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Weight Loss
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How do you stop eating? I'm so frustrated that I'm overeating myself almost every meal. Once I get some food in my stomach, I just can't seem to be satisfied. I eat some, am not full but quite there but I just want to keep on eating!! So I go ahead and eat an apple because apple isn't bad, but after that, I still want to eat another one! Eventually I can't eat anymore because I'm starting to feel physically uncomfortable. But in my head, I'm thinking " I wish I can eat another apple" and "Oh man, why am I stuffing myself??"

For the most part, I eat healthy. I'm anything but starving, I get protein, fats, carbs. Maybe a bit too much carb but otherwise I think I eat a healthy balanced meal.

I just need to be able to stop eating once I'm done. Is it just sheer will power that I need? Or is that my body telling me something is amiss?? If you are going through the same thing or have overcome it, any feedback or tips would be appreciated.

-Lemon Jello
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Sorry I'm no help but I go through the same thing...I have yet to find a way to stop.  I mean, I went through a 10 lb bag of carrots in a couple days because I kept doing that...I felt pretty icky after =\

I'd like to know what others do as well

What works for me is that I eat many small meals, instead of three sit down big meals.  Some days I end up eating almost every hour.  So that way, it feels like you don't have to "restrict" yourself, but if you watch what you're eating, you don't go over your calories.  I also use commitments, such as work, exercise, and social plans, to help schedule my eating -- when it's scheduled, you may find that you have more control.  Mostly, I think it helps to just have a plan and stick to it.  Also, before you go back for second helpings, you should sit on the meal for at least 20 minutes.  If you still want to eat 20 minute later, that means you probably should.  If you are finding it difficult to wait 20 minutes, drink a cup of tea or some hot broth in the meantime -- make it hot enough so that you have to drink it slow, lol.  I like to use tea with honey, because the honey satisfies my sweet cravings.  Lately, I've been making tea with cinnamon, since that is supposed to help curb appetite and has other health benefits.  Also, a huge bowl of veggies will make you feel quite full and won't kill your calorie goals.  And, of course it takes will power!  Lots and lots of it!  Every time you overeat and feel sick to your stomach, repeat to yourself "I feel yucky and I don't want to do that again," and then when you get the craving to overeat, remember that feeling, and it should help you to not feel so hungry.  And, always, don't get too down on yourself and remember that every day is a new day!

Find something else to focus on. I tend to eat a lot when im really bored and theres nothing else going i just end up thinking about food.

Then, you can do lots of smaller meals like sarah said. Get a bunch of snack foods (apples, popcorn, mellons)....then you can eat something every hour! Its a lot easier to stop eating when you know you can have something again in 60 minutes if you want it.
try eating slower. it takes the stomache 20 minutes to tell your brain your full.   try conversation while you eat, or chew very slow. 

I think it's more of a matter of habits.  When I first started counted, I really had trouble being satisfied with the smaller portions.  So I decided to allow myself unlimited amounts of raw carrots whenever I was hungry.  I kept a big tupperware of carrots that I sliced thin so I could use them to dip salsa (also lo-cal).  At first I had to munch on them a LOT and drink water to keep satiated, but now, I hardly need any at all and am satisfied with my meals (which always include a good-sized salad with carrots, too) In fact, I'm so full from my meals I'm amazed that I'm eating so few calories, sometimes I have to add in an extra 100 cal of peanuts or fruit in the evening to meet the 1500 cal number.

The idea about eating slower sounds like a good one too.  BTW, apples are great, but be aware that they do have a significant amount of sugar, so you may want to limit yourself to one apple per sitting, or 3 a day total.  Carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc. have much less sugar content and calories and are quite filling, so filling up on things like that may be an option.  I like steamed broccoli, too. 

Set up your portions, then put ALL the rest of the food out of sight. Then eat, slowly and carefully, paying attention to every bite and savouring it. Once you have finished your premeasured portion, leave the area and do something else. Try to forget that you were just eating and get engrossed in something interesting. Sometimes brushing your teeth can get the taste out of your mouth and help you avoid "nostalgia"...
are you eating enough fat? sometimes when people don't eat enough fat, they have difficutly feeling satiated. Just a thought...
This may sound funny but seriously try it.  To change a habit or a auto pliot program you might have is more mental like a reaction. IE a smoker reaching in his pocket for cigerette some have sub it for something else like candy in pocket, it works.  So my suggestion is eat with left hand unconfortably, then count bites, then stop pause put hand over mouth and count to 10. 
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i get that sometimes too, but maybe its because u actually ARE still hungry???

but what works is giving urself/ body time to recognize it, so mayb3 in 30mins u'll feel a whole lot fuller, u know what i mean?

also, if its just because u want to put somethign in ur mouth, i've tried making popcorn, 100 cals, put that in ur mouth instead of continuing to grab stuff, less cals, its healthy, and u make loadssss of it!

tell me how it goes =)

Brush you teeth and walk away, call someone on the phone.  Whatever you do get away from the food, don't go back in the kitchen just get distracted. 
I totally, totally agree with absterry.

