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Weight Loss
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stomache fat

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i cant seem to get rid of the fat at the bottom of my stomache. is there anyway to target a particular spot on ur body? or do u just have to loose body fat and hope it eventually goes away from where u want it to
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Welcome to my life! I actually just posted a thread on this with some pictures. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot reduction, so if you have recently lost alot of weight, other then muscle toning there really isn't much you can do ;[  Other then just normal cardio of course.
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are u referring to the loose skin thing?
i dont have that i was never big and i didnt lose crazy amounts of weight the bottom of my stomache is like a lil bulge and it looks weird i wanna get rid of it thats all
that bulge is called beig a woman. You can tone the muscles underneath the fat to pull it in, but losing that fat is very hard, unless you get down to a very low body fat level which i think youve already achieved!
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some women have really flat stomaches though and theyre not SUPER skinny how do they get that?
My younger sisters, who both fit into size 0 jeans, both have a little bit of fat on their stomachs under the belly buttons. It is entirely normal. It is entirely possible you are being too hard on yourself. You should put up a picture at least from shoulders to mid-thigh, taken while you are standing up so you can get an objective opinion.
Uncleben i think raes idea of a proper full lenght photo is a good idea, or are you worried that people will say youre underweight as i know youve previously had a lot of comments like that.
Do remember that different people are different shapes. Im not skinny but i have a flat tummy most of the time and a 24" waist as im very pear shaped (my profile picture is 12lbs ago) My friends often moan that they want a stomach like mine, yes im lucky to have it but i also have the burden of large hips.

Your stomach already looks pretty flat but if you naturally store a little fat below your belly button then thats how your body is designed.

Do also remember that that area can gain/reduce dramatically during the course of a month!
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i have the opposite problem. i have no hips.. theyre like 33 inches and my waist is 25. it looks so weirdddd i duno if i can change that? or is that just my bone structure

I used to be REALLY fit, I swam for about 9/10 hours a week plus 2 hours of aerobics/cardio and even then I had a little bit of a bulge on my tummy. It's just natural...everyone has different body shapes and yeah some people are just born skinny. But It's much more important that you're eating well and exercising. Try not to worry too much about specific parts of your body. Don't get obsessed!

I think you're being overly critical.... and possibly only looking at your supposed "pooch" from a bird's eye view.  That alone can make all the difference.

Even way back when eons ago when I was 5'10" and 115 pounds (naturally) I would have SWORE I had a pooch because I was looking at it from above.  Even now, 23.5 pounds heavier and an inch shorter (possibly 1 1/2" shorter -- kids and my hips were not kind to me), from above my tummy looks HUGE to me.  But from the side and front...not so bad so I don't worry about it.  After all, that's how everyone else sees it.

Stop judging your tummy from your view -- which NO ONE ELSE can ever see unless they're hovering a foot over your head in a helicopter -- and take pictures.  Then look at them as though they were someone else.

You're a girl.  Without the right genetics or killing yourself to get ripped abs you're going to have a small pooch.  I swear no one else will notice it but you.  And you're young.  An 8" difference between your hips and waist is perfectly normal and fine.  Sooner or later the chances are good that your hips will fill out more.  Just look at your mom and your grandmothers.  Chances are good that you will have a build similar to them. 

I suck in my stomach all day. It seriously helps to flatten the stomach. When I eat my meals I always try to remember to suck in my stomach and sit up straight. It helps me become aware of slouching which can make you look bigger then you really are. Just try it. It's not easy but just keep that stomach in whenever you become aware that you are just letting it be loose.
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I"m wondering that too, because one of my friends stomach is so FLATT. shes sooo athletic, healthy, and stuff........


i think thats because shes one of those "pear" shapes though. her thighs are so hugeeeee XD.. but theres no fat inbetween her legs....
I'm so jealouse of her.

Know what's funny? I HATE the lil pooch on my tummy. HATE HATE HATE it. My boyfriend though? He thinks it's the cutest thing ever, and that unless a woman has a tiny bit of stomach fat there, it looks unnatural.

And he's right. A little curve is natural for women, and BEAUTIFUL. 

Hey, my body is kind of similar - not very wide hips compared to my waist - and I naturally have a very flat stomach, but I just thought I'd let you know, its not *that* great. So what if I have a flat stomach? I have tiny boobs, and its not becuase my body fat percentage is too low.

 I do a lot of abdominal work outs to make the stomach a little more "washboard" flat - it'll be muscular too though, just to warn you - but you can do elevated sit ups at the gym, and really focus on your lower abdominal muscles. They have those bars where you can set the angle to 40 degrees from the ground. Also if you want a more defined waist (I haven't seen you so I dont know that this is a problem) You can do side crunches against gravity, if you are a member of a gym they might have equipment for it... just some thoughts. I've been doing that and its made my stomach a lot sexier.


Hope that helps! 


The truth is, six-pack abs are difficult to get. Shoot, a flat tummy alone is difficult to get too.You have to burn fat and lose excess weight first. Otherwise, you'll be toning with the setups/exerise that you do but it won't show. It won't be visible because it's hidden under a layer or layers of fat.  But, in all honestly you don't look as if that's the case. Even though that is the case for lots of people with this concern.

