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Weight Loss
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Will my stomach shrink?

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I'm 52, male, and for the last 10 years have not looked after my body. Prior to that i would be described as tall & thin & reasonably fit (that's fit physicality, not fit good looking). Recently I have been able to combine, consistently, a better diet and more  activity / exercise so that I am actually losing weight. Very happy! The 'regime' I am following is not strict hence I use the term loosely: just being much more active and following my instincts as regards eating. I have dropped from being typically 105-108 Kg to 97 kg in approx. 4 months, although during January I did not make progress due to post-holiday depression! My target weight is 80-83 kg (echoed by CC site recommendation) which I seem to remember being when I was young(er). Aaaah such sweet memories.

My uncertainty lay in my stomach bulge. I think it has improved - after all, I can once again stand up and bend over while putting socks on! - but when i look sideways on into the mirror the mound still appears huge. Like, expecting twins huge. Considering I have lost roughly 10 kg with 15 kg left to lose, should I be seeing more difference? And if its bulk does decrease, will I be left with flappy skin. Yuch. Any advice out there? T.

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Losing too fast can leave a hanging belly. Lose it slowly and your skin will probably retract. I did this after having my daughter and my stomach is fairly flat. There may be stretch marks, so I recommend moisturizing your skin. Good luck!

If you lost weight quickly it can take a while for your skin to "catch up".  Whether or not it completely does is pretty much down to genetics and age, and how big you got. 

Moisturizing your skin won't hurt, and it could be that massaging that lotion in improves circulation which could also help.

At any rate, I would expect the skin to tighten up slowly, but it could take a year or two.  You may never lose it completely but it will get better over time.

The food also has a lot to do with stomach size.  If your food still has a high amount trans fat or sugary, carb (outside of veggies and fruits), most likely you'll still carry your stomach even when you reach your goal weight.  My husband is very thing, but his diet is mainly junk food, beer, and meat.  He has a stomach as age catches up to him.  He's 188cm and weighs about 61-65 KG at the moment.  However his waistline went from 28 to 34 in the past 5 years.  He weighed 54kg when his waistline was 28.

I disagree that it's food.  I would think an increasing waist line with steady weight would mean a loss of muscle rather than the wrong kinds of foods. 

Thanks all for the useful feedback. I have been using a lotion after showers. But had not thought about its circulation benefits - only hoping some magical quality worked on the skin! I shall spend more time massaging. And while I agree with the others' opinions (encouraging?) I nonetheless feel janeping makes a valid point. But so much depends on the individual doesn't it.

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I used vitamin e tablets that I pierced with a needle. I had red long stretch marks on my tummy after giving birth. They are gone now. It's possible they would have gone away on their own, I still tried. I have stretch marks on my hips from puberty, and they are still there. Cheers!
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Glad to know that you achieved you goal in a very short time,Basically this is how i feel think and  tell people about losing weight and i really like when someone shows their success plan,It inspires others as well thank you for sharing.

Hi, Can you explain more about 'vitamin e tablets pierced with a needle'? I'm sorry but i do not understand!

Skin has elasticity a bit like a rubber band. It will stretch as you grow but when you lose weight rapidly it can cause the skin to stay slightly stretched. Keep a healthy diet and lose weight slowly 1lb-2lbs a week. Use bio-oil for reducing your stretch marks.

I have been a runner for 10 years now...the belly is always the last to go! For me, I lost 60 lbs before my son, and finally had a flat stomach, then I had my son and gained the 60 lbs back from being pregnant with him. I know you are a guy, but just sharing. After I had my son 1 1/2 years ago, I got right back to running, and have lost 51 lbs, so far, the stomach is better, with just a few stretch marks. What I have found out, both of the times I have lost that weight loss seems to happen from the outer most extremeties and inwards to the core. Weight loss in the arms and legs...then it moves inward. Your body will work itself out, be patient, try not to fret about it and just keep working out and eating right. 

You take a vitamin E gel capsule, pierce it with a needle or cut it with scissors. Rub the vitamin E liquid on the skin. It's a bit sticky, so you might want to add it to another moisturizer or oil. Not sure if this is why my stretch marks disappeared, but I was desperate. It only worked on the red and pink marks, not the old white ones.
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