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I LOVE SUSHI!  and i've been told it's actually good for you.  i'm not talking about just the raw fish though, i'm mostly talking about the rolls with the sticky rice.  Last night a friend convinced me to go out with her for sushi because it was healthy and i wouldn't really be breaking my diet.  i had a california roll (white rice, seaweed, crab, avocado, & celery) and a crazy roll (white rice, rice paper, shrimp tempura, and spicey tuna).

is sushi a notsobad meal?  or would you guys say it's just as bad as fast food?  i guess basically i'm wondering if i'm trying to lose weight really bad (about 60 lbs) should i cut that out, too?

btw thanks for everyones help so far!  =)
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I'm guessing it's not great because of the white rice, but it's still got to be better than a Big Mac, right?!  And the fish & tuna are good for you...

I'm interested what others have to say about this too.  Sushi is one of my favorite foods!!
I love it too so just looked it up in the food log - lots of kinds listed.  It ranges from quite a few A & B's to some C's.  Depends on what's in it.  Will give you calories too!!!! Woo-hoo!
I try to stay away from anything with cream cheese or fried, and only use low-salt soy sauce.  Every little bit helps, right?!  =)
I wouldn't say it's as bad as fast food by any stretch of the imagination :o

As far as I can see it's an insulin problem (white rice) and the high sodium content of the dried seaweed. Then again, everything in moderation right? As long as you don't eat it every day, then go for it. Like gret said, I think it's probably 100s of times healthier than Mcdonalds.

I looooove sushi. And white rice, heh, so I'm kind of biased.
Actually Sushi is very good for you.  It basically provides all of the good vitamins, fats, and carbs a body needs without all of the additives.

The rice gives you the carbs you need and one full roll (which is usually cut into eight 1 inch slices) such as a california roll equals out to slightly less than 1/2 cup of cooked white rice.  The only other fattening thing in a california roll is the avocado, but you can ask for them to leave it out of the roll.  All of the other vegetables, fish, etc are excellent sources of vitamins and because they're not cooked in any oils or fried or any of those other cooking methods they actually end up being good for your body.

If I remember correctly on that "count the points" plan, four 1 inch slices of a california roll equals 2 points.  I love sushi so when I found that out I was like YAYYYYYYY...I can fill up on sushi and not feel guilty about it.

With anything though, moderation is the key
sushi is healthy. even white rice really isnt so bad for you, better than pasta, and some places you can get brown rice sushi. fish is the best protien, and the veggies are good too, and i hardly think a dab soy sauce is going to do anyone any harm. plus, arent asian people the tiniest healthiest people on the planet? most people i know have lost weight when visiting japan. i say, eat it up!
well...most people lose weight when they go to japan because of how much more walking that they do :)

and don't worry about the avocado either--as far as fats go, it's really good for you!
Found this, not sure if it is acurate or not

Miso Soup (1 Cup): 85 cal, 3g fat, 11g carbs

Cucumber roll: 136 calories, 0g fat, 30g carbs

Edamame, shelled (4 oz):160 cal, 7 g fat, 12g carbs. A 1/2 cup serving contains 127 calories, 6g fat and 4g fiber (2 points).

Salmon sashimi (2 pieces, no rice): 164 calories, 6g fat, 0g carbs  

Steamed pork dumpling appetizer (6): 174 cal, 6.5g fat, 21g fat

Tuna nigiri (2 pieces over rice): 240 calories, 1g fat, 27g carbs

Avocado roll: 246 calories, 11g fat, 33g carbs

Vegtable Tempura appetizer: 255 cal, 15g fat, 22.5 g carbs

Green Salad (w/3 TB sesame dressing): 260 Cal, 24g fat, 3.5 g carbs

California roll: 266 calories, 8.5g fat, 36g carbs

Spicy tuna roll: 290 calories, 11g fat, 26g carbs

Spider roll (fried soft-shell crab): 317 calories, 12g fat, 38g carbs

Philadelphia roll: 319 calories, 5g fat, 30g carbs

Fried Ice cream (1 cup): 358 cal, 18g fat, 46g carbs

Eel and avocado roll: 372 calories, 17.5g fat, 31g carbs

Shrimp tempura roll: 544 calories, 13g fat, 75g carbs

Beef Teriyaki with sause (2 cups): 870 cal, 37g fat, 22g carbs
sushi is an excellent meal. White rice  isn't completely bad for you (brown is obviously better, but white is decent too). I've never known dried seaweed to be really high in sodium. I have a pack of sheets of nori at home and there is only about 10 mg of sodium in them. Soy sauce will be high. YOu can always get lite soy sauce or leave it out all together.

