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Stuck at 140 :(

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I'm new :) So I've been really frustrated lately because I've been stuck at 140 lbs. My highest weight was 176 lbs, I've been losing weight fairly consistently since then (with the exception of a few minor plateaus). However, I've been stuck in the 140s for the past 3 months. No matter what I do, I just can't break this weight. I fluctuate between 140-145. I've tried sticking to a healthy diet of 1200 calories, 1500 calories, restricting to 800, even fasting, nothing is working. I'll get to 140, get stuck there, get discouraged, then over eat and go back up to 145. I'll start dieting again, and lose the 5 lbs really quickly, but as soon as I hit 140 again it will not budge.

I'm worried my body just doesn't want to lose any more weight, but my goal weight is 120.  Any suggestions?

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oter stats?

How tall are you and what type of exercise do you do?

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Oh, and I'm also 5'4", and 20 years old (about to turn 21)


*edit* and my workouts include about 40 mins of cardio along with some strength training 5 days a week

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I give each change about 2 weeks....I get discouraged easily, so if I don't see results after a few weeks, I give up :(

I was stuck at 140 for about a mth and a half. I ate maintenance for 5 days (for me that's 1900+) and after I went back to a deficit I started loosing again (I only gained a lb and a half of water weight while eating 1900+)

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I'm at 145 and my goal is 120. I'm 5'8" I have a diet of 1300 calories and I make sure I barely reach it. I stop eating at 8 PM every night and drink lots of water. My work out are also a lot of cardio, but mostly toning exercises and I find that's what helps me lose the weight.

I used to be at 110 and I found I looked pretty unhealthy, so I'm trying to balance back around 120/130. It's been JUST my 3rd week and my waist went from a 70cm to 63cm so you can't be changing your regime every two weeks. If I'm at 145 and it's my third week and I'm JUST starting to see improvement !

Of course everyone's bodies are different, but best of luck!

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Thanks for the replies :) I'm going to try eating between 1,200 and 1,500 calories again and stick to it for longer, hopefully I will break this plateau soon


     I am having the same issue too. Let me know if you see any differences. Everyone on this site says I don't eat enough- and when I do eat what I am suppose to I gain weight! So frustrating- I am trying to break into the 130s too!

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