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Weight Loss
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Starving your self to lose weight does it work?

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Hello I am 17 female from Indiana.

I have been struggeling with my weight for so many years I have went on so many diets and I failed all of them. I weigh 310 and I'm 5'3 I have decided basically to starve myself except I am letting my self have 2 cans of sprite a day 300 calories lol I need my sprite, also I am taking womens one day pills so I can have my vitamins. So can i get any advice from anyone on this topic? If you have any stories about starving your self and how did it work? How much did you lose? Also if anyone thinks there a better weight loss for some one who can't stick to a diet? I could probally maybe stick to a diet but it would be damn hard because my mother does all the shopping so it's easier for me not to eat the food she buys.

Please reply Laughing

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first of all, i have to say good luck. i really, really hope that you can stick to this, because you will be so much happier.

next, i know how you feel because that's how i used to be. i've spent all of '07 trying to get on a diet, and i did everything, but after a week, if i hadn't lost like seven pounds, i would quit, because i wanted those crazy-fast results. when i decided to do it this way with this site, i had to sit back and look at my situation. someone posted it already, and it is a great quote: "the weight took a long time to put on, so it's gonna take a long time to come off." losing 1-2 pounds a week really is the healthy way to do it, and i've seen that at the end of the day, i'd rather be healthy than go into cardiac arrest or something because i've lost 40 pounds in a month by eating not good things. so you have to be ready to face that fact, because it is a fact.

finally, i can also relate to your situation, because my family is not on a diet. they know i'm on a diet, but that doesn't stop my mom from making four cheese pasta carbonara for dinner. i recommend you go to the store with your mom, buy some stuff for you, like fruit or 100-calorie packs. do some research on food because you'll be surprised how fast you can fill up 2500 calories. i go on my own time and buy lean cuisines and apples and fat-free stuff. you can eat all of that, and still leave some room for your mom's cooking, but just have a small amount. that's what i do, and it's worked great (all the way up until my birthday and i decided to go nuts. let me tell you something about coldstone ice cream cake. it is unbelievably delicious, but a silent killer. don't do it.)

again, good luck. i'm glad you're considering a healthy alternative, because starvation....well, not only is it not good for you, but lets face it. food is wooonnnnderrrrfulllll.

look at the tesco e-diets site, i managed to lose 20lbs in just 3 months :-)
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You have no idea how many times I have thought about that...but the thing is,you cant starve yourself until  you get to your goal weight and just start eating again because what you eat will be stored as fat because you have been in starvation mode.Also,when you go with a diet,then you are more likley to follow that diet for the rest of your life,especially after losing weight with it.

Good Luck to you Harmony!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  Just remember its not a race.. after almost  years once in a while I still have to remind myself.   I will tell you it works but the one thing I learned after a few months here is not to cut your calories too much.  I started at 254 and now I am at 173 with 20 -25 lbs to go. 

And BTW... I tried all of those fad diets before I came to C-C too.  I know better now :O)


Hello Harmony in Indiana ...

I am Molly in California!  *waves*

When I started on this site a month ago, I weighed 369 pounds. I have been reading and learning a LOT about health and fitness and nutrition, and getting great suggestions about low-calorie foods.

I've lost 23.6 pounds.  In 5 weeks. I now weigh 345.4 pounds. Losing weight the way that this site recommends WORKS... it really does.

If you would like any tips or suggestions on what 1500 calories a day "looks like" ... (in terms of how much of what kinds of foods), just PM me and I will be happy to help.


=^..^= MOLLY

i starved myself. its extremley depressing. i swear. its an awful, loong, dreadful road that you just never seem to steer off of. once you start you gave up your chance of good health, of happiness, and most importantly, your control. you have no control over your mind, over your body, over your food, nothing. the binges tear you apart. the obsession with food is miserable. your family and doctors being concerned for ur health is horrible. its just not the way to go. i have stories. and you dont want to live them. my advice, eat healthy food that TASTES GOOD. dont ever tell yourself that you CANT eat. then youll want to eat more. so eat when your hungry. eat good low-cal foods. exercise. EXERCISE IS KEY. youll feel amzing after you work out. and you will lose weight.

the worst part about starving yourself is that you will AT LEAST gain back every. last. pound. and all your hard work and sadness will be for nothing...

just dont do it :]

Hey Harmony, I know everyone has said pretty much the same stuff here but losing weight is not a quick-fix thing, it takes time for your body to adjust to an increased or decreased number of calories, which is why it is surprisingly hard to lose OR gain weight.

