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Weight Loss
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Sunday weigh ins!! Summer 2012 will be my B****!!!!!!!!

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I created this group for people who would like to support and weigh in together every sunday and eventually look hot for summer 2012!!

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How do we do the weigh in? Do we have to keep scrolling through the forum list to find this discussion and then manually reply?
How do we do the weigh in? Do we have to keep scrolling through the discussion list and find this post and manually reply?
It took me since September. I got into high school and relized very quickly that I didn't want to be fat anymore. I did of course lose weight for myself but I mean my parents never pushed me into in. When I'd decided I wanted to lose weight they just decided to do it with me! My dad lost 20 pounds and now is at a healthy weight and my mom is still losing slow but steady and has also lost about 20 pounds!;) it's really good to have a support system! It took a lot of dedication because I would always go out with friends and they would always eat out but I would go but just instead of a big Mac and fries and a pop I'd get a chicken wrap with water! The weight just flew off to be honest! I always ate about 1800-1900 cals because I am only 15 and I'm 5'11 and ran of the treadmill for half an hour! I am still trying to get used to my new body I mean I still sorta see a fat girl but I know I'm not!! I was always the girl with the pretty face:( I hated that! I just wanna lose that last bit of Fat on my stomach before I go away on vacation!! I am so proud of myself and everyone is congratulating me and it feels so good! I know all of you can do it!!! It's not easy but is so worth it! (I am in my iPhone so there is prob so many grammar mistakes in here!:p sorry!:p)

worst15pounds: we will be weighing in on this page but you do not always need to find it in forums you can find it in your profile under your posts and just click on it Laughing


mareg97: that is very inspiring! i really look up to you! You are so fortunate that your family is also supportive and are on this journey with you

Sunday Weigh In: -1lb Stats: Female, 25yrs, 5'3" 142lbs Total Goal: 10lb loss

Before I went on vacation 2 weeks ago, I was 143. I was too scared to weigh myself when I got home a week ago, obviously I gained. But today I am 142 meaning I lost any weight gain from vacation and 1 lb extra. I'm satisfied with that. Good luck today everyone!

Yeay, End of week 4 for me and

CW 153 ( down 7# or so since I started)

Goal 149 for now..

I am about 5'7"...


Sunday weigh in- 152.9 YUPEEEEEEE!!!:) that's so weird! I lost 2 pounds this week!:)
Sorry, I'll add another post since I did not include all my info... 5'11 CW-152.9 SW-200 GW-145 :)

SW: 160

CW: 150

Height: 5'7, 16

GW: 130


36-29-40 (am I a pear? I feel like an hourglass because my boobs are kinda big. I guess if I lose weight off my big a** then maybe I will be an hour glass)

SW: 223 (weight the day before my child's birth)

CW: 183

Height: 5'5, 22

GW: 160

Hey everyone. My name is Jade... I would like to join... Normally I weigh myself everyday to keep myself motivated (just what seems to work for me) but posting publicly might be good to keep myself accountable I can honestly say I would love to make summer my b****

My stats are 25 years old, 5'4" sw: 181 cw: 173.6 gw: 130 And my goal date is June 1st (my last day of school and the beginning of my summer holiday)

We can do this!

no change yet - same as when I first posted like 5 or so days ago (133.4 lbs) but i've been getting into the mindset of no random-munching, drinking more water, planning out ahead, ect. Today had my first real successful day for the goals - logged everything, I hit my calorie target, drank lots of water, and had a nice 55 min run.

@Jessica ! My birthday is also June9th! Haha that's awesome. I'l be 18

SW: 223 (weight the day before my child's birth)

PW: 183

CW: 182

Height: 5'5, 22

GW: 160

"  GREAT JOB !!!


who woo...

I am 151 today 2# from my current goal of 149....5'7"...two more weeks ;-)

Today I weighed in at 170.6 (whoop!) Getting there... A little slower than I would like but getting there... Easter dinner also kinda put a kink in my counts but I'm still down and still counting it as a Win for the week.
Forgot to post on Sunday.

5'3" female, 25 years

Down another 2lbs to 140. Closer to my goal every week (135)! Feeling confident in myself to make good dieting decisions.
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I would love to join you guys as you all have the similar goal as I do. I'm 32, 5'4", 127lbs. I really want to loose about 10 lbs by end of June. I've never broken that pesky 120 mark to go down to the teens but I would love to try it. I'm just really aiming for a flat tummy.

Hi everyone I'm in! 5"8 170lbs. Goal weight is 155lbs by my 38th birthday June 25th. Vegas here i come. I lost 30lbs and maintained over the course of 2 years. Each year I have a goal of 15lbs. And I haven't loss one pound this year as of yet.
Hello all. I want to lose about 25 to 30 lbs. im already down 30 since august 2011. So far im 3wks in again and lost 3lbs. I am 5'4". And 165. Oh the first 30 was a bit easier i just stopped drinking soda!!!
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