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Starving your self to lose weight does it work?

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Hello I am 17 female from Indiana.

I have been struggeling with my weight for so many years I have went on so many diets and I failed all of them. I weigh 310 and I'm 5'3 I have decided basically to starve myself except I am letting my self have 2 cans of sprite a day 300 calories lol I need my sprite, also I am taking womens one day pills so I can have my vitamins. So can i get any advice from anyone on this topic? If you have any stories about starving your self and how did it work? How much did you lose? Also if anyone thinks there a better weight loss for some one who can't stick to a diet? I could probally maybe stick to a diet but it would be damn hard because my mother does all the shopping so it's easier for me not to eat the food she buys.

Please reply Laughing

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no, no, no, no, no

extremely unhealthy and dangerous to do that

and, it's counter productive, won't work

read this

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1223 0.html

it's long, but it works.

good luck to you!
Does it work?

Well... Yes, it WILL work, but with some REALLY UGLY consequences. Starvation is the aboslute worst way to lose weight.

The effects of starvation on the body are well-studied. Whether purposeful starvation or unpurposeful, you look unhealthily thin, your body breaks down. Really.. let me point you to here, Something-Fishy.org. Read about the dangers of Anorexia. Anorexia and Starvation have the same dangers.

There are safer better ways to lose weight. By eating food, at least 1200 calories (though at 310, you definately should be eating more than that. Use the site tools to find out how much), exercising a little, and trying to lose no more than 1-2 lbs. a week (though at 310, you may more easily lose weight at the beginning, which is OK. Your body just wants to get rid of it if it can. :) )

I suggest you read a couple of links. First of all, one of my favorites, Obesity at 700 calories a day. Also, The Body Neglected.
Basically youâ??ll trash your metabolism, youâ??ll become extremely unhealthy and it could even kill you if you do this for too long or you will do permanent damage to things like your heart and kidneys and most likely you will still be heavy. Or you will become heavy again.

Low calorie diets are nothing to fool with. Also when you start eating again you WILL gain the weight back. And you have to eat again or basically youâ??ll die. you CAN NOT live on 300 calories in soda forever. You are just setting yourself up for binging/guilt and a possible eating disorder.

You CAN lose weight, and you CAN stick to a diet no matter who is doing the shopping. Itâ??s all about portion control. To lose weight YOU need about 2000 calories a day no less than 1850â?¦that is actually quite a bit of food.

What kinds of foods does your mom buy? What meals are prepared in your house? Can you ask her to pick up some things? If not you just need a little help to figure this out...and some time. Nothing will take the weight off overnight. Also are you still in school? If so this will making eating on a schedule easier for you.

Yes well I am not going to do this forever .. I am just doing this for now until I can eat something without feeling totally guilty and wanting to throw it up. My mother cooks the worst foods ever a lot of Mexican food and Hawaiian food and Italion food.

Also I am not in school i dropped out when I was 13 from Anxiety and Depression because of the way I look. Now I don't even like to leave the house because I am so Insecure so I am not sure what to do but starve myself or I will just keep gaining weight  because once I eat some of that food my Mom cooks I am the type to keep eating and eating So either I die Fat or Die trying to get skinny or get lucky and don't Die trying to get skinny by starving myself.

would your mom be okay with you cooking some of your own food?  or would she be open to suggestions on how to make some foods healthier?

i'm sure that if you explain that to you mom that you want to eat healthier she would want to help you to get better. 
I really think that you should not do this at all. Listen to us... you're 17, still young... you could do SERIOUS irreperable damage to your body if you starve yourself.

Lose weight in small, reasonable steps. Don't jump onto the treadmill and expect you can run. First thing first.

1) Log how much you eat. Get yourself a scale and/or measuring cups so you KNOW how much you eat. Then.. use this site's food log to figure out how many calories you need.

2) THEN.. use the Site Tools (link) to figure out how many calories you need.

3) Try to adjust your calories to match your allowance. It may not happen overnight and that is OK. Just keep trying and aiming.

