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Weight Loss
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Starting Over Again! Share Your Story

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I read an interesting article about the Biggest Loser Winner from season 3 who regained 122 pounds!   He had been one of the biggest losers to date and admitted on Oprah that he fell off the wagon.  If he can admit his mistakes and learn from them so can we.

The same has happened to me!  After joining CC and losing 60lbs 3 yrs ago, I regained 40 of those pounds.  I'm here once again to be held accountable and get support from the wonderful people here. 

If you have a similar story, do share so that we can all learn from each other and be motivated to do this thing! 


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I'll bet your gormet cook will help you out by tweaking her recipies since you are trying so hard.  Keep up the good work.



Sorry if this is a little long but you are free to stop reading at your discretion.

I decided to post here because I have once again decided to throw my hat in the ring, and this time I have decided to make it stick once and for all.

I have gone on bouts of weight loss and for sometime.

Through out elementary and high school I was always over weight.

During my first university degree I started going to the gym allot and was very happy with the results, at this point in time I don't have numbers or metrics to compute I just know I was in very good shape and happy, however at the completion of that degree a change in a verity of lifestyle factors lead to me gaining weight over the course of 2 years to put me at about 275lbs.

Specifically I went from working very demanding construction for my father as well is in several warehouses to and engineer and computer programmer, which means allot of sitting and reading, plus I lost my absolutely great work out partner.

My biggest and most successful attempt was in 2004-2006 where I went from that 275lbs to under 200lbs a total of about 75lbs, and was once again very happy and felt very good about my weight. A key success factor at that time is I was working out with my brother, who was also a great partner. As a side effect of this I won a bet hosted by the fitness center one of the companies I worked at at the time was hosting which resulted in $200.

I managed to maintain that for sometime but in 2009 I realized that I had slowly gained weight up to about 240lbs, in about May, spurred by this I entered in to a weight loss bet with my buddy where I lost 20lbs, I won the bet but was never able to collect :).

Following the holidays however I have gained 10lbs.

I have decided that I want to slim down once and for all, this time however I have decided that I am not going to do any bets, this isn't a new years resolution, and is not a factor of the fact that I had a birthday two weeks ago, and this isn't for a girl.

This time I am going to lose it for me, because quite frankly I like the way I feel when I am in better shape, and I think in general it will result in better long term health.

This time my goal is 170 from 230 a lose of 60lbs in one year, that is 5 lbs a month, have a sub goal of 20lbs by July 15th.

To do this I have altered my diet, and am working on my negative habits, and have started a work out program that includes a good amount of cardio 5days a week, and some weight training 2 days a week.

Additionally I have decided that to keep it off once I get there that I will continue on with working out 3 days, aggressively monitor my weight and will keep up with a healthy diet, I might even stick around here...

Anyways here I go again.

Thanks for reading.


I joined calorie count today...I am starting over again too...6 years ago I lost 47 kilos just by walking and it took 14 months to lose it, in the last 6 months or so I have put 30 kilos back on but this time I can't walk as much as I used to as I have a bad back so I'm hoping joining here will help me. Good luck to everyone I wish you every success.


I am starting over again too.   I get soo mad and frustrated with myself and my inner voice in my head tells me that I am a failure.....AGAIN!  But I have decided that I am going to change the dialogue in my head and do it right this time.  I have lost the weight before and I can do it again.  I applaud all the women that have the guts to start over.  It's hard, but it is attainable.

I am a restarting re-starter.  I started again  "officially" 6 weeks ago.  I joined a Weight Watchers group at work because I needed the structure of being accountable in more than one place.  I find my emotions and reasons for wanting to lose weight this time are similar to every other time I have tried, but I know have the focus and drive that were missing.  I don't want to be unhealthy, I am vain and want to look good.  Making several changes in my life to help accomplish my goals.  The weight came on, stayed on and came back because of my insecurities and fears about losing weight.  Losing weight is hard, but being miserable is hard as well.  I want to go to the pool and not embarass my kids, I want to be a fit bridesmaid for my girlfriends wedding, I want to help my daughter maintain and keep and keep a healthy attitude towards food and her body, i want to enjoy being naked with my husband.  I want me back!  No more excuses, no more bs to myself or others.

