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swelling in hands and feet in morning?

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HI guys....just wanted to ask what is up with my hands and feet in the morning...they seem swollen and puffy?  Do we retain water in our sleep?  I was on the higher end of my calories yesterday and like the last 2 weeks I have hovered between 167 and 169..going up and down daily....sodium in my enemy forsure...but really that big of a difference?
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Do you log your food?  If you do, check how much total sodium you took in and that will probably answer your question.  Another reason you can be swollen is if you exercised hard before bed and didn't drink enough water to replenish your muscles.  I get swollen for both reasons on occassion.

Edit: Yes, sodium can cause that much of a difference.  I've seen a 3-5 pound difference after salt rimmed margaritas!!  Surprised

My body is VERY sensitive to sodium and I experience the same symptoms EVERY morning.  Daily sodium intake should be less than 2400mg.  I try to keep mine under 2000mg- but still have swollen hands in the mornings.  So, I take an over the counter pill called Diurex which is a diuretic, or "water pill."  Some people here on CC suggest a more natural approach, like drinking MORE water.  I know I get more water than the recommended daily value of 8 glasses, so Diurex works for me.  It's up to you! :-)
Thanks so much for the suggestions and any more are welcome please...I drink 5-6-7 500 ml bottles of water a day with fresh lemons or berries in them...kinda adds new goal for the week is to track my sodium as well...I do watch the obvious things that have salt and do not add to my food but I am sure there are hidden salt in the food that I eat...I think I might try the diurex in the meantime...coley_moley do you take one a day or what and at what time of the day...thanks again

Hi there

If it doesn't improve you should definitely see your doctor. Swelling/Water retention is less worrisome in the evening when you've been up all day but when my feet started being swollen even in the morning...I was skivvied for all sorts of could be an indication of heart or kidney related problems! Hopefully its just like the others said but do get checked if no improvement.


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Try taking potassium.  It really helps.
I call it "chinese food syndrome."  That happens to me mornings after I've had Chinese food because of all the sodium!
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