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Starvation Mode - how many days does it take to get there ?

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I have been reading the posts involving starvation mode.

Does anyone know, approximately (everyone is different),

how many days does it take for your body to go into starvation mode if you are consistently under 1200 calories or skipping many meals? 

does it happen right away even after skipping one meal?
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One day probably doesn't do alot more than throw your blood sugar out of whack. It's continuing to deprive your body of essential nutrients that will begin to do the damage.
Its not an ON / OFF switch.

You progressively get into starvation mode.  Once in, it gets progressively worse.  There is no line that says "when you step over, you are now starving".

I'm sure that if you dip below your 1200 calories per day once in a while, its not a big issue.  If you do it a few days in a row, you might want to look at why you are doing it.

I would also not recommend trying to work a below 1200 day into a calorie cycling routine.  But again, if by some odd chance you end up under 1200, its 10:00pm and you just don't want to eat, don't.

Just don't do it too often

EDIT:  I can see a bad trend of someone stating a set number of days (lets use 6 days as an example).  People may go under 1200 calories for 5 days, and then eat 1200 for one day, then back under 1200 for 5 days.  This type of cycling at this level is wrong.
The book You on a Diet by Dr. Oz says that after 12 hours of fasting (skipping 1 meal), your body has lowered its metabolism by 40%.

If you do that repeatedly, you are just making this more and more difficult for yourself.
Yar. I'm really worried about being sick. I have NO appetite because my stomach is so upset when I put anything in there. I managed to keep down a bowl of cereal, but it's almost two o' clock, and that's, what, 200 calories?? Yesterday and the day before were embarrassing. I'm just not getting enough nutrients. Is this going to mess me up big time?
Maybe you should try drinking your calories, digdig. There are many meal replacement shakes that are quite tasty, and will help boost your calorie and nutrient intake until you can get used to having more in your stomach. I recommend something like the Carnation Instant Breakfast to get you started in the morning. It might make it easier to get your stomach on an eating schedule.

Alternately, you may have food allergies. Have you spoken to a nutritionalist or your family doctor? It might not be that you've put food in your stomach, but that you're allergic to what you're putting in there.

Good luck.
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