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My summer program to drop lbs.

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I'm 55yrs old and fat, 245 lbs. I'm a teacher and my legs and feet ache from standing all day. The last day of school it May 23, and I'm going to start walking every day on the green way in my town. It's 10 miles round trip, there are swings and seats along the way and some hills. I need knee replacement but havent'[ been doing too bad. I want to drop some weight before agreeing to surgery. I have type 2 diebetes now, but not on meds yet. If I can control my eating and weight I won't have to go on diebetic medication . I'm also on pain meds, and lexapro . I've tried ot wean off of lexapro a couple times and all hell broke out in my life and I'm gone back on it. I've read that it cause weight gain. I have never been fat until the last 10 yrs. I weighed 125 lbs the day my son was born. I weighed 97 lbs when i went into the army and had to gain 10lbs to get in but couldn't keep it on me ,that was 30 yrs ago before ED was even talked about. I decided with school ending and being off for the summer that by the end of the summer I will beable to do the 10 miles. I dont' care if it takes me all day. I'm going to eat right and give up sodas and drink only water. I'm heading down a bad road. If I have to wrap my knees to do this or stop every 50 feet I will.  Any supports out there, advise or ideas?

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Bad knees...don't walk. Swim.
Four years ago I weighed 297 lbs I now weigh 172. No lap band or other surgery. You can do this absolutely. You make it your mission! The biggest thing I found was cutting out " white" bread, potatoes, pasta etc. switch to lean protein veggies and lower fats and you will drop lbs like a rock. You can do this!

I am a little younger than you (46) and I weigh a little less than you do.  But 9 months ago I weighed about 55 pounds more than I do today, and I have no intention to stop now....

If I could (and can) do so much - so can you.

Just do any kind of exercise that feels good and does not place you in danger of injury.  Consult your physician.  Better safe than sorry! 

Then go for it!

I learned from professional athletes that "no pain, no gain" means "no brain".  So - if you shouldn't walk - swim. If you hate swimming and walking - dance.  Try weight lifting and all sorts of other sports activities. Find stuff that you like and is good for you, and diversify.  This way, the effect is greater and the hazard of boredom is reduced.

Begin small.  Then gradually increase pace and/or duration.  

Listen to your body and do as much as is good for you. Do not do too little and do not over do it.  Make sure that you will be willing and able work out again according to your schedule.

Also - if you only have time and energy for just a short sweat free work out- go for it and enjoy it.  It's better to do a little than to do nothing at all. Also, I found out that in many cases, once I got off my butt for that short stroll, I ended up doing much more than I originally envisioned. 

...and good luck!

woooHOOOO! Just do it! yes!

6 years ago I weighed 330 pounds, and I am now maintaining at 147ish and running 6K when I used to struggle to run a bath!!!

C'mon! We are here for you!

You can do this.

When I realized that I would be turning 50 and was 75 pounds overweight, I decided to do something about it.

15 months before my 50th birthday, I started counting my calories and eating healthier.

When I turned 50 in March, I was 75 pounds lighter than I was when I turned 49.


Try some matt pilates, they are a good way to start strengthening your muscles and stretching  them out without having to be on your feet.   You can get some good videos for beginners that won't overwhelm you.  

Also, it might be a good idea to talk to someone (a professional) about what you're going through.  I started seeing an eating disorder counselor a couple of months ago and for the first time in my life(I'm 51) I am approaching my weight loss in a positive and calm way.  She's my sounding board with no repercussions, gives me positive re-enforcement that I didn't get before, gets me over the rough spots and offers me plenty of ideas.  The concentration is on mindful eating and so far, it's really helping me.  It's a one-on-one interaction that works for me.



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If I can you can too. Apart from the walk, do normal streching excercises (hardly 15 mins) Keep away from white as one of the readers wrote ... white bread, milk, rice, cheese etc (you can have yogurt though). And the most important thing...after your walk drink this - Boil a glass of water, squeeze a quarter of a lemon and add a spoon of honey. When it is warm drink it quickly.  Have it only on empty stomach and do not have anything for an hr. What it does is it gives you instant energy so that you don't feel fatigued, improves metabolism and keeps the fat burning process going. Also it keeps you away from this sudden urge to drink cold water or soda after working out. Reduce the quantity of honey if your sugar is keeping high.

