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Sticking to my diet! Help!!

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Hello you beautiful people, I am at a bit of a loss, so I am asking YOU for help!

So here's my story, I'll try to be short. I'm an 18, almost 19, year old half-German, half-Australian girl, currently living in Australia. My BMI has always JUST been under the 'overweight' label, so technically I've always been 'normal' but I've been battling with self-confidence issues regarding my body even since I was in grade 1.

I'm not really fat, but I do have about 15 extra kg on my which results in slightly flabby arms, legs and a bit of a tummy. I've never been comfortable wearing a bikini, but it's my dream for next summer (so around October/November) to be able to go to pool-parties or to the beach with my friends feeling confident in the body I have. I'm also going to Germany next year to visit all of my old friends and family (who have all turned out super-attractive) and I want to go there feeling confident in my own skin (no, this isn't about impressing others, it's about me - because I am NOT happy with the way I look!)

I've been trying crash diets for years, but as you all probably know, they DON'T work! I would, even back in year 7, eat next to nothing for a week, then have one chocolate bar... and then I would totally cave in, feel like I failed and give up all together. This time around, with my however-many'th diet, I need it to work. If I can't do it now, I don't think I ever will be able to.

This time around I am opting for a different approach. I am not going to give up on myself, I NEED to loose those 15kg, my extra kilos have made me miserable for over 10 years now and I am sick of feeling this way! I'm going to eat less and healthier and exercise more!

So what I'm asking is how do you guys stay motivated? I have a board in my room with cut-outs of healthy foods and healthy looking girls which sometimes help, but I am a big emotional eater and boredom eater - how do you guys deal with those kind of cravings? I really need this to work, I am at the stage where - if this diet doesn't work - I fear I might give up on myself and I can't do that!

Basically, how do you stay motivated? How do you guys deal with cravings and how do you get a diet to last?!

Thanks guys!! :)  xoxo

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Stay motivated by remembering what your goals are.  Keep them in your sights every time you think about a candy bar.

How to deal with cravings.  I just stopped buying junk food.  As I got used to my healthier food habits, I forgot all about it.  As you get used to eating differently, you might be able to reintroduce these foods slowly and keep them at a minimum, but if self control is your problem, your better off not buying it at all.

You get a diet to last by creating a well balanced one comprised of food that you like.  There's no sense in eating food that you think is healthy if you hate it.  Also, practice with cooking.  The better you are at it, the better you get your food to taste. 

Also, since you are trying to get leaner, exercise will play a role as well.  I recommend strength training, weight training in particular, but there are other ways if weights aren't an option.  You want to strength train so you can lose fat and only fat.  You want to preserve your muscle and bone density and organ matter.  Don't worry about bulking up.  It won't happen without a truck load of food or steroids.  Lift heavy and full body. Cardio is important too because it will increase your calorie expenditure, improve your heart health.

If you eat when you're bored, don't get bored.  Go for a run or a bike ride, start gardening, read a book, go for a walk around town.  


I would figure out your BMR ck on line the formula then subtract 500 cal. which will make you lose 1 pd a week. Then do something cardio 30 mins a day. Walking or jogging,biking. If your thinking about wearing a bikini I would get a good ab video & do that in your room every night before bed. With the weightloss & ab workouts you should be on the right road to success. As you lose & see changes you confidence will rise.  If your working out at home there are some good sites on Youtube. Thanks! Kim

For me I think of it not as a diet but as a lifestyle change.  Don't deprive yourself of your cravings, you just limit how much of it you can have.  If it's chocolate, I love Hershey bars and they are already divided, so I just break off one or 2 squares and put the rest away.  I have 3 children so temptations are all over, but I when I want something I know I shouldn't have or go back for more chocolate I ask my self is it worth it.  It's more important that I am getting healthy.

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