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Sunburn = Water Retention???

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This is probably an odd topic for this time of the year but........... does getting a sunburn make you retain extra water?

I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity (building houses for low-income families) and spent all day Saturday on the roof of a house nailing down deck boarding and then laying tar felt. It was a nice, sunny 70 degree day here and I ended up actually get a bit of a sunburn on my legs, arms & back of my neck. I tried to drink plenty of water all day but on Sunday I gained 2.4 lbs and then when I weighed this morning I was up another 2.0 lbs.  

Now, I did eat a more calories than usual (I slack on the weekends) but I burned A TON of calories on Saturday (I figure at least 1,000 working all day plus I did a 2.5 mile run before I went). I know pretty much all my weight is water retention but I'm wondering if any of it has to do with the fact I got a bit of a sunburn. I think I remember hearing that you will retain extra water if you get sunburned. Anyone know anything about this?

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Not sure about sunburn but dehydration will do it.   Even if you drank plenty of water it may not have been enough for the conditions, the work and the running as well.  If the extra you ate included anything sugary or salty that would add to it.

Leave it a week before you get back on the scales.  Eat normally, drink plenty of water and any retained fluid should disappear as quickly as it turned up. 

A sunburn can definitely make you retain water.  Last time I got burned (about 2 months ago), it was in strips down my calves, and one of my ankles actually swelled up a bunch from the water retention!  It went away over the next week as the sunburn disappeared.  It was a pretty severe sunburn, though - not sure if you would retain much from just a mild burn?  I guess anytime you damage tissue you could retain water as your body repairs itself.

Sunburn can make you retain water.  I got a pretty severe burn on my ankles this summer, and it took about a week and a half for the swelling to go down and water retention to subside.

The body's response to any damage is fluid retention and localized swelling.

Three phases of healing: inflammation, proliferation and repair.

Inflammation immobilizes the area and the increased circulation and fluid retention allows for easier flow (proliferation) of specialized cells to repair the damage (in this case charred skin).

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