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Stomach fat!!

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Hey all!! i am new here and I have to say I love this site! I love how you guys give each other so much support. It's pretty cool!!!

So I know you guys here this all the time, but what's the best way to lose stomach fat without taking to much inches off in other places. I have a pretty good size, the only problem is my stomach and obliques and chunky. I dont expect a 6 pack ab, I just want to lose some of this fat and tone it down a little bit. I'm guessing it's because I sit behind my desk at work everyday and it's only when I go home that I do exercise.

I run on the treadmill and do ab exercises, but them I seem to lose to much inches in my thighs and my butt you guys have any suggestions. I would appreciate it!!

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Im no expert, but are you eating enough through out the day? From what Ive learned, (and I think I understand) your stomach will cling to fat if you are not getting enough to eat, or burning too many cals. Its just a thought. If Im wrong about that, someone please correct me! Hope that helps, rahana.
From my own experience, you always loose stomach fat last.  No matter how hard you try you will loose weight every where you can not just pin point it to one area ie the stomach.  When you decide to loose weight it is every where.  But Ab exercises help
Sadly, your biology is working against you...

You can not lose fat from any particular place. No exercise you do will remove fat specifically from your tummy.

My understanding is.. guys tend to accumulate fat around their stomach, and it tends to go from there first.
Gals tend to accumulate fat around their thighs and tush and it tends to go from there first.
But.. really, it's all up to your body. It decides all by itself where the fat will disappear from.
There is no way to pinpoint the stomach fat for loss so what you are doing is just fine.  In order to not lose inches from the thighs and butt concentrate on muscle building exerercises that target those areas so you can add a bit of tone muscle there to replace any fat loss.
you can't spot train unfortunately, but the ab exercises are great because when you do lose all the fat your abs will look really good.  As for the loss of butt, I hear ya there :) I do a LOT of squats, lunges, and other but/thigh exercises to build up the glutes (butt) when you make those muscles bigger and give them some lift it makes up for the loss of "flesh" back there ;)

best of luck!
wow thanks guys.....

sandyvasquez - yeh i eat breakfast, a banana before lunch, lunch,  and then a light dinner....and then i work out in the afternoons....maybe u are burning to many calories....

changling - now that totally sucks that i have to lose all my butt fat and then my

kanddr - thanks about the muscles exercises-- i never thought about that.....

christins73 - how many squate do you do daily?? and lunges....

do any of u guys have the problem with stomach fat to??
my stomach is the place that I gain first.  it and lose last.  It like I eat and it just gets stuck there.    The cardio I find helps to shed the inches.  I actually asked my trainer this morning about it because I want to lose two inches from my waist.  he told me to keep up the cardio and eat healthy.  I do a lot of core work and that helps to strengthen for sure so that when the fat comes off it reveals pretty abs :)

Like someone said, you can't spot train.  It comes and goes as it please for the most part.  I would say up the cals a little bit and keep up the exercise.
dcgirl cardio as in running and walking and stuff like that right???

we're so unlucky...same thing with me. i eat and all of it goes in my stomach and just sits there....
reiterating what everyone else said first: can't spot reduce!! you have to work your whole body and eventually over time your stomach will lose the inches! :) It does take time though - your stomach didn't get that fat overnight so it won't lose the fat overnight either!

best advice: cardio cardio and CARDIO! You should -of course- weight train which will ultimately help your metabolism and muscles tone, but cardio is best for reducing body fat!
Cardio.........Cardio..........CARDIO........ the hardest of it all..and it toally sucks that in order for me to lose my stomach, I have to lose my butt FAT!!! HAHA!!

thank you for the advice..I am going home to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes today!!
yes.  I run and I do the elyptical.  I ususally run about 30-45 minutes at a time.  to really burn the cals I suggest putting the incline at at least 1.5  that is most similar to the outside and makes a big difference.

you won't completely loose your butt.  do some lunges and things and replace it with a hard butt...hehe. :)
I do sets of 20 several times a day.  I get up and just do them :)
Another thing to keep in mind is that the more muscle you have the more fat you burn because the body has to work harder to maintain muscle.  If you are firm and toned all over the cardio is even more effective :D

I have the stomach fat issue too unfortunately, and yes it would sadly appear that this is the last place it chooses to leave from for me too ;), but just keep at it and keep going!  I know I have a 28" waist now, my goal is 24", I started out at 38" at my heaviest and 35" when I started on CC.  SO, it CAN be done lol it's just a process that takes time and persistence
dcgirl a hard butt is better than no butt at all......

christins wow--u have such a good waist size and you want to lose more.....that's waist is 34 right now...and i need to get it down to at least a long did it take you to go from 38- 35....
A couple weeks ago my waist was 28.5 inches, and I started running for 20-30 minutes most days of the week and today i measured myself and I'm 27 inches!!  So, I'd say, go running or do any sort of cardio for about 30 minutes at least 4 times a week.
my tummy is very round, its not so bad from a front veiw, but when you see it from the side, Watch OUT! Im new to this journy of eating right. Ive always worked out, but ive found that just working out alone dosnt do it when all you eat is junk. Perhaps you and I can find out together how to get rid of that stubborn belly! Good luck to you.
haha.. sounds good to me sandy....from the front it looks like mmy tummy is nice and flat...and then like yours from the's like a pot belly..:).....We'll work together dont worry.... good luck to you to...

wow good for you just starting to do cardio on the treadmill so y june 1st ill let you know if mine goes down...
Sad as it is I am right there with ya!!!
I've had a round stomach all my life. Even when I'm underweight I still have it. It's genetic.

However, I've learned three things that have helped me. One is that STRESS is related to belly fat. Probably another reason cardio workouts are so effective is that they're also very good for dealing with stress.

Two is that you can improve both appearance and tone of your belly by doing core-strengthening exercises.

The third thing is: posture! My belly is still round, but no longer protrudes, because I've improved my posture so much. A physical therapist helped me with this because my bad posture was starting to affect my hip joints. Now the pain in my hips is gone, and the bonus is that my waistline looks better.

No matter how big your belly is, good posture will improve its appearance. Keeping a good posture also involves the abdominal muscles, so you're actually working those abs when you stand correctly.

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Just want to add one thing.  It's been said many times, you can't spot reduce.  BUT...

There have been some studies that show getting 3 servings of dairy a day helps to reduce fat around the waistline.  However, researchers don't seem to know why this happens, and it's a new finding, so there's still plenty of time for scientists to refute it.  And then for more to confirm it, etc, etc.  So take it with a grain of salt.

That said... I can't remember, are eggs good for us today or not? :P
There is no way to spot reduce... jogging is the best way to reduce fat in the stomach area. I didn't think this was true until a guy friend of mine got very defined, very nice abs from jogging (along with eating 3 small meals with two small snacks).
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