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What do you do to stop hunger pains?

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Calories consumed- 1630
Calories burned-2105
So, i've burned just about 500 calories more then i have eaten so far and I don't want to eat any more, but damn i'm hungry!
But i know even if i eat, i wont be satisfied.
I could eat all i like and id only feel ill.
I don't know, it's like my stomachs gauge of when its full is broken or something dumb.
When you've hit the limit of your desired Cals and you want to stop eatting for the rest of the night, but your getting hunger pains, is it better to just fight through it or to eat?

Also im thirsty too which isn't helping, but we dont have any water (tap water isnt clean enough to drink) so theres only milk to drink and i know Milk (Especially the whole milk kind) is high in calories so i really dont want to drink it...
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i eat veggies and drink. go but some water. it will kill time and take your mind off of food
a nice bowl of sliced up watermellon is also good has lots of fluid in it already and it fills me up for a snack.
Non starchy veggies!  Salad!!!!  Easy on the dressing!  Lots of water or unsweetened tea....or other non-sugary drinks.  Fresh fruit...not canned...high in fiber...low in calorie density!  Water and non-starchy veggies before EVERY MEAL!  Eat slowly...and several times per day....small meals...3 of them.  Small snacks....1 carb and 1 protein...3 of them per day.  2.5 - 3 hours in between meal/snack. will level off.
krebstock is exactly right!  Veggies Veggies Veggies and did I mention veggies?  Water right before you eat will help curb your desire to eat more.  It will also keep you from snacking while cooking (a bad habit my mother passed on to me).  Definately eat every 3 to 4 hours.  You'll be annoyed with how often you have to eat, but eventually your body will start to be hungry every 3 to 4 hours.
Try just drinking water - some times we mistake hunger pains for thirst. 

I actually eat every 2-3 hours and stop eating at 7:30pm (or, well... I try to stop by then - some times schedules don't allow).

I know the feeling of still being hungry even though you know you aren't. :)

Otherwise - get yourself busy to get your mind off food.  I know once I think about the snacks I have at home or even here at work, then I get to craving them and can't get my mind off it!
well you worked out and burned more than you ate. so you have to eat if you are being healthy about your loss and to avoid stalls.
you also have to remain hydrated to avoid stalls

drink the milk. its a protien snack thats good for your bones.
its only 150 a cup. thats only about 50 more than 1%

if you dont like it thick just add some water. (boil tap water for 10 minutes makes it clean)

Definitely eat more ... you need to eat your BMR at minimum! ... How did you burn so many calories (unless this includes your BMR which would make sense)???? I would have to run a marathon to burn 1800 so 2105 is amazing.

If it does include your BMR, I would keep your deficit at somewhere like 300 calories, maybe it's a more comfortable place? And in that case I would use those 200 extra calories to eat something like almonds, or fruit (strawberries are only 50 cal a cup of whole ones!), or a crisp bread with hummus (50-100 calories). Otherwise, if you really don't want to eat, brush your teeth and drink water.
I understand how you feel!  I am just starting this diet thing and I have an addiction to sweets, but I am not allowing myself any and it has been a rough road.  But about hunger pangs I get them constantly.  I try to eat lots of meals, fresh fruit, a dinner with a small portion of lean meat with a large portion (1 cup) of steamed veggies with some salt or something, and I actually get the feeling where my stomach FEELs full, but I still FEEL hungry, very odd sensation.  I feel stuffed, but I am STARVING.  And I want ice cream, or chocolate, or just more meat or SOMETHING, anything but fruit and veggies.  I have no idea how to deal with this issue except just live through it.  Sometimes I force myself to eat fruit and that can help, but who knows. 
Green tea, dahhling, green tea! :D
cesty8:  I know exactly how you feel.  I don't know how to curb the cravings... even when I'm full!  How do you control the cravings for more food when your tummy's full?  Sounds like a new topic to me!
nothing... i just wait and they pass, and then i get un-hungry.
I like hunger pains actually! and the feeling of being hungry... they make me feel like a strong person, and kinda like... yeah don't know what the word is.
smoke weed?  ha ha works.
smoke weed?  doesn't it give you the munchies?????  When I smoke up I can eat and eat and eatttttttt!  I try and avoid it unless I have a bunch of veggies and fruit around.
But you are correct, the 'pains' do go away!

Anyway, for me to curb hunger pains I usually eat.... I'll have some kind of really healthy thing that I know is next to nothing in calories.  Celary is good, pickles and cucumber (with salt substitute) is awesome.  I could eat a HUGE cucumber and have eaten about 40 calories.  Then I would puke cuz I just ate like 2 pounds of cucumber, LOL!

I also take pepto bismol pills, zantac, and water and/or tea with 1% milk & splenda.  Tada!
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Check the carbs.  They're a killer.  I used to eat massive quantities of dry breakfast cereal (vitamins and fiber good? - NOT), only to feel starved 2 hours later and in need of a massive lunch.  The Dr's recommendation was replace cereal with peanut buttered toast.  Many less calories actually, and much more satisfying to control hunger pangs.
Nycgirl- Yeah its on top of my 1800 that i burn with existing.

Fallingstars727- Lol i dont know about you but weed is illegal in my country and im not much of a rule breaker lol.
Plus yeah, i thought Weed gave you munchy munchies?

I ended up having a slice of toast with a little butter not long after dinner to calm cravings, then when i was starving after that, i started this topic.
I didn't end up eatting again.
I distracted myself with reading the forums and replying to comments on Bebo and i forgot about my hunger in the end.
Plus i found a bottle of water in my room which helped!

We have water now, and carrots again so i have a low-cal snack option for tonight when im hungry!
Anyway, lunch is cooking, gotta go!
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If you burned 500 calories more than you consumed, just eat! A really low calorie food, like a fruit.

A whole quarter of a canteloupe is only like.. 37 calories? Or half a grapefruit! Plus the citrus-y stuff is supposed to help with fat burning... (I think)... ^___^;
I'd say eat watermelon. Dang, I just ate one slice and I'm full already. Drink water. Chew gum or ice.
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I try to eat a little every few hours, and never really get hungry - because if the hunger pains get really strong I know I'll just eat the fastest thing I can find. Apples seem to really help, even more than other fruits and veggies for me. Their glycemic index is pretty low, for a fruit, and they also apparently have something in them that naturally curbs your appetite - I read that somewhere. It works for me. Good luck! :)
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