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A stone difference between scales!

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I was gutted to find I' m 12 st 2 on old scales today (type only gives you one total weight)  so decided to go on body fat scales to see if my lean muscle mass number had increased to tell if I had increased muscle rather than it been fat. 


The body fat scales showed me at 11 st 2... I couldnt believe it,  its usually a little less but a whole stone difference???? 


what I don't understand is on 26th August I was 11st 10 on old scales and 11st 10 on body fat scales now I'm 12 st 2 on old scales and 11 st 2 on body fat scales?? 

my body fat is now 34.4

body water is now 47.5   (according to notes I wrote with my first measurements I should be between 24-34% for my age on body fat and 47% on water - I was origially only 44%)

my lean muscle mass has gone up from 31 to 32.6 so I must have increased my muscle from exercise?? 

my BMI according to body fat scales is now 26.7 (from 29.2 - notes say should be 24.9 at least so stil got bit to goon that one)


and BMR is now showing 1439 calories needed as base rate.


which scales do I believe?  I know the body fat scales are meant to show what goes up or down so according to that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle and water.


Inch wise I've lost several inches off my waist and abdomen and managed to get in size 16 suit trousers (only just.. still a bit tight,  but couldn't get them fastened at all before)  my 18's are comfy and 20's miles too big.

However according to the old scales my weight has hardly shifted from beginning just up and down 12st 7 to 11st 10 then back up to 12 st 2. 

I wondered if water and muscle increase on body fat scales would account for total weight going up on old scales?


Can anyone help me understand whats going on with my body please?  Undecided




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I'm not sure it matters which scale you want to use, as long as you pick one and only use that one.  Different scales can give different readings (so can time of day, and even where in your house you set them up) so I strongly recommend using the same scale, in the same place, at the same time of day, every time.

Aside from that, if your clothes are getting looser and more comfortable, and you're starting to go down in sizes, then it doesn't much matter what the scale numbers say.  You're moving in the right direction, regardless of whether they scale says so.

Even digital scales can be iffy in their accuracy, anyway.  I think the only truly, truly accurate one is the one they have at the doctor (or in my barn as a grain scale, ha!) where you slide the little weight discs back and forth until it balances.

Did you try out the new ones on a different surface? IE carpet instead of tile or vice versa that could make a big difference......

I always weigh in same spot in bathroom as I always weigh without clothes, never thought I would be a different weight in another room!  Also I do it when I wake up naturally early around 5am-6am after having a wee. 

All my floors are vinyl but have rug in lounge if it does it better on carpeted surface? 

Wondering if I should go back to old mechanical scale with the dial you set at zero before you stood on it then I'd know it wasn't fluctuating cos of battery or anything.

I found found that digital scales are far more accurate than the 'dial' ones.

My daughter thought she'd lost 7 pounds last week - shehopped on the scales before going out and was thrilled.

Less happy when I told her to take the heels off and try again - out scales have a massive shift in accuracy if you stand on your toes more. Barefoot weigh-ins from now on.

Buy a brand new scale

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