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Weight Loss
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Starvation Mode/weight gain

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I have seen many people sya that if you dont eat enough calories, you will actually gain weight.  I would appreciate it i someone could go into further detail on that as I dont quite understand how you can gain weight from not eating enough, especially if you work out (it has happened to me, actually, I would just like to know the facts on it)

thank you so much for answering a question that has probably been answered before.
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Good question. I don't know the answer. Whoever responds to this, can you please cite the studies or obesity experts for the basis of your response? 
If you type 'starvation mode' into the white box above and search the forums - you'll find all the many hundreds of thousands of threads on this very topic..........
i have tried, and found some good info, but not my exact question (yet, anyway, im still searching)

I understand why you wouldnt LOSE weight if you dont eat enough but I cant understand how you would GAIN.
I don't have any studies, just my own experience.  I have been dieting on and off since age 10... that is almost 30 years!  It's not so much that you gain when you are not eating anything, it's that you gain as soon as you DO eat anything... and I mean anything.  Last night was the first time I've had pizza in months, and it's the first time in my life I did not gain 2 lbs overnight.  In fact, I actually lost .5lb!  There are also many long term effects of eating less than 1200 calories a day regularly.  Through puberty and in my teens, I averaged about 500-900 calories a day... now, not to get too personal, but my body did not develop quite right, and I can not have children, which the doctors say was do to poor nutrition.

I can not emphasis enough the importance of EATING!  I have been losing about a pound a week since upping my calories to 1800/day, if I eat less than that... I GAIN weight.  EVERY time!

You can only starve yourself for so long before your body rebels!

It's so much easier to lose weight and eat... why would you want to starve yourself if you knew you didn't have to?  I didn't know any better until now.

Please learn from our mistakes.
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I too have read lots of forums about starvation mode.  I have tried in vain to find any reliable expert source that says you gain weight when you eat less, or that you lose more if you eat more. Individual anecdotal experiences are not science, because  there are possible variables in individual situations.  Like, more people who consume soda get bitten by sharks than people who drink hot chocolate.  It's not that sharks like soda drinkers, just few people go to the beach and drink hot chocolate.  This is why studies are important... scientists tediously and methodically try to account for all possible variables to be sure their findings are reliable.  The truth is that there are amazingly few sources on the internet that quote PhDs and studies on the subject of metabolism.  So I'm open and willing to learn. If someone knows of these studies or experts, please share.

justijex: the best article I have found on this is one the Weight Watcher's website. Google  "starvation mode myth." This article explains the math, and also has footnotes for studies.  However, Weight Watchers is selling something, so not completely unbiased... also I couldn't seem to access the studies... so I don't know WW accurately represented what the studes said. Nevertheless, it is the best article I have found on this. What Weight Watchers says is consistant with an article called,  "The Truth about Metabolism" by Stacy Whitlock... this article quotes obesity experts.  This article is also easy to find on the web.

Sorry, I don't know the trick that directly links you from forum to websites, my teckie didn't seem to think it coud be done from our computer.

There probably aren't any studies on the subject because "the professionals" have decided that "people are fat because they eat too much".  And they try to explain those of us who have gained because we don't eat enough away with "you must be eating more than you think".  Or "you  must have some kind of condition that is causing that".  Well, they haven't found a condition, and I know how many calories are in a bowl of cereal (which I used to eat three of each day for a month... trying to prove to the doctor that I wasn't eating too much.  Know what I gained five pounds.  I know I'm not the only one, there are many of us here on this website.  I have finally found other people who have been going through what I have. 

Eating too much food did not make me 30 pounds overweight!
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