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Weight Loss
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Hello, I have been using this website off and on for about 2 years. In 2008 I successfully lost 30lbs in the course of 10 months, it was a great and amazing accomplishment and I managed to keep it off for about 2 1/2 years. Then in 2010 I gained it back in about a year. The first time I used weight watchers first and then this site and I did it safely losing 1-2lbs a week and definitely had some plateaus I had to work through. This time I feel like I am trying to push a brick wall. In November I started seriously trying to lose weight again and weighed 187lbs. It's been 2 months and I am only at 183. Every week for the past 3 weeks that scale has stayed the same. I am happy I'm not gaining, but it's still frustrating. I work out 4-6 times a week and try to do strength training 1-2 times a week. I do have days where I cheat but I have been staying between 1500 & 1800 calories. My calculation on her says I can eat 2100 and still lose. Anyone else experienced this? I am 28 so I can't believe that my metabolism has slowed down that much in a few years!

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Can you identify anything significant that has changed from your previous successful weight loss attempt to this less successful (at least so far) attempt? Something in your workout routine, sleep schedule, stress levels, hormonal levels, diet?

What is your height/weight/activity level? I'm 5'6, 160lbs, active daily, and I'm losing on 15-1700 calories.

Oh geez, hormones, sleep, and workouts will have be a HUGE difference. Personally, I weigh lighter if I sleep in til 8, so I just wait til Saturday's to weigh myself. Workout routine - make one. Hormone levels - fix them.

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Personally, I weigh lighter if I sleep in til 8, so I just wait til Saturday's to weigh myself.

Haha, I've noticed this too! Unfortunately, I'm up and out early every day, but I often feel wistful for that 1/2 lb boost!
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Original Post by annav007:

Personally, I weigh lighter if I sleep in til 8, so I just wait til Saturday's to weigh myself.

Haha, I've noticed this too! Unfortunately, I'm up and out early every day, but I often feel wistful for that 1/2 lb boost!

You have no idea. It makes all the difference between 163.8 and 163! I only log weekly - it keeps me sane, but I feel like my measurements have been a greater gauge. I've lost ~10 pounds this last month, but 4 inches off my waist, 2 off my hips, 1 arms, 1 chest, and my thighs are only hanging on around .5 a piece. I like my tape measure better.

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If possible you might ask your doctor to run some blood tests, specifically if the thyroid is not producing enough people have a tendency to gain weight, and it can be practically impossible to loose with hypothyroidism.

(There is a pill you can take that should correct this if it is a problem)

I've considered talking to my doctor about this. If anything is different from before, I am actually eating healthier, wholesome foods and much more clean eating. I also work out a lot harder than I used to. Before I mostly did a lot of walking in my neighborhood, bike riding, or various workout dvds that were about 20 mintues. Now I do interval training, Zumba, weights, etc. I have a hard time guaging my activity level to what they have here. For 8 hours I sit at a desk but after work I workout, clean, and try to stay active at night. I do sleep 8 hours, I am a big stickler on that! :) I have a high stress job but it was that way when I first lost weight.

Do you think you could be eating too little calories? Why don't you try eating 300 more for a week (you yourself said you could still lose weight on a higher calorie diet) and see what happens?

I can try it but I feel like 2100 is too much for my body.

(I am really, really not trying to argue or question your judgement/intelligence here, I just want to see if I can coerce you to see things from my point of view)


What makes you think it's too much? Your emotions? Your feelings? If your BMR + exercise/daily activity makes you burn anything over 2,100 calories, then you can eat 2,100 calories and lose weight. Doesn't matter what you think, feel, see, hear, etc.

I know you're trying to help, I will consider bumping it up to see if it helps for a week or so.

Hope it works! Just keep in mind sometimes it takes a lot more than a week to see changes. But even a week might help!

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Hi Erin! 

I have struggled with my weight all my life.  For most of my adult life I hovered around 155 (so a size 12)--but this was down from 200 lbs at 14.

I gave up processed foods and artificial sweeteners (including Splenda) last year and dropped to a size 6.  Everything else--my workouts--stayed the same.  (note: I switched from beer to vodka and red wine, but I still drink the same amount). I'm 34 and I really think it's the crap in the food.  And in Diet Coke.  What's more fun--when I eat the clean foods--including the liquor and dark chocolate and homemade dessert-it's "easy" to keep the weight steady (I still have to pay attention).

Good luck!

I think you should probably eat a little more, your BMR is over 1600 and you don't want to drop below that. I'm not sure you need to go all the way up to 2100 though. I would keep your deficit at 500 calories. Your metabolism does slow down with age, so you might need to eat a little less than the last time you did this. Also, when you lose weight and then gain it back, you typically end up with a higher body fat percentage, and that also slows down your metabolism.

