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Stuck at the same weight - help!

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So I've been going at this weight loss deal for a over a month and a half now and I'm around the same weight. I weigh 136 and I've been stuck here for a the past few weeks. WHY? I exercise every day for over an hour usually I do 40+ minutes on my stationary bike at a fast pace, walk/run intervals for 6-7km it usually takes me around 55 minutes. I also do situps etc and lately I've been adding in yoga videos from Exercise Tv. I eat around 1400 calories a day - almost all are healthy. i don't eat at restaurants maybe once or twice a month. I'd say I have a pretty balanced diet. I'm 5'6, pear shaped, medium size frame, female. Does anyone have a clue why I'm not losing weight or inches? How do I resolve this problem?

Thanks so much!

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Could be a lot of things.  Stop doing cardio everyday.  You need a rest day.  Eat more calories.

That'll probably take care of it.

One option is to take a break and eat ~500 cals above maintenance for a few days. You shouldn't gain any significant weight (You will gain TEMPORARY weight, that's nothing to be afraid of. When you go into a surplus, your body stores some extra glucose and water, this weight will mostly come off when you go back to a normal diet) and this will help to bring your metabolism back up a bit.

If that doesn't work, I've said it before and I'll say it again, a great way to break a plateau is to lower your carbs and up your protein. I broke my first significant plateau a long time ago simply by dropping carbs and increasing protein (And adding some HIIT - you can google it for info) and didn't stop again until 17 lbs later.

I've been there so many times!

Read over these Q&A from Ask Mary.  There's a wealth of information


Following her advice, I've broken more than one plateau over the past 3 years. 

Good Luck!

Ibez- when you mention you lowered your carbs and upped your protein, abt what percent of your daily cals were coming from carbs and what percent were coming from protein? This is something I've been thinking about trying but unsure what percentages I should be aiming for. Thanks!

You're already at a healthy weight, so it's going to be harder to lose more.  What are your goals?  Have you seen any changes in your body?  And most importantly, do you feel healthier or do you feel more worn out and tired?  If you feel better, than I'd say keep up what you're doing, and you'll eventually start to see results.  If you're not, and you feel more tired than you used to, your body is telling you that you're not eating enough for your energy needs.  What kind of calorie deficits are you seeing every day?

I feel pretty good. I still get that bloated yuckiness but better than before when i hardly worked out. I've lost about an inch in my hips and my weight dropped half a pound today so we'll see maybe I'll lose a bit more soon

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