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Starving before bed - NO appetite in the morning...

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So i'm trying to get hungry for a proper breakfast, because i want it to be my biggest meal. at least more than 1/2 carrot.

so i'm trying not to eat before bed. i get so hungry before bed! but i eat nothing in hopes of having a big breakfast.

somehow, i still have zero appetite in the morning. wtf!?

have you experienced this?? what should i do?


ETA: i'm eating dinner at 6pm, going to bed at 12pm. i'm ok with being hungry before bed (i sleep better on an empty stomach anyway) but i'm just trying to figure out WHY i'm not hungry in the morning. should i move dinner to 5pm!?

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When you say not eat before bed, how long before you go to sleep are you talking about? Like are you skipping dinner? Try eating a little something before bed, don't starve yourself. Because when you don't eat for 8-10 hours, your body goes in whats known as Starvation mode, and it starts to eat at the protein in your muscle. I am not claiming this is entirely true, as I am no expert, but read up on this...I am sure you will find something.

From what I have learned, starving yourself no matter how long is never a good idea. Your body needs nutrients to function right, and not giving it what it wants only screws with it.

Don't focus so much on when you eat and instead eat when you're hungry.


I use to have the same issue.  I workout around 8pm and I am starving 40 mins later.  I don't go to bed until 11pm, so I allow myself a tiny snack (maybe fruit, or a few pretzels, etc..).  I found that when I do this, it does not affect my weight whatsoever.

I actually heard it is a myth that if you eat right before bed it turns into fat.  Yeah, maybe a box of chocolates, but if you eat a tiny snack(fruit) that has no caffine, it will not affect your weight or sleep.  You still burn calories when you are laying down the same as you would sitting on the couch.

If I don't have a tiny snack, I start to feel quisy and sick to my stomach after the intense workouts.

I also am not hungry in the morning, but I make myself eat a small breakfast within an hour of waking up.  This usually doesn't fill me until lunch...so sometimes I have a mid-morning light snack, 80 calorie yogurt, or fruit.

Hope this helps!!

Eat when you get hungry. I know you've probably heard to eat your biggest meal at breakfast, but you're not going to get fat from not doing it this way.

Weight loss is mainly about eating less calories than you burn from day to day. Weight maintenance is mainly about eating as many calories as you burn.

Don't be afraid to eat before bed.

if i don't eat a snack before bed i can't sleep, and i'm one to sleep through everything! have the snack, just make sure it is a snack, not a meal. i often like to have a cup of tea with a couple digestive biscuits(light ones). i know tea has caffeine, but for me it works almost like a relaxer instead of keeping me  more awake...always has. the digestive biscuits only have 65 calories, and they have a sweet taste so it also helps with my sweet cravings i have at night. i am good to go if i do this. as for morning, i am not much of a person to eat in the morning either, but i force myself to have something. i will have a nutrigrain bar, or a slimfast shake on the go, or lately i've been having 1 cup of special k cereal and a 1/4 banana cut up on it with some skimmed milk. i am usually good then until around 10:30, and then i either have a rice cake or some cut up veggies for a snack. this is days that i work.....on the weekends, i dont' get up until noon unless i have an appointment to be somewhere, so i have brunch then about an hour after i wake up with the family.

hope my thoughts help u out.:)

I also don't wake up hungry.

I can't recall a single time when I woke up and wanted to eat immediately.

Most days I cook a breakfast for myself and bring it to work, then eat it about 30 minutes after I get in and settle down. That's about three hours after my alarm goes off.

Maybe you just need to allow for the fact that you don't get hungry until later in the morning and plan your big breakfast for when you are hungry. Is it possible to do that?

I wouldn't worry about it, typically my big meal is more towards the middle of the day to the end as opposed to the begining. I just can't get hungry in the morning.

So long as you are eating when you're hungry and eating ENOUGH through out the day you should be fine.

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If you start to eat in the morning even if you are not famished (if you want to get out of the night eating pattern, that is), you may be able to adjust your circadian eating rhythms over time. In this way, you may start to be hungry in the morning.

I usually do not recommend eating when not hungry. But here you're trying to adjust your pattern, so I'm putting it out there.

I'm the same way. I just don't eat breakfast and have a meal right before bed. I've tried mixing things around but my body is very stubborn and set on it, and I can't fall asleep without some food in my stomach. Everybody's body is different, and while breakfast works well for some people, maybe its not for you. :) I'd listen to your body and eat when it wants you to.

I also used to really want breakfast to be my biggest meal, but I couldn't get my body to adapt, eventually I just realized that I was trying to change something where nothing was wrong.

You're pushing your body too far and it's switching your morning hunger off. It takes time for your body to wake up in the morning, and that includes your stomach. You don't HAVE to roll out of bed and eat something heavy. It's okay to have a very light snack then and to eat later in the morning when you really ARE hungry. I don't usually have breakfast until I've been up for two hours - it takes at least 60 minutes for me to even think about food.

If you're eating at 6 PM and going to bed at midnight, that's a lot of time in between. A good rule of thumb for night eating is to stop eating 3 hours before bedtime. So if you're hungry, go ahead and have something at night. If you really want to, you can have a cut off point of 9 PM so that you're not starving but you don't have food just sitting in your stomach while you sleep.

Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with having a light breakfast. My biggest meal is usually in the evening. As long as I'm eating healthy meals and keeping track of my calories I still loose weight.

Hi, my suggestion is maybe have a small snack before you sleep, and see how you feel then.

Sometimes I feel like after I eat lunch I'm not hungry for the rest of the entire day. But if I have a snack between lunch and dinner, I'll have a good appetite for dinner. Wierd, I know, but it works.

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