I started on CC at 245 pounds, got down to 219, then back up to 235, I am currently at 223 and my goal is 164 pounds.  My first check point is 210 pounds because that will mean I lost the baby weight (my son is 7)  second check point is 198 (under 200 and the weight I was when I got pregnant with my daughter) third check point is 175 (the lowest weight I have been in the past 10 years) and final check point is goal weight of 164. 

Good luck to all.

Excellent idea to have checkpoints along the way.  And a reasonable and relatively solid end goal.  Good luck!

Hello! I have struggled with weight issues all of my life. Sadly, I am only 1 month shy of 16. hah!

When I was younger, I suffered from emotional & boerdom eating. My parents showed their love & affection towards me with food, because they were hardly around; not pointing any fingers, haha just kidding (:

I worse a size 18 at th age of 12, weighing in at around 180 Ib. Then my step-mom stepped into the picture helping me lose about 55 or so, getting down to about 125 Ib. at 5'6.

Eventually, the comments dragged on and on; like twiggy, you never eat, and anorexic. But just like when I was younger, my parents are not around a lot, so they never get to see me eat. So basically, all these lies and comments were coming from my family :(

I let them get to me, gaining every pound back. I let their perception of the way I look turn me into a depressed person, basically unhappy with the way I look.

Also, the other day, a person anonymously worte me saying:

"Aren't you the girl who lost 273630 pounds and gained it all back?

Going to school and dealing with this is very difficult. I know that trying for my second time, and DEFIANTLY going to succeed, that personal happiness is what matters the most. & I KNOW that I wil be much happier, skinny and healthy like I was.

So good luck to all! Message me, motivation is lovely. (:

Restart-o-rama! I don't even know if it's possible in my condition, but I will never give up hope that I will someday strut my stuff in a size 8 pair of jeans. I was always a 5'9 tall, 135 pound person. Thin and Tall, coveted by all. (lol!) My weight didn't change at all until my mid-20s when I got into an abusive relationship. I started eating insane portion sizes and almost every meal was "out to dinner" because it was in a public place where my idiot boyfriend was usually nice to me. I became obsessed with sushi rice and would eat it by the mounds, I basically told fruit & veggies to go to hell, and introduced hoagies at midnight into my diet. I quickly gained 100 pounds within a year and my boyfriend decided that he would get on the fat train and gain some too. So we were both totally abusive, overweight, suicidal, just a total mess. After 3 years of the mess, I left that guy, FINALLY, and put up with death threats and all kinds of things in the aftermath.

I started dating my best guy friend and he ended up stopping the car on the side of the road one day and saying, "I am not attracted to you. I am really sorry, but I love who you are so much and I want to help you." So, you can take that how you want to, but I was very much in love with him and wasn't sure how to feel. I told him that I would work out, eat right and get back into shape. He purchased a product, which I shall not name, but it contained Ephedra. He said that people at his work were using it and losing weight very quickly. I asked around about the pills and at the time, everyone considered it to be okay. I lost 10 pounds per week until I dwindled back down to my 135, and got down to 128, which was TOO THIN. I really shocked everyone with my new physique and started modeling & acting and doing all sorts of extremely fun things that I never could have felt comfortable doing as an overweight person. (My boyfriend left me when I was at my thinnest point.. go figure!)

Ephedra was soon banned and I was left without a crutch. My eating habits were next to nothing since my appetite was so small. Eventually, I started gaining weight back, but I looked much better. I got pretty cocky and started eating fast food again since I worked at the mall and I looooved me some hamburgers! It took me about 5 years to climb back up to 190 lbs. Then I got my thyroid tested and found out I was hypothyroid. I quickly gained more weight and got up to 240. At this point, I was engaged to be married and I tried on my size 20 wedding dress and nearly fainted at the size. I looked in the mirror and I felt like I was a failure. Who would want to marry that? Fat bride, fat arms.. that is all I could think of in my head. I tried all the diets.. the shake replacement meals, the pills that make you poo, the vegetarian way, the low carb way... nothing really worked because I wasn't happy doing these things. I wanted to just be normal and not have to alter my life and deprive myself! Even my doctor said : Oh , sorry , you can't lose weight with Hypo and PCOS and sleep apnea and low adrenal function. Yes, I ended up with all of these wonderful issues. 

