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Weight Loss
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Stopped losing weight after first 10 lbs...

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Sorry for the long post!

Ok, so I've posted on here a few months ago  that I was having trouble losing weight.  At the time I was eating like 1600 cals a day a burning around 300 cals or so.  So someone suggested I try upping my cals to 1700-1800, and so I did for a few weeks and I gained like 5 lbs.  I then went back down to 1600 &  lost the 5 lbs & stayed there for a few weeks, but I still wasn't losing. I then went down to around 1500 & I finally lost weight!  I was averaging around 1 lb a week for a while, but now I've stopped.

I read that around 1500 is a pretty good number & have read that 1400 can be a bit low so I've been exercising more so I could stay at 1500.  I work out 6 days a week, and I've been running around 3 mi 3 times a week (training for a 5k), yoga, strength training, and some short 15 min or so HIIT training a couple of times a week. I always try to switch up at least a few of my workouts so my body doesn't get too adjusted.  So now I've been averaging around 400 cals a day w/ one day maybe 500 or more a week.  But the problem now is that I've been stuck at 151 for the past couple of weeks.

What I've been doing to figure out how much to eat is take my sedentary number & add in my exercise burn then subtract 500. I eat a just a little less than that number since online calculators often overestimate cals burned.   I also weigh my food so it's a little more accurate.  And like I said, it was really working, but not so much anymore.

One other thing is that I've been pretty hungry lately, but since I wanted to stay at a higher calorie range I thought I would have to burn more since I weigh a little less & don't burn as many as I did 10 lbs ago.

So should I lower my cals to 1400?  Should I try working out less? Or should I keep my exercise the same, but up my cals?   I'm worried about lowering my cals since I've been really hungry lately, and I really don't want to have to workout more than I already am.  However, I also don't really want to up my cals either since I wasn't losing then & I'm afraid of gaining any of the weight back.

I forgot to include my stats:
Female, 5'3, 25yrs, 151lbs.  and I'm pretty sedentary most of the time.

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HI Mican

You don't sound sedentary at all! If you don't want to change the caloric intake from 1500, may try changing up the foods that you are eating within that range. Lower the fat content?

I'm in the same place, have lost 15 pounds and afraid that success will lead me to become careless.  I did it on a 1400 calorie diet.  I have 15 more pounds that I wish to lose. And fear these will be the hardest!  Exercise is my next focus, but will have to eat 1500 calories to sustain being more active.

Good luck to you!


Mican...try changing up the things you eat - rather than worry about the calories...go with high protein (lean chickent/turkey & fish) and lots of veggies for a week or so with a few good carbs (berries/fruit).  Be sure you eat enough not to be hungry. 

See if that kicks you out of your rut!  Then you can go back to what you have been doing and probably see a continuing loss.  It seems that Mixing It Up really helps.

Thanks for replying! 

Looks like you both are saying the exact same thing!

Hm, thing is I basically eat like that now.  I eat lots of veggies & fruit, I really try to minimize processed foods,  low/if any refined sugars, lean protein like fish & tofu (I only eat animal products like fish, eggs, & some dairy), and whole grains.  In a typical meal I always try to have at least 1 or 2 fruits/veggies, a complex carb, and lean protein. 

I knew I would have to lower my cals eventually, I just didn't expect to have to do it so soon.  I always thought a plateau happened near the end, but I guess not?

The thing I'm kind of confused about is that aren't you supposed to be kind of hungry when you create a deficit until your body adjusts?  It's just that when I was eating at around 1600-1700 I was pretty full & it was a lot of food to eat for me, but I also gained & didn't lose during this time.  So I guess I'm just afraid to up the cals again.


Mican...I am not an expert at all.  I have lost 30.9 pounds since January and have hit a plataeu for the last 17 days - losing and gaining the same pound - so I know what you are going through.

However - I wonder if you cut out the whole grains for a few days if that would kick start it.  I have just added about 200 more calories to try to get mine to break.

Thanks for the input!

I was thinking about trying to cut back on whole grains actually.  It'll be kind of hard since I love them & my usual breakfast is oatmeal! But its worth a shot I suppose.

So you think upping the cals a little might help?  I'm conflicted on either lowering the cals for like a week or upping them. This makes me wonder how effective zig zag dieting is.  I heard it helps prevent plateaus, which I thought I was doing by switching up my workouts, but I guess not.

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