I used to stuff myself FULL of calories and food because I scarfed everything very quickly.

Now, my boyfriend does the same thing. And he's definitely trying to watch his caloric intake as well. But he's a speed demon! He eats his food in a blink of an eye.  I made dinner the other night, and put one pork chop, a scoop of plain mashed potatoes, and some roasted broccoli on his plate. He ate it in about 3.5 seconds, and got up to get some more.

I made a deal with him: "Sit here and chat with me for 15 minutes. If you still want another chop, go for it." Well, needless to say, he realized he was full and didn't eat any more dinner.

Lemon Jello - I am not assuming this is what you do, I just think that if we all slow down and really savor our food, we find that we need a lot less than we think we do.

lemon jello - i have this same problem. im only one step ahead of you, im currently in the process of working on it and trying things to help.

alot of people here have the right idea, but from the way i understood what you were saying was that you KNOW you're full, you just WANT to keep eating! thats my problem too. here's whats been working for me so far:

-drink lots of water with meals. you might still feel uncomfortably full, but thats the point. you will be, but on fewer calories. i know it sucks, but for now it helps until we teach ourselves willpower. diet soda also works.

-chew sugarfree peppermint gum when you get cravings, because you know how sometimes a "craving" and "hunger" are hard to differentiate? if you chew the sugarfree gum it distracts you and it feels like eating. then that way you can pay attention to your stomach, and if itreally needs fuel.

-i forget who on this post said this, but get out what you are going to eat and before you sit down to eatput EVERYTHING away. that way its such an effort to make more. as for the apples...hmm, maybe you should put them out of sight like in a cupboard.

-someone else said this too, cucumbers really are filling!


these things just work for me, but give them a shot! also the hard part is that although it sucks to feel uncomfortably full, making youself feel that way with waterand cucumbers and diet soda helps you stop just for the fact that no matter how bad you want something else, you know you cant because you're too full. so eventually you'll leave the kitchen or where ever because the feeling wont go away for like, 10-20 minutes. but because these things are just liquid (cucumbers are mostly water), you'll digest them quickly and in about an hour you'll either have forgotten that you wanted to keep eating, or you truly are still hungry, so go eat more! yay!

and drink lots and lots and lots of water 


this used to happen to me as well. i just remind myself that im going to gt hungry & eat again later, & that item of food i want so bad, ill probably eat it 20,000 or so times before i die (God willing) thats what helped me i hope it will help you too


I know what you're going through.  About three years ago I started out at 340 pounds and went down to a healthy weight of 175 last year.  Since then, I've had uncontrollable eating desires that have sent my weight skyrocketing up to 230.  Thankfully, I sought help from a psychologist, physiatrist and dietitian.  The eating urges I've experienced have been the result of a combination of psychological and biological factors.

I've been placed on Wellbutrin XL to help me with depression and see a mental health professional to help me understand, deal with and control my emotional attachment to eating.  Responsible for the highs and lows that come with eating sugar as well as the fat storing insulin response, the dietitian has placed me a on a low carb, high protein, moderate to high fat diet to help me control and eliminate an addiction to sugar.  The goal here is to keep me from binging on carb containing foods.

After maintain this diet consistently for three months, the goal is to slowly reintroduce carb containing foods into my diet and transition into a life long healthy diet.  Also, I have a trainer who is helping me transform my body to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat percentage to help me with body image issues which also cause me to over eat.  As a result of all I’m doing, I’ve successfully brought my weight back down to 205 pounds.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I would like you to consider that it may not be hunger that's causing you to over eat but possibly a combination of biological and mental factors.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask...



What sarahrnorton suggests helped me a lot in the beginning.  I had to break down to many small meals AND schedule when I was going to eat.  It was a pain at first and difficult not to reach for the second apple or snack bar - but I was able to relax my schedule after a week or two. 