Have a slice of bread or some fruits an hr before you go for a walk or excercise.

Try this and let me know.

Do not over-stress yourself. Have fun.

You CAN do it.  I would suggest smaller goals.  You don't need to walk 10 miles.  You need to walk what you can start with comfortably, maybe 1/2 mile.  Make a plan to gradually increase it over time.  Not too much too fast, or you will (1) injure yourself or (2) burn out too fast.  It really helps to walk with a friend.  Nothing like walking and talking to make the time really fly by.  Or use music you love.  The same idea applies to your weight.  You don't need to lose XXX pounds.  Small goals.  Lose 5 pounds.  That's doable.  It's so much better to have achievements that you can attain.  Good luck.  Make a plan.  Review, evaluate and reformulate.  Take that first step and the others will follow. 

I am 56 yrs old and on my last birthday I decided that when I hit 62 I would retire.Problem was I didn't know if i would live that long.  I was 6'3" and just a shade under 400# I have a sedentary job(Truck driver) I am a little better off medically than you as I don't have the sugar problem,well at least not yet, and my joints are all pretty good,so far. I joined a Gym nearby and go regularly for 45min to an hour as time will allow and I still eat anything I want,just not very much of it. The calorie count has helped me immensely to keep track of my intake and if your honest with yourself and stick to it you will loose weight, Ive been at this for 110 days and ave managed too shed 31# by no means earth shattering but I feel better and look better and the exercise is making thing work better.

I topped out at 237 before I decided to make some changes. At 53 it is not as easy as I had hoped but you can do it. I have always exercised but it never seamed to make a difference until I added weight lifting to my program. I lift weights twice a week and concentrate on the reps and not the number of pounds I can lift. Do a warm up before you start and follow up with stretches. I also found that I have to keep a food diary. I am always amazed how easy it is to over do the fat grams. The food diary is the key for me. It is the friend whispering in my ear to grab the apple rather than the cookie. I lost 25 pounds from Jan 2012 to March 2012 and was thrilled I had to go out and buy new cloths for out 25th wedding anniversary cruise. Now in the 190's I continue to work toward my goal. Yes, I did have more weight to loose after the cruise but that is the beauty of it. I did't tell myself, what is the point after gaining back a few pounds, I told myself to get back on track. Make changes that you can do year around and that fit into your life so you have time to keep it up.

I was 305 last June 5th when I decided something must be done. It is not happening as fast as I like and has been frustrating at time but has been very much worth it. I am currently at 248 and my goal (someday) someday is to break the 200 mark. I am 39 and must admit the frustration at time is difficult. Stay positive, make it enjoyable, be disciplined and it will happen. The benefits I have experienced are fantastic. Do it

I agree with Nancy. Don't overdo it with your exercise. If you try to walk too far at first, you will end up sore and discouraged at best, seriously injuring your knees at worst. Try frequent smaller bouts, building up gradually.  When I was working as a med tech on a clinic, we had a patient who was quite overweight and was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. He immediately took 6 weeks off from work and researched good eating. At first, he could barely walk from his front door to the curb and back without stopping. He did that every half hour the first few days. Then he walked to the corner and back, then further and further. Meanwhile, he worked at cutting down simple carbs, eating more veggies, fish, and lean meats. Soon he was not only steadily losing weight, but was reducing his insulin, later getting to an oral med, and eventually off all diabetes med as well as his blood pressure and cholesterol meds. We had a few other patients who did similar things, although this guy was the most dramatic improvement.

I think it's good you have set a time to start and are planning for it. By the time school starts again, you WILL have made noticeable progress. And you can come up with a plan to plan your meals and your exercise for when you are back in that routine.

DO keep us posted.