4) If you can, start walking. Just... walk around the block. You don't need to do anything spectacular, but.. you might as well start somewhere. If you can't walk, try swimming :)

I KNOW you can lose weight. Healthily, without starving yourself or doing anything crazy. You are NOT the only one here who's starting out where you are now.
I have been on diets with my mom about 100 times no exaggeration she is overweight as well and she always gives up and when she gives up I give up because she starts talking about burger king and then she goes and gets it. So talking to her about getting healthier food been there and done that it won't work.
This site tells me to eat over 3000 calories that is nuts and tells me I well weigh 124 if i do that and exercise for 4 years I seriously doubt it.
Why is that nuts? I eat 2,500 calories a day, and I'm 250. :)

Before you blow off the site, why don't you try it? :) Honestly, the owners of the site know the science behind Losing Weight better than most other people I know, and the science behind those numbers has been generally agreed upon by most medical organizations, including the highly reknown Mayo Clinic. :)
that can't be easy.  but maybe if she sees you being strong and not giving in to unhealthy food she might keep with it too.  again, i know that's definately not easy but if you want to be healthy you're going to have to work for it. 

what kind of diets have you tried?  have they maybe been too strict?  sometimes if they are too strict you'll fall from them too quickly.  then you crash and burn and feel worse than when you started and possibley gained more weight.

what about just substituting a few things at a time for healthier options but still having treats like Burger King every once in a while?  if you fit it into your week, you can still have it.  Just count the calories.  Or have one day in the week off when you can eat like you want, but the rest of the week you eat healthier

it doesn't have to be all or nothing.  small little changes at a time.  and you can get there.
yes i have. i became anorexic and gaineddouble the weight back a year later.  dont do it! YOU WILL REGRET IT
sure you can!  that's 186 lbs in 4 years, so about 46 lbs per year.

I lost 25 lbs in the past year and I wasn't even really trying the whole time!  I totally splurged and indulged now and then.  But I got to a healthy weight. and i'm staying there

Even if you just lose 25 lbs every year, that's still a really great accomplishment!  you gotta start somewhere!

I have been on ..

*susan summers

*slim fast

*cabbage soup diet

* Salad Diet

*1500 calories a day diet

*Subway Diet

*No salt Diet

*No sugar Diet

The only one I did do good on before was susan summers ...


My main problem is my mom and what she buys...

She gives up too fast ....


I just want to lose weight now I want to see the scale and see the numbers lower thats all I want and starving my self for a little while will show that and then after I see some weight loss I will definately think about getting on some sort of diet but it would be strict because I am one of those people who if they don't see weight loss every 2-3 days will give up ...

I am sure I can but I don't have patience ... and i want everything fast and when i don't get it fast I give up.. I know alot of people do have the patience and don't give up but i wanna lose something this week I just wanna see that i lost weight.....
the thing about "going on a diet" is that eventually you will "go off the diet"  and that's when a lot of people gain weight again.  how about trying to change your habits permenantly?  start eating healthy foods, drink more water, get more exercise.  you can still eat normal and good amounts and not feel like you are restricting yourself.  you just have to be conscience of what you are eating.  think of food as fuel to get your body to do things.  you want to fill it up with good fuel that will go the distance.

believe me, try just small little changes at first and you'll see a big drop.  if you eat a lot of salty foods right now, for example, if you cut back on the salt and drink more water, i promise you, you'll see the scale go down.  try it for just a week and you'll see

it is hard when your mom gives up too, but you can always come on here and there will be people wanting to support you and cheer you on to keep eating healthy.  give it a try.  let us try and help you do this the right and healthy way
the weight didn't come on over night, it won't come off over night.

loosing weight too fast can be very unhealthy, it puts your body into shock and stresses it out.  you can do a lot of damage that way and make it even harder to lose weight after you damage it.

i think you'll see that if you just try this for a week or two you will find a difference.  especially when you have more weight to lose, it tends to drop quicker.
This is the tough love portion of our show.

harmony, everyone wants it fast. Everyone wants it now. But let me give you a bit of a reality check. You've tried that 100 times and it has not worked for you yet. Starving won't work for you any better.

I can promise you that what Lily and I are suggesting WILL work, because it HAS worked for alot of this site. It doesn't work FAST, but it DOES work.
you usually do lose fast at first when you have the metabolism of your wt working with you.

if you have diet failure foods like burger king (mmmburgerking)
look up the cals in the foods you like. you can still have that stuff at 300 pounds and not blow your diet.

eat right amt of cals does work fast and steady and you dont always have the depressing failures that make you give up. because its just about knowing your calorie limit. not sucking on salad leaves. and since your mom buys the food it will be easier to just count cals. drinking sprite will just make you eat a ton later and keep the fat while your body consumes the muscle. and then you will have it fast..a fast gainback when you dive into burger king. trust me. count it up. eat up to maintain cals on hungry days if you need to. it works.

I want to say yes I will do what this site says but 3,000 is to much and i cant get myself to shove my face with over 3,000 calories a day and think I will lose weight ... now 1500 yes i can do that and exercise a lil ... but i really want to try to do this for a few days at least a few days won't hurt and it will shrink my stomach i'm sure ...
I dunno guys, POWs are pretty skinny with their starvation diets.
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