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Weight Loss
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hi. i've recently been a bit stressed- boyfriend issues- what i was wondering was does stress make you lose weight? i've lost maybe 1.5kg/ 3lbs, over maybe 1 week to a week and a half. 

I'm not exercising, or undereating, and I've consumed a bit of alcohol.

Is this weird? 

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we all react to stress a differant way so it is hard to say. I am always under a great deal of stress and wish it made me at least lose weight! But I am just getting grayer hair and if really stressed I start to lose my hair.(for a 33 year old woman this is bad) =/

It all depends if you have been eating tons or eating alot less than normal. Check your calories and try to take care

yeah I'm eating what I usually eat which is frm 1200-1500 when I don't workout, so I dont know. 
well - i remember once i had boyfriend issues and lost 5 pounds in 4 days... but that's because we broke off our engagement and i didn't eat for 4 days!! Usually i tend to eat more when i'm stressed... i hate that! So if you're eating normally and doing everything else how you would normally do it, i'm not quite sure. Unless your heart is constantly beating fast, then maybe you would burn more calories off everyday. Just a thought!
 hmmm well i went out last night and drank and ate, and well im less than i was before. i'm so confused!
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