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When do you stop "gaining muscle", and start losing weight?

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Hi - I think I have reached the plateau that is the bain of every dieter‚??s existence. I was loosing weight quite rapidly ‚?? but then I started to exercise, about an hour of race-walking 5 times a week, but since I have started to exercise, I haven‚??t lost any weight. I‚??ve read about how you build muscle, which weighs more than fat, but when do you start loosing weight again? I made the mistake of not measuring myself (inches ‚?? wise) when I first started loosing weight, so apart from what the scale says, I really cant tell if I am loosing or not! ‚?? any advice on this issue would be very welcome.


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You probably need to up your calories a little. Especially if you're walking an hour five times a week. Your body probably thinks you're in starvation mode and trying to hunt wild mammoth, so protecting your reserves of fat right now :)

Try upping your calories up a little and see if you can lodge the needle down again :)
well. i do have a question for you.. did you change your calorie intake on days you work out now?  you're burining more calories with exercise.. so you should probably up your calories a touch.. you don't want to go into starvation!  :) 

but yes.. muscle per square inch weighs more than fat per square inch.. so if you're building muscle you'll notice a difference in the rate of your weight loss..

did you start taking your measurements when you started losing weight?  maybe you've lost inches without a scale difference.. and inches lost is more important (to me) than weight lost.. you can look better by dropping a few inches even when the scale isn't moving.. :)
What they said.

I plateaued when my exercise went from 3xs a week to 5-7xs a week.

So I increased my calories from a standard 1200-1300 to 500-800 less that what I burn; which for me is 1500-1600.  I am losing a steady 1.5 pound a week now, plus my body is much more toned and defined.
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