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Suggestions on a good scale?

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I have been weighing myself at the gym all year, because I wanted to avoid buying a scale. I am looking for a scale that is both accurate and precise (it gives the correct weight and a similar weight each time). Basically I want to know my weight +/- 1 lb, with it varying by less than a lb. 

So if you like you're at home scale, what is it, how much does it cost and how accurate is it and how precise is it?

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I have the doctor scale. And it was $19.99 at Walmart. Im pretty sure it's accurate unless you stand on it weird. And if it tips while your weighing your self it comes up as E (error). Which only happened to me twice and when I'm weighing my dog in my arms and she wiggles .. But it goes over one decimal place (i.e. 170.9) And you can switch it to kg with a button on the back. I like it except the fact that it put me up a few more pounds than my old scale (my old one was probably 20 years old with a dial thing and you had to Zeroit like every other time you used it by hand) But it put me to the same weight I was at the doctors office and I guess that's pretty accurate! This is a really long post about a scale sorry :P

I have a Tanita, it measures body weight, body fat and body water. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for $30

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