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Stomach cellulite !! will it ever go away??

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I have had a child and now I notice that I have cellulite on my stomach....looks not too bad when I'm upright, but as soon as I slightly bend down it looks horrible!! My abs are getting really strong and tight, but will this cellulite ever go away? I'd love to be able to wear a bikini again!
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gosh,im not very sure on whether or not it will go away but i wish you the best of luck! I have horrible strech marks ALL over my stomach, So even when i do get thinner, i will still always have these horrible ugly stretch marks
I personally don't believe you can get rid of cellulite, but I suppose if you lose some weight it may not be as noticable. Or have you already lost all your weight? Cellulite is fat that pushes against your tissues which are web-like. The fat is pushing through the "holes" if that makes any sense. People with cellulite wear bikinis all the time. What's the big deal? 90-some percent of people have cellulite! :) I found some in a spot where I didn't know it existed when I was bending over in Yoga class. So what! :)
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