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What can I do to stop feeling hungry at bedtime

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I am always so hungry before I go to bed, and that is when I eat all the things I shouldn't.   Even just 2 hours after dinner, I am looking for something to eat.  the past 2 nights I went to bed early but woke up in the night hungry.  I was good and didn't eat anything..   will this hunger go away in time?  or will I always feel hungry at night?  

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save 150calores for bedtime, preferably carbs-this will help you sleep. I usually eat a piece of bread (120cals) before bed.

Perhaps you could set aside certain foods to eat at night if you are hungry that are low calorie.  Sugar free jello, no sugar added popsicles, carrot sticks, clementines.  I sometimes chew a piece of gum.  We have this carrots and celery salad that I picked up at Big Lots of all places.  1/2 cup is 15 calories.

There are some 35-40 calorie high fiber breads.  Perhaps a slice of that, toasted.

I would try to pick a food that you can't wolf down, so you also give yourself some time to feel satisfied.  And you probably don't want to eat just before bed, maybe you need to plan for a light snack a couple of hours before.

it is never good to consume food before bed, so i recommend not following what arupiper does. food that is not burned off will turn into fat, especially those carbs you find in a bread slice. my recommendation is to drink a lot of water, as it will tone down the hunger, and/or chew some sugarfree gum to satisfy your taste buds and chewing desires. as you get further along in your weight loss plan, you will start to feel less and less hungry at this time so then you can break out of the gum chewing habit. best of luck!!

Original Post by bluecrush18:

it is never good to consume food before bed, so i recommend not following what arupiper does. food that is not burned off will turn into fat, especially those carbs you find in a bread slice.

I regularly eat my entire dinner about an hour before I go to sleep, and yet I have no trouble losing and maintaining my weight.

What you say is based entirely on a myth. Yes, food that is not burned off turns to fat, but our bodies keep burning calories all night long - as long as your overall intake is less that what you burn over the course of a week, you will not be gaining fat.  And carbs don't turn to fat any more than other calories.

Ive always been a night-snacker. So, I eat all of my allowed calories for the day by dinner, except I make sure to leave myself 200-300 calories for a snack. I think the eating late at night thing is a myth to a point. Scarfing down three slices of pizza right before bed is considerably worse than eating celery, carrots, an apple, or butter-free popcorn. So, in other words, have your snack at night, as long as it isn't unhealthy for you and you aren't going over your calorie goal.

How many calories are you eating? For myself, if I eat between 1200-1400 I'm not hungry at all before I go to bed, between 1000-1200 I'm a a little hungry, and under 1000 I obsess about food when I try to go to sleep. So maybe you need to up your intake a little more throughout the day and then you won't risk eating too much at night.

It is a myth about eating before bedtime I was told this by my Dr. It is all about staying within your recommended calories. So if you are on a 1500 calorie diet and throughout the day you only consume 1200, then it is fine to use those extra calories before bed. However if your on a 1500 calorie diet and you consume those calories plus another 300+ calories before bedtime that is when you run into trouble.

2 years ago when I lost 40 pound on a Dr. supervised diet she recommended that I have a low calorie shake before bed to keep me from being hungry at night.  Since the liquid diet I noticed that when I had carbs toast in particular before bed it would trigger an eating frenzy, and before I knew it I would have eaten 3 slice of toast with either butter or peanut butter. Since then I have learned what works best for me is carrots and cucumbers. I can eat them to my hearts content because they have very little calories. I like to slice them up and dip them in salsa, but check the sodium in the salsa first.  If all else fails I keep 90 calorie fiber one bars on hand.

Have a banana right before you go to bed, always works for me.

I often go to bed a little hungry.   I don't generally eat anything unless I'm under my target calories for the day.  If I've hit my target calories, then I remind myself that losing weight means a net calorie deficiency, so I *should* feel a little hungry. 

I too would wake up in the middle of the night hungry.  Now before going to bed I eat a few spoonfuls of non-fat greek yogurt (vanilla).  I have been doing that for the last 2 months and I am still losing regularly without waking in the middle of the night wanting to raid the fridge.

I'm the same way!  I can do so good all day, then want to eat everything at night.  I can't sleep when I'm even the slightest bit hungry.


Some things I do to stop my nighttime snacking:

~save about 150-200 calories for a (healthy) night time snack.

~Eat breakfast.  Seriously.  I found that if I eat a really good breakfast (400-500 calories) I'm less hungry at night.

~Drink plenty of water!  Sometimes, when I think I'm hungry, I'm actually thirsty.

~Eat enough calories.  When I was eating 1200 when I first started, my night time hunger was really bad.  Adding an additional 300 calories throughout the day keeps that hunger down substantially.  (Plus, I get to eat more, and I find that I lose easier when I eat more :D)

Cup of tea (herbal w/o caffeine).  You'll get flavor w/o cals.  Make sure your dinner has adequate fiber, protein, and healthy fat, that should help keep you full longer.  

* sorry, it double posted :(

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I have the exact same problem! These are all really great ideas, thank you guys for the imput.

I always save roughly 100-200 cals incase I need a snack at night.  My favorite is 1cup almond breeze (I can't drink milk) and 1cup cheerios = 160 cals total.  Another snack I enjoy is a little bit of popcorn or 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter on a banana.

I usually eat Jello or fruit right before bed :)

what are you eating and how many calories are you eating in your typical day? you might not be eating enough, or might not be eating enough of the right foods.

ex: carbs will leave you hungrier after consumption then fat or protein will.. 

Rather than eat right before bed - when I tend to get hungry (I think this is normal if you've eaten dinner at 6 and it's now 10:30 - that's 4.5 hours and you generally should be having meals or snacks every four hours) - I have a snack at 9 p.m., allotting calories for that, and I go to bed at 11 p.m. This snack two hours before bed takes away the hunger but I don't feel like I've eaten right before bed. 

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I heard from dr. oz show have a table spoon of peanut butter a handful of nuts or a stick of string cheese it will stop the craving with in 15 mins

You should assess whether you're genuinely hungry, if you're thirsty, or if you've just programmed yourself to want food at that time.


If you're just feeling "snacky"- Try tea, decaf coffee, gum, a pickle, carrot sticks, popcorn or (probably the best option) do something to distract yourself like going for a walk, reading a book, etc. and ignore the craving altogether.

If you're thirsty- Sometimes you might think you're hungry, but you're actually thirsty. Make sure you're drinking pleeentttyyyy of water. Try drinking 8-16 oz of water when you get the "craving" and then go from there.

If you're genuinely hungry- If neither of those 2 things above works, you're body might actually need more food. If you're hungry only 2 hours after dinner then you're probably not eating the "right" food or not enough of it. Eat whole grains or protein or both, vegetables, and some "healthy" fat. That will keep you full for awhile. If you're doing that and still feel hungry go ahead and eat again, but eat whole, filling foods.

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