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It's getting to be that time for hitting the pool again; I've heard that it's a great form of exercise and I'm wondering about how long one would need to swim and at what intensity to compare it to, say a 30 minutes of walking.

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Swimming can burn a lot of calories, but of course how many will depend on the intensity. If you aren't in swimming "shape" even 3 or 4 laps of a 50 m long pool will wear you out, easily. However, the more comfortable you get with your breathing technique/rhythm, and the more in shape you get, the more meters you'll be able to swim and the better workouts.

I used to swim for an hour, about 1.5 km or so. Not sure on calories burnt but definitely more than what I would burn walking for that long.

May 04 2012 17:35
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Use cc's activity browser to make comparisons.  Jogging and lap swimming are about the same burn - 450-500 cal/hour for a 150 lb person.  Ratio by your actual weight divided by 150 to adjust. Walking burn depends on speed, but is around 300 cal/hour. On that basis 20 minutes of lap swimming is about equal to 30 minutes of walking.

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