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Weight Loss
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Such a small drop this week >:(

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I only lost a half pound this week, even though I was following my calorie limit more strictly (eating about 50-75 calories less each day) and doing longer runs on my workout days. This is so frustrating because I was struggling with motivation this week, and the number on the scale did not help. My calculated deficits should have had me losing at least one pound, maybe a little more. The only thing that I can think may have had a negative effect on my loss is that I was very stressed this week and got only about 5-6 hours of sleep max each night (compared to around 7 hrs a night typically) How do I get my body burning more efficiently?

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It takes time!! Every week will be different, so don't be so hard on yourself.  Sometimes the best practice is not to look at the scale at all. Our bodies fluctuate so much, its difficult to know what is really happenin.  Stay strong and keep going!!

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I was exactly in your shoe few weeks ago :) keep doing whatever you are doing and be patient then your scale will just amaze you Remember a lot of water a lot of veggies a lot of movement

Just don't stop what you are doing, don't give up. In last few years I quit my diet and exercise because of the same reason. I felt frustrated and gave up when I slowed down losing weight. Then I took all the weight I lost back which is something I regret now. But I learned it will take time and I shouldn't wait big changes in a short time. 

For me sometimes even though I "should have" lost a pound or two in a week I would not, been then the next week I would drop three all at once. Sometimes your body does that due to factors (stress, water retention and so on). Don't stress too much, it will come off if you are eating a deficit.

ive been going to sleep early lately , eating way early before bed and having lots of water all day and even before bed time. ive lost just up to four or five pounds this week! but i also have drank slim fast shakes and drinkin those hydrox cut berry drinks , cause monday i go to ideal protein for weigh in! im worried about the visit so im watching every thing i eat! knowin i have someone to meet with every week! its going to have me on my toes! im 170 maybe 171 today, but with clothes i am like 172 , guess they weigh more? cant wait  to get down to the 160s then so on. i did alli and on here two yrs ago and lost 38 pounds i quess i didnt lose enough. but gained most back , got back to eating wrong! eat less move more! do yall notice when you eat something really fatty like a cake it goes so fast? not worth it being the sugars make u feel yuck

In regards to the scale thing... don't rely on only the scale. Its true, it does fluctuate throughout the day and just think how much 8-12 glasses of water will add to that scale reading at any given time.

If you haven't done so already... get a measuring tape and measure all those parts you are concerned about and than monitor that about once a week. If your truly loosing weight, than that is where you will keep seeing it on the average.

I did a 9-day cleanse a month ago and lost 8.6lbs in that 9 days, but the most exciting confirmation for me was... when I threw out that bag of clothes I couldn't wear anymore.

wow thats great ! i have clothes that are too small  i will be excited about gettin in, and hoping these jeans i just bought will be way to big soonEmbarassed but stress is tCryhe hard part , when my husband freaks over small stuff, making me feel so badCryim over it , but it hurts at the time , i will just think theres tomorrow right. i ended up eating rice which i didnt plan on, bummer, but now ive got to take in some water and no more food till later, monday is my diet start day, cant wait,

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