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What I did to stop eating potato chips.

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I have gotten so much help from this forum that I thought I would post this in the hopes that it would help someone else like it helped me.

For years I cut out all those crazy diet ideas and meal plans from magazines and pasted them into a binder.

The one that helped me to beat the desire to eat chips and chocolate is:

Give up (insert food here) for lent.

By lent they meant a period of 21 days (whether or not that is the length of time for lent I do not know). The theory is that it takes 21 days to form a habit.

It was hard - but at the end of three weeks I had chips again and they tasted gross and left a film of grease in my mouth. That was all it took! On those rare occasions when chips look too good to resist I can now have three potato chips (literaly) and stop. They just don't taste good anymore.

Chocolate still tastes good, but it is no longer on my "can't control how much I eat of this" list. I can have one of those 80 cal snack chocolate bars and enjoy it whereas I used to eat three full sized bars.

It's been 5 years and still craving free! I hope this can help you too.
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thanks for the great tip! mmm.. wonder if this works for other things besides chips and bars.. have to give it a try. :)

I still enjoy potato chips or crisps..I simply buy the baked variety...only 100kcals per bag and just as good as the originals.

Thanks for that! I'll give it a try!

Something similar worked for me when I gave up chocolate for awhile, worked for months until Easter helped me discover the cravings again :P

I recently found popchips (http://www.popchips.com/) - they aren't fried or baked but popped.  Really crunchy and really good - I mean I don't eat these just as an alternative I actually like them. You can get them at Target in the States.

They have 100 calories for a normal snack bag (probably 1 ounce) and have 0 chotesteral.  4 g of fat, 0 saturated or trans.  250 mg of sodium.


pretty much i used to be a HUGE potato chip, bread, pasta, carb crazy!!!!

ever since i started counting calories, in the beginning i cut a lot of that stuff out. I dont crave it at all anymore. I just keep saying to myself, its not worth my calories! I rather eat a much larger portion of something else, than 10 chips :)

that's a great achievement, and for five years!  did you lose weight in the process? 

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