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Stats Graph: height vs. pant size vs. weight

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Hey guys! So, I have a pretty easy assignment - but I am going to need a lot of help! For my stats class I need to pick -well, pretty much anything - and find 3 variables to graph. So, I thought it would be interesting to plot height vs. pant size vs. weight.
    So, here's where you come in...  please respond with your current height, pant size and weight - AND - if you can remember back to your thinner and/or bigger days - what size you wore at what weight, that would be great! Thank you sooo much! I will be sure to show you the results when I am done!

For example, here's mine:

height: 5' 6"
pant size: 14
weight: 160

pant size: 10
weight: 138

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Weight- 147

Pant size- 10

Weight 110

Pant size -4

Previous weight- 138

Pant size 12


size 10 pants



size 18 pants

132 lb

size 6 pants (woohoo!)


142 lb

size 10 pants

Good luck with your project!!!
Height: 5'7.5" (I like the half! :D)

Current weight: 227

Current size: 18

Heaviest weight: 284

Heaviest size: 26

Slimmest weight (about 14 years ago in college): 145

Size: 8
Height: 5'3"


Weight: 124
Pants Size: 4


Weight: 115
Pants Size: 2

Weight: 105
Pants Size: 0

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 180 lbs

Pant size: Varies from 14 - 16

In middle school I was 5'3" 135lbs and I was a size 10
I am a male and 5'9.5" tall (didn't quite make it to 5'10")

260lbs =42 for pants

245lbs =40 for pants

225lbs =38 pants

205lbs =36 pants


5'4 1/2
130 (yipee!)
Waist size 27" (26 if i breathe in!!)
Dress/Pant size 6/8 (depending on brand)

120, size 4/6


Largest 193 (last week of pregnancy)
Dress size- um- big!!
177 after delivery- dress size-still in maternity clothes

Smallest- no idea how little i actually weighed- but too little..(had some issues)
Dress size 0-2

Height: 5'5"

Pant Size: 19/20

Weight: 225

Heaviest: 268

Pant Size: 22/24

I think a lot of it has to do with hip size.  I haven't lost many inches in my hips but I have in my stomach and my legs and I have only gone down a size or two since I started losing weight from my heaviest.  Which was a 43lb weight loss.  I notice that the jeans I am currently in are baggy around the legs and waist but fit the hips.  So it can be difficult judging pant size with the all the other variables that are affecting it.  Would be interesting to hear the results of your project and you will definetly have a higher standard deviation.  I always enjoyed these statistics assignments but could never get enough people to respond so this was a great idea to use this to do one :).
The variation is sizes can also be attributed to non-standardized sizing and vanity sizing. I wear anything from an 8 to 14 depending on where I'm shopping. This would work better with men's clothes as they are labelled by measurement, not by an arbitrary number picked by marketing departments.

Height - 5'4", Weight - 200, Size - 16


Height - 5'4", Weight - 250, Size 22


Height - 5'4", Weight - 145, Size 8/10
size 4
ohjanet, you would think it would be better for guys clothing, but not always. I recently bought a two pairs of Levis 550 jeans. Mind you the same clothes line, and cut, but my 38's are looser than my 36's. It really makes you wonder, huh?

bill (was shocked when he noticed that!)
I am really either getting too old, or it has been too long since I was a normal size...

When I was 17, I was 5'4", I weighed 130 lbs and I was generally a size 12....not 8 or 6 as I have been reading on this post.

Now I am 44, 5'4". I weigh 278 and wear 22/24 pants.

I do not like vanity sizing! I have no frame of reference.
5'2 (on a full moon)

132 lbs

size 8
height: 5'3"

pant size: 2, 4, or 6 but usually 4 (blame vanity sizing!)

weight: 121


pant size: 10 or 12

weight: 142
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