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Weight Loss
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Okay guys, I've got a question. I've made a goal for myself to walk (or do some sort of vigorous excersize) three times a week for at least 15 minutes. I've walked twice this week with 17 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. The week is now almost over, and I have plans all weekend that is going to keep me from walking.

My question to you guys is this. I am going to a pool party with my church this weekend, and I'm wondering if you think I could substitute 15 minutes of swimming (actual laps not standing and bouncing) for 15 minutes of walking this week? Should I feel guilty for not getting that third day in today? And if I do substitute this, then how do I make it really effective? What can I do in the pool to really get my metabolism going?

Any advice or suggestions?
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Swimming is great toning and cardiovascular (gets the lungs working), but non-impact. Substituting swimming for walking 2x a week will be good. I like to swim laps (1.5k usually), and find freestyle gets me working harder then the other strokes (except butterfly, but I am more like a flutterby when I try to do it)!

Have fun!
absolutly!  swimming is also an all body work out (that is if you use your arms.. haha) and like sesoz said.. it's low impact!  swim away!  :) 
I looked to see how many calories swimming burned compared to walking! Wow! It's a lot! I think I'll definitely do some swimming tomorrow when I go to the party! I might have to start doing it on a regular basis too, because I LOVE Swimming.
the dude that wrote the fit or fat book says that swimming is great for cardio and strengthing but that it wont burn fat b/c being in the water makes you body want to keep fat (whales anyone?).  Dunno if I believe it but thats what he said LOL.

My two cents--- whatever makes you happy to move, do it.  I bought a new pedometer today and its fun! it plays music and its a great mind game to play with the number of steps im taking.
I think that both burn fat - its just that most people do not swim for as long as they walk! I do my laps in around 30 min, but if I walk I will walk for longer....

Also, it is harder to get your heart rate up in the pool, and keep it up.
I hate walking and can't really walk safely on the nascar track that I live on so swimming is my thing.  I do water toning with noodles and do crunches on a blow up air mattress.  I also jog in the water which provides mucho resistence.  It's fun, refreshing and I get a good workout.
I started to take some water classes at my local gym and it has helped to burn the calories. I started on Monday and already I have lost 4-6 lbs. (don't know how much was water weight) but it has really motivated me to keep working out. :)
I personally thing that swimming is much better.  Walking has always been OK for me, but swimming really gets the cardio working!
Swimming is great!  From what I understand, it is easier on the joints than walking.  I'm a walker myself, and love to walk in the water.  It's really hard to do!  I can't walk in the water for near as long as I can walk out of the water.  Man, am I evermore tired after walking in the water!!!
I walk. When I swim, I'll do three lengths and then I'm pooped and want to sit in the hot tub - it's fun but not a lot of exercise. I tried stair-climbing last winter but I was only able to do it for a few minutes. The stairclimbing was very intense but worth only 60 calores while the walking I do now is worth 240 calories - doing something you can keep up for a long time is important. I'm really out of shape obviously.

And the stair-climbing was too high-impact - I gibbled my knee a bit and it's still not quite right.
Swimming is fun....
I'm going swimming tonight! I'm so excited!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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