Don't worry about the avacado, that's a good fat!

I tend to get tuna or crab and try to stay away from anything fried, though they are soo good.
Hey lindseypi, I live in Houston also and work downtown.  There are plenty of great sushi places here.  I eat sushi at least 3 times a week and I'm still losing weight at the rate of 10 lbs. per month.  But I also eat pizza, Chipotle, breakfast tacos, and plenty of other stuff that is considered "unhealthy".  I decided that I wanted to lose weight on my terms after failing on many "healthy food" diets.
You should try the raw fish salmon sashimi is my personal favorite :) 

When it comes to sushi just watch out for the stuff that is deep fried like tempura and gyoza.  I generally avoid bento boxes because they usually contain a variety of fried things... and the all you can eat restaurants.
I don't go out to eat really anymore, so does anyone know of any premade sushi I can get at the grocery store? I have not had any in three years and miss it :(
i also love sushi.. i always get brown rice sushi avocado cucumber and sometimes i add mango in there!! i always thought tho that 1 role of this would not be enough calories for i right?
I LOVE SUSHI!!! And there is a grocery store by my office that sells Tsunami Sushi, made fresh daily in the stores, its all around the is a link to their nutrition chart.

Watch the sodium, but calories, are fine!  40 calories for one piece of spicy for the pkg, which there are 12, is only 480 calories!  Thats if you want to splurge, I usually eat half of a tray and have a nice 240 calorie lunch...

hope this helps l

where did you get those calorie amounts?  i went to sushi today and counted it up and it seemed sashimi (which is on the nigiri sushi) only had 17 calories each.  i can't imagine the rice alone on the nigiri sushi accounted for the difference between my count and yours.  Just wondering where you got that 'cause I looked mine up on this site.

billb - Whole Foods sells fresh sushi - the key is to get it sometimes mid-day; after 5, you'll only get the left-overs....It's not exceptional, but it's fresh and certainly not as expensive as the one you get in restaurants...
I love sushi... my problem is moderation.  Sushi lunch for me consists of a california roll, a couple pieces each of salmon, shrimp and smoked salmon, and one each of red snapper, tuna and salmon skin... based on the figures I've looked up though, that adds up to about 1100 calories... so while it's all 'healthy' calories, it sure adds up quick.  I try to avoid it now because I can't stop once I start until I'm stuffed. 
irisica, thank you! I will need to go get some. It has been a long time and I really miss it.

bill (looking forward to adding it back into my diet!)
I love sushi as well, omgomgomgomg, I can easily eat 3 or 4 rolls in one sitting.

If you want to be "better" about it, just don't order deep fried or tempora rolls anymore, you'll at least be saving calories and fat there.

Plentyyyyy of other YUMMY choices instead.
I'm like you nocturne....I could easily eat it until I"m stuffed to the gills.

My bf and I usually go every Sunday to our favorite sushi restaurant, Shogun.  We start off with a crunchy roll, a spicy tuna roll and a rainbow roll, we'll then get a crawfish roll, philly roll or an eel roll.  So sometimes we are splitting 4 to 5 rolls, tack on to that a sprout salad, the occasional grilled yellowtail neck, a bowl of hibachi rice and we leave happily full to the rim and a little poorer LOL.  I wish that our place would make their rolls with brown rice, although I've never tried one with brown rice so I don't know if it would taste any better. I might feel a little less guilty about making a pig of myself if they did.

I can safely say that I could never give up's almost better than sex!
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