I suggest you double up on the reverse crunch, since your lower abdomen if your trouble area. It won't suddenly make your tummy flat, nor is it going to target it and magically change it. But... It will help over an extended period of time. If you aren't sure what a reverse crunch is that's okay. It's in the abdomen workout video link I posted below for you to check out. 

Also, sometimes when someone is underweight and/or malnutrition their belly is bloated or sticks out in certain areas. You may not be getting enough of certain things or too much salt ect in your diet. That's another thing to consider because you honestly don't look as if weight loss is going to change this about your body. Just toning or changing your diet as a whole. You should listen to everyone though, because body shape has a lot to do with it in your case. It doesn't look as if your belly is actually ' protruding.' It just looks like it's the curve of your body. Everyone is different so we can't expect the same results.
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I have the answer!  I run 30-60 miles/week, lift weights 5 days a week, mountain bike, and rock climb and I STILL have a hard time getting rid of that "paunchy" part.  Here's what DOES WORK:

Abs are stabilizing muscles.  They aren't there to look nice, they are there to help support your torso (transverse abs), and twist (oblique abs) and bend (rectus abs).  When you do crunches you only work the rectus abs and thus, even if you obtain a 6 pack you will still have a paunchy 6 pack.  What you need to strengthen is the transverse abs!  They are the ones that hold everything IN (the really important part).  Here's the actual WORKOUT:

 # 1)  Hold plank on your elbows for 30 seconds -2 minutes then immediately turn to your side and hold plank on one side for 30 seconds then immediately turn to the other side and hold it for 30 seconds.  Rest for 1 minute.  Repeat this 3 - 4 times.

# 2)  Start on your hands and knees.  Lift left arm and right leg and hold for 10 seconds.  Switch and raise right arm and left leg.  Hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat this for 2 minutes.  Then rest for 1 minute.  Repeat this 3 - 4 times.

# 3)  Start lying on your back.  Raise a 5 to 20 lb dumbell perpendicular to your body (towards the ceiling).  For goodness sakes don't drop it on your head!  I did that once and it was the worst pain I've ever felt.  Anyways... Now keep the dumbell pointing towards the ceiling and just stand up.  Doesn't matter how you do it, proper posture etc is helpful for maintaining a healthy back, but whatever you do to stand up it will force your legs and core (abs AND back) to work together.  Stand up and lie back down 5 times with the dumbell in one hand, and then 5 times with it in the other hand.

 Now here's the REALLY important part of all of this - ACTUALLY DO IT! :)  Your abs work when you're sitting, standing, walking, CAN do them on consecutive days (large muscles like quads or arms should be given a rest day in between workouts).  So ACTUALLY, TRUELY, REALLY do this two days, rest, two days, rest.  And when it gets easier (not easy...just easier) then do them 5 days in a row.  I takes LITERALLY less than 25 minutes to do the whole thing.  And in a couple weeks you will notice a difference.  Yes that difference will include very sore quads and abs, but that's the whole point!  You are working them! 

 Sorry that was so long, but it does actually work and I wanted to share it!

Your little paunch is called Mons Pubis, ask and Anatomy and physiology student and they will tell you that it is an evolutionary part of the female reproductive system. a small fat deposit to insulate your reproductive organs and your symphysis pubis,  the joint at the front of your pelvic bones. It can, with a LOT of work go away, but I suggest you learn to love it as part of what makes your body womanly. Men don't get to have Mons pubis' and many find them desirable for just that reason. I am all for being fit and healthy but don't lose track of who and what you are!


Its really not that hard to get to go away at all. I dont know why everyone is making a big deal that it is. What I found that works:

-Your body fat has to be around 20%. Which is usually a BMI of 20 or so.

- Dont look at it when you have pms...Its there puffed out in all its hormonal glory and its not going away until your period does

- Proper sodium intake - allows body to regulate hydration levels to avoid normal bloating

- Processed foods are the devil - Eat very little to NONE (none is best) processed food. Bulk up on veggies. I get less bloating on buttered white potato flesh than plain wheat bread. (go figure)

- eat the proper amt of fiber - keeps your poo moving thru & regulates your blood sugar to help control stomach bloating.

- breaking up your food intake through the day - not a big ball of food just shoved in there making it stick out makes a huge instant difference within the next day.

- Drink water and Smart water only - fake sugars can make you bloat, juice can make you bloat (no more than 8oz/day)

- NO CAFFINE - yeh you heard me! Try it though. Its pretty amazing what a caffine free body looks and feels like.

- exercise - this really is less important that the dietary actions. Try it out yourself. Just do the dietary stuff for a month. Then look up an ab workout next month.

As far as exercises - simple crunches 100-150/day BUT only 3x a week. You have to rest to let the muscle re-build so it can be toned and flat. Exercise will make your stomach bloat at first too. So get ready for it.

Original Post by uncleben:

i cant seem to get rid of the fat at the bottom of my stomache. is there anyway to target a particular spot on ur body? or do u just have to loose body fat and hope it eventually goes away from where u want it to

The fat seems to go the way it came... all over, a little here, and a little there...  For nice firm abs, you have to exercise ... push ups is one way, sit-ups, lay on back, arms behind your head,  and raise legs one at a time, and hold for the count of 5 about 12 inches off the floor, repeat with other leg, repeat with legs together. Do about 10 sets each day. Not there now, but when I was young, that was the way I did it. 

PS swimming, water skiing, also great ab toners.

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