So, at this point in time I am digging around for answers. I stopped eating fast food, no soda, eat salads everyday, workout 6 days per week and I haven't really lost that much. I lost maybe 8 pounds working extremely hard for 3 months. It's a loss, but it's really discouraging to see that it takes me that long to lose. Everyone else around me is dropping weight like crazy and it really upsets me. I would be happy at just 190 lbs again. I am here for help, answers, motivation and yeah, I need to get hot for my wedding, which there is no set date because I refuse to get married as a fat person. I know that sounds selfish, but I don't want to look back and pictures of me getting married to my gorgeous & thin fiance while I am a balloon dressed in white. Anyway, yes, I am ready.

Well, its not as bad for me but I used to be really slim and healthy and I ended up ( and still am) in a long term relationship. Since then I think I ended up comfort eating, I then stopped that and lost weight again but now I am back to square one. However, this time I am a bit more motivated and I think being on this site is helping already.

Hi!! After having my first baby I gained 5 stone! I managed to loose it all and get down to 10 stone again. But after my second pregnancy ive put it all back on again. my youngest is 13 months now so Its really time for me to do something about it again lol Ive lost 5 lbs this week so im really happy. The hard part isnt loosing it, its keeping it off!! xx

I am back on the wagon (yet again)!! I joined CC 2 years back and lost 13 pounds. I gained back 10 and i hate it. 

I am now 178 pounds and i want to get back where i was a year ago and keep going. I am a pretty happy person who has had body image issues. I am over all that now but I am worried that the 30's are creeping up on me and I dont want to have to deal with Diabetes and other issues so young. 

So here I am..back to square two. Square one was trying to think about calories of everything i put in my mouth. I think its become a way of life now. Square two is trying to get back on that treadmill and kick the extra pounds out!

All the best to all of us!

I am back again too. I can't seem to get rid of the baby weight after having my second child!

Hi everybody.  I am beginning my 2nd serious attempt at weight reduction in my life.  I'll be 39 in April, and I've been heavy most of my life.  I've had some fluctuations throughout my life, but still more time has been spent being heavy than not.  In 2004, I decided it was time to take charge of this thing and got serious about losing the weight.  I began watching what I ate, consumed fewer carbs, and began walking every day.  A few months after that, my aunt gave me her elliptical, and I began using that rather than walking.  I was losing on average 10 lbs a month and feeling so happy and confident.  I had not dated in a few years and thought I would give it a try again.  I met somebody who seemed to be okay.  And he wasn't a horrible guy, but he was somebody who was never satisfied with anything.  He was always quick to point out flaws in my body and was always a taker rather than a giver.  We were together about 1-1/2 years when he crossed the line thinking he should come before my kids.  I broke up with him in May 2006, and I was so happy to be free again.

By the time we'd broken up, I had lost nearly 100 lbs.  I had become complacent and stopped exercising.  I told myself I would just watch what I ate.  From 2006 to 2007, I knew I was slowly gaining weight, but I just ignored it.  Then in 2007, I started having female issues and ended up having to have a hysterectomy.  And I also started online classes in 2007.  So, I was recovering from surgery, had a full-time job, had full-time classes, and was raising 2 teenagers, not to mention having to deal with other family issues.  I never had any time for myself, certainly no time to exercise.  I was emotionally drained, so I was eating all the time. 

I finished school in August 2009, and skated through the rest of the year.  My sister, who is also heavy, found out she had rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and was pre-diabetic.  She knew the weight was making her arthritis worse, and she didn't want to become a full-blown diabetic.  She began eating right and joined a gym, and she got me a free pass for a week.  I finally decided last week to check it out, and I felt very comfortable and accepted there. My sister has dropped 20 lbs so far and has inspired me to get back on the wagon.

So, here I am today, back at the weight I was (or maybe a little more) in 2006.  I know that this time I'm not going to let myself go again.  I want to be able to live a full and active life in my 40's.  My kids will both be on their own, and I want to be ready to take on new challenges and go on new adventures.  I can't do that if I'm sick and unhealthy. 

I know with the support of my family and the people here on CC, I'll reach my goals.  Good luck to everybody here!

I have been about 156 lbs for 7 years since I had my 2nd child.  I would say that I wanted to lose weight, then wouldn't do it.  Last year I started a desk job.  Previouslly I had walked dogs for 2 years, as part time work with my youngest.  I gained 10 lbs.  I feel so disgusting!  My goal is to be 145, which would be a good weight for me. 

