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Is There Really Such a Thing as Big Boned?

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Ok.  I'm dying to hear some opinions on this one.

Muscular: Of course there are different body compositions and different genetics which make some naturally more muscular than others...that's not in question.  But being muscular is not the same thing as being big boned.

Frame sizes: I'm also not sure that acknowledging that there are different frame sizes is the same as saying there are big-boned and not big-boned people.  That seems like that has more to do with skeletal shape.  For instance, some people have wider hips, but does that necessarily mean that have bigger bones???  What do you think?!?

Just some food for thought.  I've heard experts say big-bones are a myth.  But what do you all think???
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I think people just use it as an excuse.
I am sure there is some difference in the diameter and size of bones between individuals. I mean bone length is why we are all different heights right? So it would make sense that some of us have thicker bones than others. However, what I don't know is whether or not that has much bearing in how we look on the outside.
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Yes there is big boned. Usually you check things like wrist size.

frame size

I think the rule of thumb is people with large frames can weight 10% more then average frames. Small frames 10% less then average.
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healthy weight

Scroll down to the bit on figuring out

"An easy way to determine your own desirable body weight is to use the following formula:"
I am big boned, and it's not an excuse.  I even have laughed at x-rays with my doctor before at how big my bones were, and I am big boned by the wrist test as well.  It's part of the reason I carry my weight as well as I do, basically because I can weigh more than others and still have an acceptable level of body fat.  Doesn't BMI account for this?  Or is that a part of the range?
I am one who knows they are big boned too. How can I tell? I have an enourmous rib cage circumferance for my height and my hips (bone to bone) width (not including the extra bits of flab =) ) are bigger than any of my friends who are my height. I, however, don't take that as an excuse. I'm not big because I'm big boned, I'm big because I made poor choices. I, for one, am not really planning my weight loss around BMI or "proper weight levels". I am just going to keep losing until I'm comfortable, or where I was comfortable before (145 for 5'3").
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Thanks so much for that link zeke.  I was always confused about frame size because CC wanted you to use your thumb and middle finger.  But I have long fingers!  And I was always like "Well am I I medium..."

Of course it's still not that easy because give or take .5 inches, I'm a big small-framed person or a small medium-framed person. ;)
I have wide hips and shoulder and am pretty tall for a girl so you would think I'd have big bones but my bones are tiny. I think people often confuse hip and shoulder width with bone/frame size.

I don't think being big boned is a good excuse for looking fat but I notice that people I know who look like they have bigger bones never really look as skinny as they are.
what if your wrists are so fat that you think you're big boned, but really just wrist-chubby>
Yeah.  Not speaking for anyone other than myself, but I thought I was big-boned cause of my thick wrists.  But then, lost a bunch of weight and was no longer big boned by the wrist test. (Then gained it back).  But that's neither here nor there.
actually i am 100 percent tottaly sure that being big boned is a myth and is very much an excuse as well, i have done research on this topic, if you do not beleive me google the topic for yourself, and for anyone who saw bone krusher on celebrity fit club 4, you guys saw how embarrased he was wen he went so far as to get x rays to prove his big bonedness yet it was no larger than soemone of 150 pounds, bone krusher was a very big 400 pound man
I'm sure some people do have larger bones than average.  The question is, how significant is the difference?  I bet being big boned is like being 6'5" - it's not impossible, but hardly anyone fits the category.

People used to tell me I was big boned, but I think it was just an excuse to make me feel better.  I think I'm average.  I also don't think the wrist test is relevant for overweight people to use - when I was at my heaviest, my fingers wouldn't even touch when trying to circle my wrist.  At my smallest, they overlapped a lot.  Obviously, since there was a layer of fat around my wrist.
This site ( says that "if you were to take two men both of six feet in height but one broader than the other, when their bones alone are weighed the difference is not more than six pounds."

Most of it is related to distance running but if you go just a little more than half way down, under "How to take it off," it's there.

Not sure how true it is but I thought I'd put it out there.
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The problem is we aren't just bones. The broader person is going to have more skin etc to. 
I see the point about the wrist test.  In my case, when I was normal weight, my fingers still didnt' touch.  Plus, I don't really have any wrist fat.  
Some people do have larger frames.  Im a 5' 6" female who has a large frame.  My goal weight it 150 and I probably will never go below 140.  I look very lean at that weight.  I could never weigh 120 for example, it just wouldnt happen with my frame unless i was anorexic.  Although I am not one to complain.  My frame gave me an advantage in sports, besides the fact that I could manhandle girls in basketball and soccer, I also never broke a bone in all the years of wear and tear I put on my body.  I have had some pretty bad skiing accidents and the like where I have torn ligament, but these bones don't break easy. ( knock on wood :|)  lol

Ps the wrist test is a fair test because even if people who are overweight and have some fat in their wrist, it is still not to a degree to substantially effect the diameter.  I have been taking wrist measurments through my 40 lb weight lost and although i have lost over 4 inches on my waist. I have only lost .15 inches around my wrist.

I guess it depends on the person.  My wrists have changed significantly - by at least a couple of inches.
What about fat fingers...the fatter fingers you have, the harder they would be to wrap around a wrist as skinny fingers around a wrist the same size.

So, if you are losing weight, you're losing weight both in your wrists and fingers.  Thus, you're ability to close your fingers around your wrist, may not have as much to do with wrist size as it does with finger fatness.

I know, the solution is to use a measuring tape...but just food for thought - pardon the expression.
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I have a friend who I consider to have small to medium bones. I on the other hand consider myself to have big bones. We are the same height and age but she weighs 100 pounds more than I. However I cant even force her rings on my fingers, her feet are 2 sizes smaller, she can wear a ladies wrist watch, I cant and there really isnt much to pinch on my wrists. We wear the same size top yet the shoulder seams hang between her shoulder and her elbow whereas they fit my shoulders fine. I have lost about 70 pounds in the last 5 years and my shoulders and wrists are still the same size as they were. My upper arms have gotten a bit smaller and I have lost fat from my body below my arms so of course I am narrower. My fingers have gone down a half size. People have always been shocked when I tell them my weight, they always think it to be less. Ive never used being big boned as an excuse for being fat because Im living proof that you can be both. But I definately think bone size differs for each individual.
Hrmm.... is there a more accurate way to determine frame size?  I was "medium" frame before, but according to that website, I'm a small frame.  Of course, with weight loss, my wrist size has shrunk, too!
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