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Stuck on plateau

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I started at 290 and now am stuck at 257.  I have been at 257 for about 3 weeks.


Any tips on how to get over the hump and start loosing again?

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I am stuck too. I have been in the 160s for 3 months, and it's annoying. I started in March at 197 pounds and lost a bunch of weight, and then it has just stopped. I am trying intermittent fasting to lose the last 25 pounds to reach my 140 pound goal. Just search the boards for intermittent fasting to find out what it is in case you are interested. 

It would be easier to help you if you told us a bit more about yourself. So, for example what are you basic stats of age, height, sex, and weight. How many calories do you currently eat? Are you meticulous with your food logging and portion control? What type of exercise do you do and how often per week? After we know all this we can help more.

I saw a great quote today that said "If you wanna get leaner, you gotta get meaner".  To break a plateau you need to shake it up somewhere like:

- Add or swap in a new exercise type that works different muscles than what you are doing now.

- Increase time/intensity/difficulty of your current exercises.  Getting used to the exercises means they don't have to work as hard and you need to increase something to make it useful again.  Run faster, use a heavier weight, go 2 miles instead of 1, etc.

- Lower calorie amounts if you have the room.

- Change up your diet to healthier food options that what you have now (effectiveness of this will depend on your current diet).

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