On the positive side, it's possible that you have gained a couple of pounds of muscle mass and water weight from the exercise. So you may have lost more fat than you think. If you gained 3 pounds of muscle, and you lost 7 pounds of fat, those are decent results.

You are doing things right, so you don't want to throw this all away and start something totally different. The thing to do is make small adjustments, and then monitor to see the effect. Taking a few measurements is also a good idea. Measure an area that contains a lot of fat and track it. I carry most of my fat on my waist, so if I track that number it is usually a better measure of progress than my weight.


Hi Erin! I'm 28 and 5'3 too, and returning to this site after a few years hiatus. I was also successful with in in my younger years, but now I feel like despite eating and working out at the most consistent, healthiest level I've ever been, no change has happened. At least, not at a pace I am happy with.

I am getting a thyroid test soon, but to try and break this first plateau has been tough.

For me, I take calorie counter as a generous estimate. Food that I cook from scratch is sometimes hard to enter, so I just use something close to estimate. But the nutrition info doesn't always translate, like you could be eating more fat, or carb, than you think.

I find that a combination of scale and tapemeasure helps. I only lost 4lbs last months (to my great chagrin), but my belly measurement was at 39, now it's at 36.5". So THAT is something to celebrate, despite my less than great weigh-ins! Try tracking with a tape measure for a month or 3. (I'm hoping to see my leg shrink next)

For me, I eat way too much fat per day, even if my cals are good. That's something to watch.

Also, I doubled my workout. Yeh, docs say 20-30 mins is fine...well, not if you're an overweight, sugar-carb-loving fatty like me. So I'm going with as much as I have time for per day, even if I don't give everything a 'maximum effort'.  For example. I ran/walked for 35 mins today. I can't run for 35 mins. But taking my pedometre out helped, so I ran, walked, ran, walked.

When I got home, I felt great, but I punched in the calories and wasn't satisfied I would make 2lbs this week. So I jumped on my stairmaster for 20 mins (on level 5 & 6, moderate). The last 10mins I wanted it to be over, but since I stretched, it was no big deal. Boom! Another 188 cals. While I was still warm, I threw in a 20 mins pilates video. Altogether, on an off-strength training day, I 'exercised' for about 1hr 15mins. I'm going to try to stay consistent with trying to run as a SUPPLEMENT to what I was already doing at home.

I find I have to eat waaaaay less, and be waaaay more active than when I was in my early 20s to see any changes. 

GO HARD! Let me know how it goes!


Thank you everyone for the great advice. I have noticed that some clothes are fitting better and people have remarked taht they can see it in my face and what not so I'm trying to stay positive. I think it's added stress that I am getting married in 7 months! I will keep plugging forward and keeping some of your great tips in mind.

I'm getting married this year as well! Join the 2012 brides group and we'll motivate...what's more inspirational than a wedding dress, seriously?  (ok, being happy, fit, etc, you know what I mean):D

Ask your doctor to check your that mine that my thyroid has been in check for 6 months the weight is coming off at a nice pace with healthy eating and workouts. Finally seeing results. Good Luck....

I had the same problem at one point. But a fellow calorie counter member gave me some good advise.

1) You have to stop ALL diet cokes, splenda and sugarsa as they seriously affect your weight loss

2) Water.  As a guy I try to drink a gallon a day.  You don't need to do that much but it helps.

3) Cut down red meats.  Go to chicken and porkchops.

4)  100%  use a tape measure! (and a scale if you like)  You will see results. You measurements will go up and down a little but generally in a downward direction.

5) Mix things up a little.  Some weeks I will eat my 2700 base calories and exersise normally.  A week later I will drop to 1500 and work out really hard.  These weeks I see good weight loss and it stays down. After that go back to some normal eating and exersise lightly.

This was the advise I got and it worked.  I have lost 30 pounds and 4 inches off the waist after I started doing these few things for only 4 months.  I am down to 210 and halfway to my goal of 180.  But don't get too fixated by how many pounds you lose.  Track you  measurements.


Good luck

You might can lose with that many calories but I don't seriously believe it. I would say for most women 1200 calories a day if you are trying to lose weight. I know that works!! So once again I am trying to lose weight and I am taking the 90 Challenge from Body by Vi which means I choose to drink two protein shakes a day (one each for breakfast and lunch) and then a dinner meal that is well balanced, and just fruit and lots of water! I am hoping to lose at least 30 pounds in those 90 days, but will be excited if it is more. And I have begun slowly using my dusty treadmill. Good luck, and keep working at it.

Two things that helped me- your workouts need to be 45-90 minutes if you want to burn body fat.  At 30 minutes, you're just buring through your energy stores 'on hand' so to speak, and not making your body break into long term fat stores.  Second, I don't really know why, but doing my cardio at night seems to be the most effective- I think because when I do it in the morning, I'm hungrier all day and more likely to eat back some of those cals.

Sounds like you're on the right track though. 

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