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sushi - Good or bad for weight loss

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Help im confused??

Sushi, I thought was a healthy option, salmon with rice rolls etc i heard thats all Victoria Beckham eats!?!

But I was reading a mag the other day that said it was loaded with calories? Whats the deal any one know? I actually love eating it and if it is good then sorted?

Help us guys
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Its like anything, you just need ot track the calories, but sushi is DEFN not bad for you.

See the item here in the calorie count DB.

Thats a pretty decent meal and not too many calories for one meal at all.....

Calories in Sushi Plate, 11 piece Combination (2 Sushi, 6 small rolls, 3 medium rolls) - 400 calories.
when people say sushi is bad for you theyre referring to the mayo in the rolls, tempura... things of that nature. sashimi for example is an excellent lean protein.

rolls, if they're not made with too many of the "bad" ingredients can be part of a healthy lifestyle.
And I would say that even the sushi made with fattier foods (tempura, mayo, and let's not forget avocado) is probably fine - say you up that meal to 600 calories, it's still not bad at all - 11 pieces of sushi are very filling.

BTW Victoria Beckham is a hideous stick.
I can't live without sushi. It's hard to track the calories, though, so I eat it on weekends when I have major workouts and I estimate the calories in my head and round up. You can eat anywhere from 10-15 pieces of sushi and get pretty full, and depending on what you pick, you can keep it under 600, like trustwomen said. And also, Victoria Beckam probably eats one roll and one piece of shashimi all day. So in a sense, yes, sushi is all she eats to stay that thin. 
I love sushi!  It's not bad for you unless you're having the fried rolls and fried vegetables...even those aren't too awfully bad for you in moderation.  Skip the fried ice cream...so good!

A rainbow roll (california roll topped with sashimi) has very few calories by comparison to a steak dinner.  Some people are concerned about the mercury contect but unless you're eating tuna more than a few times per week, I wouldn't worry about it.

I have sushi as my "going out" splurge.  One or two rolls and a side of teriyaki chicken.  Yummy and still low in calories.
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Sushi is not a bad food - lots of carb and protein with minimal fat. But be careful of

-Soy sauce.  The loosely packed rice can soak up a lot when you dip the roll.  The express route to high blood pressure and water retention....

-High glycemic index carbs.  Sushi rice is the ultimate in processed white rice - the GI is close to 100 - higher than white bread - like eating straight table sugar.  If you need the energy right away, great, but if you have a problem with blood glucose, watch out.

-Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation.  For this reason I avoid all uncooked salmon.  I'm as suspicious of it as I would be of raw chicken.
lots of places in my area offer sushi with brown rice, it is a good healthy alternative.  I eat 9 peices of vegetarian sushi almost everyday for lunch and it is only 290 cals and keeps me full for soooooo long.  And I have still lost 30 pounds eating it so it can't be that horrible for weight loss.
most sushi is nutritious and delicious, like others have said here, just watch the ingredients and read labels for calories.  white rice is high in calories.
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I am crazy for sushi, I have used it to replace my old "Yay, it's Friday night!" fatty meals of Pizza, Chinese, etc.  I can't afford to go to sushi restaurants all the time, I often just get prepared stuff from my grocery store.  The company that makes it has all the nutritional info available though, so it's easy to keep track. 
i looked up the cals in sushi as i love..got a ton of different amts in cals.

it ranged from 60-100 cals a piece roughly.

look up the types you like to eat.
you can make spicy california rolls at home
(cheap and easy)

those are pretty low cal. just make sure you have a sharp knife to cut it or it will rip it all apart when you try to make the slices. theres tons of recipes online.

It's really great for you, it's loaded with omega fatty acids (tuna, red snapper, ect) and veggies/seaweed.

I cannot live without it, but I usually go over board, I can eat upwards to 900-1000 calories in one sitting of sushi.  Plus it's expensive so at least that limits how many times a month I can go =)


I think if you were to get (Nee-gee-lree)Nigiri instead of rolls, you'd save more calories because it has a higher fish to rice ratio.  Also I hate soy sauce so that saves me sodium and cals there. =3
I forgot, if you're trying to avoid the rice, some of the rolls are made with a cucumber wrapping instead of rice...really yummy!
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