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Weight Loss
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Why does sugar prevent you from losing?

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Well, I haven't been doing so well on this new lifestyle change. Although, I have been continuosly eating approx 1600 or below, some of those calories have been coming from processed "empty-calorie" food such as cookies, ice cream, doughnuts, and candy. So... my question is... why does sugar make you gain or prevent you from losing. Shouldn't you lose weight as long as you have a deficit? I'm confused. Someone help. I'm not looking for an excuse to eat sugar, just an explanation. I know these foods are not healthy for me.
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I don't think there is 100% agreement on that subject

Some people say that a calorie is a calorie and as long as your energy-in doesn't surpass your energy-out, you will lose weight

But other people don't agree.  They say that other factors play into the equation, like genetics and hormones. Specifically, insulin effectiveness.  When you eat sugar, refined sugar especially, you are flooding your blood with glucose, which insulin is supposed to sweep into either a) muscles & organ cells for immediate use, b) brain cells for immediate use and maintenance or c) fat storage.  Some people develop a condition called insulin resistance, where their insulin becomes less effective at sweeping that sugar out of the blood. So more of it ends up getting stored and less used, not to mention other harmful effects over time like development of diabetes and hardening of the arteries.

So, you might try switching to fruits or no-sugar-added frozen popsicles to satisfy your sweet tooth and see if you get better results.
     Problem with eating high sugar foods is that the carbohydrates enter your blood stream with in a few minutes of comsumeing the food. Your body reacts to this overload of sugar in the blood stream by releasing insulen to help dampen the effects of the sugar.  This sudden release of insulin has many effects on the body but the most important one on a diet is that high insulin promotes fat absorbtion by the body.  Also insulin stays in the body after the sugar is fully digested so you get that sugar rush after eating high sugar foods but then around a hour later your blood sugar levels crash becuase of the still elevated insulin levels.  This causes you to be hungry/tired again this making you eat more sugar and starting the entire cycle over and over again.

   You can still lose weight however eating sugar all day but the big problem is that do not forget your eating less foods but your body still needs essential vitamin/minerals which you will not find in most of these types of foods.  What you eat is up to you just go out and buy a good multivitamin and mabye throw in a small salad or fruit every once in awhile.
Eating junk hasn't stopped me from losing weight. I eat some junk every day; I would not be nearly so successful with an eating plan that didn't allow for some junk.

I usually pack either a 100-calorie pudding cup or 100-calorie cookie pack in my lunch, and after dinner, I may have one or more Dove Miniature ice cream thingies, which are 60 calories each.

Starbucks makes frozen Frappucino bars which are low-fat that are pretty good and fairly low in calories; I get those sometimes.

I eat pretty well otherwise, and haven't gotten a grade below an A- for a long time, and I think I got that only a couple of times in September; the majority of the time, I get an A. Eat fruits and veggies liberally, be conservative with the junk, enjoy and lose!
hahah - me too, there's always a little room for a treat. Snickers ice creams are my current fave treats - I'm losing pretty well too - in fact I upped my cals and I'm losing more - woooot.
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I think for some people this isn't just about losing weight.  For me it's also about being healthy.  I mean you could lose weight and just eat junk all day if you kept to your calorie allowance, but that's not very good for you and you could still have health problems with your heart and diabeties. 
helenc, yes, it is more about health than weight. I'm certainly not advocating a diet entirely of junk! But 100 calories of cookies or pudding, or heck, 300 calories of pizza on occasion, is not going to do in most folks.
I posted a lot of information about the effects of sugar in regards to your daily diet in this thread: /1/9722.html
I guess the question is, could refined sugar be a culprit in preventing or slowing weight loss?

If you are eating refined sugar, and are not losing weight but are within your target calorie range, then yes, you must consider that you might be one of the ones with a sugar/insulin problem.

You could go see your doctor for a fasting blood sugar test - this would be helpful in determining if this is a problem for you.  Or you could try to cut out most refined sugars and see if you get better weight loss results.

Helpful to remember, we all have different genetics and backgrounds, so what works for one person may or may not work for another.
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