I'm not sure if this was already mentioned but my health nut boyfriend does this and when I do it, it seems to work. 

Drink WATER!  Between every bite of food.  Put your fork, spoon, etc. down and take a sip of water.  Not only does the water fill you up...apparently there are "sensors" in our brains that tells us every time will lift our hands to our mouth during eating that we are putting something in our mouths...or something like that.  :)  My boyfriend was a psychology major and did a lot of studies about overeating.  I do it but not everytime I eat. 

Start out slow and do it every other bite or every 3 bites...just to get used to it.  :)  Good luck! 

I told my husband yesterday that i had an eating disorter and it was the hardest and best thing i could have done.  I tend to over eat twice or more a week. Some weeks a starve myself and other times i cant stop and i eat till i hurt. I use to throwup but it became to painful so i moved to laxatives but after talking to someone else about my issue it seems that now i can over come this problem and truly leave. 

I would recomend checking out amazing on over coming binge eating/bilimia Nervosa.  They have some great books.  I just ordered a self help book myself.  I believe the biggest things is having control and the only way to gain that back is to monitor and have select portions available. 

What my husband and i did last night is headed to the store and some bags of snack food (beef jerky, trail mix and such) and bagged them up into serving portions.  This way when i get home (especialy at night) i can give myself ONE thing and that is it. I cant eat anymore than that one thing and i have to literally think and realize if i am hungy or not.

I am proud that you voiced what was going on with you.  I know you can do this and if you need any help i know we could work through this together.  I am no stonger than you and it would be nice to have a partner to fight through this problem. 


JACLYN Laughing

To stop eating? Oh my, nothing easier! Think about what you do when overeating, even I had a few times of weaknesses but I always stopped before I did something that you would call overeating. How did I stop? I just thought about WHAT I was doing at the moment, and my mind realized that it was stupid and useless. It worked. And a little hint by the way: If you don't want to have those overeating attacks, then stop eating like you are(not enough that is for sure) you can lose pretty much weight by just altering your calories by as much as 500 less a day and you'll lose at a consistent rate over time. I started losing weight like that about 9 months ago, since then I dropped from 218 to 179 lbs...

If you still get eating attacks, try to cut out a little bit of your carb input, most of the time you get overeating attacks because you ate too much processed carbs(like Alcohol and sugar, also fruit sugar can be a pain, remember sugar is always natural, no matter if it's added or in the food itself already) Fruits are fine because of their vitamins and minerals but their high carb and most of the time already high processed carbs your body won't need much power to use give you eating attacks because of too high insulin levels in your blood, at least that's afaik and as far as I experienced it on myself.

 ps: I can't recommend drinking lot's of water while eating. Simple reason: You'll weaken the acids in your stomach, it really needs to get the nutrition out of the food. That might sound great in the first place, because you feel full sooner, in the long term you will get hungry again because you most likely didn't eat what your body needs and if you keep up doing this then you might end up with an illness... However drinking small sips might not be harmful at all, I just think I have to warn of drinking excessive amounts of water(1-2 bottles) while eating...

Wow, thanks so much for the input, guys!!! Just to update, I've been doing very well today. Didn't overeat - yet. And I don't really plan to.

But one thing I realized while reading was that I crave carbs. My food analysis also shows that I get about 60~70% of carbs. Vendetta metioned overeating caused by processed carbs. Now, I eat lots of apples because I just love fruits (they are like candies!!) and they are mostly carbs. Me being Asian, I just love rice!! Whether it's brown rice or white rice (I prefer brown rice - less processed and more tasty), I just really love rice. And today, I just had a craving for potatoes. See where I'm going?

Most of my calories came from carbs since grains tend to have higher calories then other (healthy) food groups. So does that mean I need to curb carbs? Processed carbs may cause over eating, what about not-so-processed carbs? Do carbs make you eat more? Or just more carbs?

Thank you so much again for your input. I used to drink 2L of water a day, but I haven't recently. Water definitely helps!!!

I'm not really here to lose weight or maintain, but rather just to keep track of what I eat because I may develop (hereditary) diabetes. And I also heard carbs aren't great for diabetes, or is it just processed carbs that's bad?

-Lemon Jello

I used to hsve the same problem. I ate & ate & ate & still wanted more

Its like i was never happy but what i did was i told myself that everytime i over ate i wouldent be healthly( im a germaphobic) and that really kicked me into gear

i watched americas next top model & i wanted to be think too

now i lost almost 70 pounds!

i hope this helps even a little

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