I am getting serious this time.  I have a good book called "Beck Diet Solution".  It is more about the emotional part of eating, the psychological part, and can work with any reasonable diet.  Each day you add another thing that you do.  I got stuck on Day 6, find a diet coach.  According to this being part of an online group will work.  The idea is that you are accountable and will have somewhere to go if you get stuck.  I know I need that.  I am feeling good about this plan right now, as I see that it involves real changes and not just for now "I'll do this to lose weight then go back to my old ways."  That doesn't work. 

I joined CC two years ago, about 40 pounds into what turned out to be 58 lbs of weightloss. But about a year ago I became a bit too content and gradually slid off the wagon, both for diet and exercise.  I held mostly steady for about six months, but beginning with a vacation, I started regaining, until I’ve now regained 19 pounds.  I’m only one little pound less than what I was when I first joined. 

My clothes are getting too tight and this simply must be reversed.  So as of today, I’m back on the wagon.  Counting calories, balancing macro-nutrients, and working out AT LEAST three times a week. Start running again, regular strength training, and some rowing.

It’s sad … I was within 16 pounds of my goal, and now it’s back to 35.  And I’ve lost SO much speed and endurance.  Not that I was ever more than a penguin  anyway, but now I'm not even a turtle …

Onward and upward.

I just joined CC and I feel very welcome. It seems alot of people have the same troubles of letting ourselfs go as we get older.

I found CC on a websearch and decided to track my calorie intake. I was surprised what i found out. I was eating between 3600-4000 calories a day. That combined with no exercise, I shouldn't be shocked my waist size went from a size 34" to 42".

I just turned 39 years old. I am 5'11" and weight 270lbs. I have gained 60lbs over the last 2 years. My blood preasure has become high and my body aches from the extra weight.

March 1st is my first day of my new life style change. I am drinking lots of water, reducing my calories to 2000 per day and planning on going to gym 1 hour a day.

CW: 270 BMI is over 36%

GW: 200


How great!!!  It takes alot to want to lose the weight and stick with it.  I am also a regainer, but am finally determined again.  It is so hard, but I am tired of being fat.  And yes, the skin doesn't snap back like it use to, but that is ok. ( I read that on the post before yours).  It does add on quick, and i do love my bread and butter, but enough was enough.  I quit going to mickey d's for breakfast and dinner, and stopped drinking the sodas.  so far so good, and its only been a week.

It is hard to start over.

I am a professional trainer and starting gaining weight around 48 years of age (about 7 years ago).  It turned out I have a disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  It makes weight loss very difficult--menopause compounded the problem.  The thyroid disorder cause me deep muscle ache so exercising (which I love) got extremely difficult.  I finally did get the exercise thing settled, but it has been a long.

The trick for me was finding a food program that worked.  I cannot eat processessed foods.  This means you have to be careful at restaurants and stay away things that are pre-made that you throw in the microwave; TV dinners, etc.  Becuase of my thyroid I have to stay away from carbs as well-this includes both simple and complex.

It has been slow for me, but it's working!


I have done the same thing, from March to September 2008 I lost 42 lbs, then my son, his wife and children moved in and the weight crept back, life has been hectic, chaotic and stressful to say the least.  I gained everyone of those pounds back but here I am to try, try again.  I will not give up and NO ONE can make me :)

About 6 years ago I decided that it was time for all the weigh to come off. I lost over 30 pounds and was proud of myself. Then 2 summers ago I had my ankle fused because the Arthritis was so bad in it I could barely walk. I had been in a car accident 3 years before. My ankle was shattered and dislocated. There were plates and screws it. Even with all the pain I was working out everyday and watching what I ate. After the surgery I was not allowed to do anything on the ankle for 2 months. Then I was placed in a walking boot and could not exercise it still. When I finally could exercise I had moved into a house and lost my apartments beautiful workout facilities. There was no motivation or ease of access to workout anymore. I slowly put back on the weight plus some extra over the last two years.

Well I decided that today would be the first day of the rest of my life. I counted calories all day. I packed a bag to workout after work last night and actually took it this morning. When school was out I just felt like going home and taking a nap like I have been doing for the last 2 years. Instead I changed and got on the bike at school. I only rode for 20 minutes but it felt good afterwords and I actually broke a sweat. All I have to do is repeat it tomorrow.

Start weight 235

1st goal weight 220

2nd Goal weight 200 Made it  past here over 2 years ago.

3rd Goal Weight 180

4th Goal Weight 160

Final Goal Weight 140

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