Find a friend to exercise with and don't be so hard on yourself. Praise yourself for every success!

I agree if you can swim or ride a bike it would be easier on your knees-also count your calories-If you combo you food intake w/ exercise you won't burn out.  YOU CAN DO IT-Making up your mind is more than half the battle!  You'll do great, you sound disciplined, just what you put in is as important as what you try to work off.  Keep us updated with your small successes that will lead to the big ones!

Lots of wonderful advice here!  Just START don't wait start today.  Start with little things and get moving.  You can do it!  If the walking is too hard on your knees do less or find something else!  I like the eliptical because I feel it is less stress on my knees and feet.  Eat healthy and move  and you will be feeling much better when school starts back up.  GOOK LUCK and much success!  Look forward to hearing about your progress!

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I also have bad knees; one already replaced.  I would also recommned a stationary bike if you have access to one.  The other recommendation is to get an exercise ball.  Try bouncing on that for 15 minutes at a time.  No impact to your knees and it is amazing what a work out that is!  Switch to a high protein diet;  purchase some protein powder from your local GNC and drink 200 calories 3-4 times a day; pack crunchy vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumbers, peppers) with you no matter where you go; drink a minimum of 64 oz. of water a day and squeeze fresh lemon in at least 2 glasses a day (helps reduce bloat); save one meal (about 550 calories) to have with your family with 4.0 oz protein, 1/2 of the plate veggies, 1 small baked potato, lite butter, and berries for desert.  Once you get some weight off, you will have an easier time walking your 10 miles without further damaging your knee.  Also, before walking, go to a good athletic shoe store who will evaluate your gait to determine the best walking shoe for you.  If you pronate or supinate, corrective insoles or certain shoe designs will also relieve your knee pain.

Best of luck

I too had bad knees. I started out at 238 lbs and I am now 194 however, I had gotten to 181. I am 69 years old so you can do it too! Before I had knee replacements I exercised like crazy doing whatever I could. I would walk a mile- slowly, of course. I also have a Schwinn Aerodyne stationery bike that was the most helpful. I would ride it for 1/2 hr per day and gt a full body workout without any stress on my knees. When I had both my knees replaced at the same time that same exercise, the bike, that I did so diligently, made rehab a piece of cake!! I can now walk for 10-12 hrs straight without too much problem. Another thing that helps and is easy on the joints is chair yoga. Try it if you haven't. You sound so much like me. I am a retired teacher. Don't be afraid of those knee replacements! They gave me my life back!

I would start out slow, try to walk 10 to 15 minutes 3 times a week, I think if you plan on walking 10 miles, you may develop an injury. Then work yourself up to a longer walk. In respect to your knees water aerobics works well for me, as sometimes I have problems with my knees as well. I know you can do it, just dont give up and hang in there.

I to have started walking before work. I am up to 55 minutes of walking around the mall where I work, up and down stairs, and even walking just to walk. At one point I weighed 370 pounds and now down to 230 pounds just from cutting back on fatty foods. Eating lean meats, turkey, chicken, and fish.  I feel much better and I am enjoying it. Start off slow, don't try and make the 10 miles the first month. I bet you will make it by end of summer. Good Luck

I am 56 years old and a year ago I weigh 245 same as you and now I have lost 106 lbs give or take and still have 25-30 more to lose and now it is a struggle to get the rest of my weight off and will keep working on it till I get to my goal.  I had 1 knee replace and still have to have the other one done and so far so good the pain kind of went away because I have lost all of my weight and not so much pressure on my knee.  I work out 6 days a week.  Start out small and find something that you will enjoy and keep doing it.  I agree with what every one is saying as they are all good advice. Cut out junk foods, soda, sweets, process foods, white flour, white rice, potatoes, white bread, eat brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread. Drink plenty of water  Eat lean protein, vegetables, fat free dairy, and some fruits. The important thing is keep moving and keep active. If you set your mind to it and really want this and you can make it happen.  If I can do it and other people as well you can too.  I know that you can do it and just don't give up.

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