 That being said, little things go a long way.  You mentioned Sprite, could you swap it for diet?  And move whenever you can, (this is not meant to sound cruel but the heavier you are, the more energy you use trying to shift the weight around).  Don't be scared of folk judging you for your looks, plenty of people are overweight, (look how many people use this site!) the important thing is that you know you are overweight and you want to change that.  Not many people are actually willing to make the sacrifice and do that.  So well done. 

Remember, you can train your body to exercise but take it slowly - no fainting!  Even top athletes don't just wake up and run a marathon, they have to train, your or my baseline is just lower so start walking on the treadmill (watch TV or listen to music to make it more enjoyable), then progress to intervals of running and walking, then try for a jog, gradually increaing the speed and distance run. 

 Please don't give up eating - it is not in any way good for you. 

I assume that you are seeing a counsellor or psychiatrist for your mental health condition?  If not it may be time to.  You will find that exercise ends up improving your mood as it releases the body's natural endorphins ( which act kind of like heroin on the nerves in the brain although with a smaller effect :)) And chat to these people on here, they are full of good advice and can support you all the way.  Good luck

nope no medical
hey harmony

how's today going for you so far?  :-)

its going ok


How is eveyrthign going with u? 

not too bad :-)  been fighting some cravings today, sort of had my afternoon snack with my lunch, but i should be good until i get out of work :-)  i made a pretty yummy meal yesterday and i've got the leftovers waiting for me :-)

other than that, same old, same old
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There are so many things that get involved with fasting.  I was very successful with a one day fast one day eating normal routine.  It still requires a lot of discipline but the time periods are so short that I could make it.  I lost 40 pounds in two months. 

Here is how it goes.  You eat normally till lunch (noon) then nothing but water till lunch the next day (noon).  Then you eat normal till the next lunch (noon) and so on.  Good luck.  I know this one works because your body doesn't have time to adjust and stop burnning calories.

That doesn't sound like the best diet I've ever heard of, flaptop. How many calories do you average a day?
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On the eating day you eat whatever you want.

Understood. How many calories do YOU eat, on average, a day?
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Between 3500 and 4000.

*nods* OK.

There is a less.. gimmicky way to lose weight. Skip the 24 hour fast and just eat your calories over several smaller meals. It keeps you full all day long and it works, as long as you're not eating too many calories :) Promise it does. :)

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There are lots of different techniques that work to do anything.  I am only relating one.  I have used it and it works.  It is not the technique that I choose at this point in my life for many reasons.  I believe that everyone should have the choice of all available techniques.  We are not all the same so even for an individual different techniques may be better or worse as timesa change things.  We need many different tools to choose from so that we can always be best equipt at any time.

Hi there, can I start by saying you're really cute? I wish I had your eyebrows!!!

Here's the deal. Do you want to be 21 years old and weigh 350, 380?? Or do you want to be 21 years old and weigh 125, like the site says?

Slow and steady wins the race. And you don't need a diet. Heck, you don't even need to use the tools on this site. You could try just changing ONE habit at a time.

For example, do you drink non-diet soda? Switch to diet version, and lose 20 lbs in a year. Just like that.

Once you have that habit ingrained, try my favorite habit: aim for no less than 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

Then try walking one hour every day.

Just keep adding better habits - working within the constraints you have (yep, your mom's cooking) - and before you know it, you'll be thinner with each passing year.

Yay giving it a try to lose weight the healthy way! That's the first step!

The thing to remember, and to tell yourself (aloud if you have to) is that you won't see results in a day.  You might see a pound or two lost in a week, but you probably won't be able to see that on your body.  You might start seeing 4 - 8 - 10 lbs lost in a month.  You may be able see that on your body, you might not. 

Well here's the thing: it all adds up. You lose a pound a week, and you might not see it immediately, but a year from now, you'll be 52lbs lighter, and you WILL be able to see that on your body. 

Go look at the threads that start 100lbs+ to lose.  You will see plenty of motivating stories about people who started off 250lbs (like myself) or even larger, people who have made small changes in habits who have lost 50, 75, 100, 150 lbs.  You will hear the struggles that you will go through because it IS a long journey.  I will not lie to you.  It is a long journey. 

Setting small achievable goals helps.  Make it a goal, for now, to walk on the treadmill, whatever pace for 10 minutes, 3 times a week.  Then try 10 minutes a day.  Then try 20 minutes some days and 10  the others.  Work into 30 minute workouts. 

It will add up.  Good luck.  I believe you can do it.  I've lost 80lbs and I'm a lazy couch potato, so it can be done! 

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