about a month to start working - you may experience a long, heavy period, but then your period will probably go away until off the drug.

There are some side-effects, but I didn't get any of them, except that my period stopped 2 years ago (halleluja).  The Depo package can come with it's own needle and syringe, but you should be able to make a 'lab' appointment with your doctor (cheaper) to switch out the horse needles that come with it and a nurse will inject you.  Its not painful, but the muscle will be sore for several hours.

Don't let any birth control take the place of protection, however, and get tested before unprotected sex, and make sure your partner has too. 
http://www.fwhc.org/birth-control/depo-prover a.pdf

Here is a link to info. on the depo shot. I would never do it but that's up to you. I really like the nuva ring. You can put it in yourself and it stays in for 3 weeks. It doesn't not interfear with having sex and it's even safe to skip periods with it. I use it so that I only have my period 2 times in every 3 months. It also has 1/2 the side effects that depo shot has, safer! It's the only birth control that I have not gained weight on and I have been using it for over a year now. 

i switched from othro tri cyclen to the generic tri sprintec and within the first 2 months gained about 10 pounds....im currently off of the pill for a week and have already lost 4 pounds....everyones body is different, but this is how it affected me

Original Post by nathelia:

hi everyone, i know this was kinda about her problem and good luck by the way, but while we are on the subject i'd love some advice. I'm 20 and i know i dont want kids for like another 20 years, but there's no way i'm going without sex that long, i mean who can? I've been trying to decide on some sort of BC and it's a really hard decision, i think i'd like to go with a shot, but i dont know how expensive that is, and i want somthing that IS GOING TO WORK. Please Help.!!!!!!

Have you considered the IUD, or intra-uterine device?  It's a small implanted piece of metal or plastic that is put into your uterus at your GP's, and remains there for up to five years.  It works two ways - many are impregnated with the same hormones that come in the pill, and also having something in the uterus keeps an egg from implanting.

It's only something to use if you're SURE you aren't going to have kids for a while. It's fairly expensive at first, but over five years it's far less expensive than any other form of birth control, since you only get it put in once.

On a side-note, I tried the nuva-ring.  In three weeks I gained eight pounds (mostly water), had two yeast infections, one case of bacterial vaginosis, and one urinary tract infection.  I took out the ring for my "rest week", lost the eight pounds, and all my infections cleared up.  I never put in month two.  Currently on loestra, since it has the highest progestin dose doable on the daily pill.  No weight gain yet, still losing about a pound a week.

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