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How to stop eating JUNK FOOD

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Okay guys, so every time I get home from school, I raid the pantry and grab all the "goodies" I can eat. (Cheez-it's, pretzels, liquorice, candy, etc.) How do I get myself to stop craving this food when I'm bored?!?! Thanks!!
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To start, quit eating junk! Grab something "healthy" (doesn't have to be gnarly diet food.. It can be something you actually *gasp* -enjoy-). In addition, make sure you've had a nice, tall glass of H2O (or maybe 2-3).

Next, I'd like to talk about your so-called "boredom". Homework, listening to/playing music, hanging out with friends, surfing the net, etc. There's a million things to do in this world, aside from eating.

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am i the only one who thought misshannibal was kind of rude??

but i have the exact same problem!! I talked to my parents are rearranged my pantry! I took all the "goodies" and put them in one specific cabinet so I can avoid them and don't get blind sided by them every day. I just don't go in that cabinet and look for other foods. Like instead of eating the entire box of cheez its (yes ive done that before...) i have those special k cracker chips. Personally, i love them and you can eat like 30 without feeling awful haha. I hope this helped!

The best way is to not keep any junk food in the house

Best for sure, but I live with teenaged boys -- not gonna happen. :) I just try to keep the junk in one place and try (not always succeed!) to avoid.  Wish I had their metabolisms....

I deliver candy for a living and the temptation used to be unbearable for me. The simplest answer is to slowly cut back. The longer your body goes without these ADDICTING bad foods the easier it is to resist them.

This doesn't mean you can't ever treat yourself but keep in mind that after you do they will be harder to resist for awhile.

So you grab junk food because you're bored... because it's things you can just eat mindlessly that keep your hands and mouth busy.

1) Find some other use for the hands and mouths. How about prepping dinner?

2) Stop buying junk food. Can't eat what you can't have.

3) This is the most important step: self-control.

Look to good fats. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I have fewer craving for processed foods (sugars, all, even the salty ones) when I eat a higher proportion of fats.

Fill yourself with water, try to eat "healthier" snacks (Have you ever had soy chips? and nori is snacky but not fattening! Plus fruit is always the way to go). And do your nails/take up knitting/start gaming... anything to keep your hands busy so snacking doesn't happen. Good luck! ^^

I'm a teacher, and even we are super hungry when we get home from school. To stop myself from eating a ton of junk when I get home, I have a couple small snacks during the day (think during study hall or between classes, since you're a student). I also sit down and log everything I've eaten, plus pre-log dinner when I get home, so that I know how many calories I have to play with for snacking. This REALLY helps me keep it under control! Make sure you're getting a balance of what you need; eating healthy is trickier when you're a teenager.

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Right now I am really into those baby watermelon that they have at Walmart. They are sweet, yet are still fruit and don't have too many calories. If I feel like I have the major munchies at night (which is when I used to pack on the calories) I make myself a hot cup of tea and it usually helps alot and fills me up.

what helps me? decaff coffee with swetener

when I have a bisquit i go for rich tea rather than digestive

in my handbag I always carry an apple

sometimes 2 dried figs...they last in mouth in ages and are ssssssssoooooooooo sweet

I second the tea and water suggestions. Water is good for filling you up, tea is good because it's nice and some kinds are even sort of 'sweet.' Tea is a real treat for me though haha so I'm probably biased.

Also, whenever I feel like snacking, I go to my computer, look at everything I have logged and then see what adding a couple of candies will do. Once I add, say, two chocolate kisses (I happen to have these lying around right now), then I go and get *just* two from my stash. Never ever take the whole bag/bowl with you! Pre-logging right when I feel like snacking helps me keep my goal in mind because the calories are all right there and I'm reminded why I'm doing this. If it's a major craving, I distract myself by pre-logging what I plan to eat the next day. Thinking about all the yummy food I'll get to eat tomorrow that's actually healthy makes me feel less tempted to eat junk in the moment. Then sometimes an apple all of a sudden seems much more appetizing :)

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