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When do you start feeling thin?

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I have been thinking about self perception, body image is a tricky thing when I was 193lbs (I'm 5'9) I felt big but not as bad as when i saw myself in pictures. Now 163lbs have been getting an enormous amount of positive comments and reactions from friends, relatives and even people that I don' know well... but some people started asking How much more do you want to loose? you look so skinny!! And I DONT feel skinny at all, and i really think Im not. 

So when does your brain makes the change when you don't think of your self as big, L, XL or fat,  and starts thinking ok I'm normal weight, I'm thin.??

Also how do you deal with people's comments, because some times there is more than just support and good comments there is also envy, and people trying to come to terms with your change?

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I think that when you start to feel thin is whenever you want to!  I learned the hard way that I will never think I am slim enough, so I kept losing more and more and more and eventually became anorexic.  And that's not a path you want to go down!

Try starting to embrace the complements and the comments!  Just say "thank you!" if someone tells you how great you look; don't deny it!  Buy flattering clothes, jeans, whatever; just remember how much you've accomplished!

You get to choose when to make that change, and when you will be happy with your body.  I suggest you start now because if you just keep waiting for it to click one day, it's not going to. You have to make it! :) Hope I helped!

i agree with the above poster. you have to learn to love yourself. even at my thinnest w/ an ED mindset, i was STILL not happy. Embrace the comments, and try to trust them :) good luck

I am not there yet. I think for ME it will take some time to get used to being thin. I was fat my entire life and my brain is programmed to be the fat girl. 29 years to get to this mindset I don't expect to be able to switch it off and suddenly gain a whole new outlook and personality overnight. I look at pictures of myself every day now and I am wearing clothes I could never have worn before. It's taking time but I'll get there.

You said that you didn't realize until you looked at pictures, sometimes i'm the same way, I don't percive my self the same in the mirror as I do when i see myself in picturs. so take a current picture and compare it to an older picture. and then be proud of what you've accomplished! It might make you realize how good you do look!!

You will feel thin when you look back at those clothes you used to fit into and try them on. when you don't fit anymore, you can definately realize that you are thin now! - also what helps me realize the actuality of my weight is a 3 pane mirror at Macy's or somewhere. It helped me get back on track to losing weight.

We all have an 'internal image' and an 'external reality'.  Actress Dame Judi Dench never watches her own films, apparently.  To paraphrase her reasons why.  When she's making the films and doing the scenes she sees herself as this tall, willowy, dewy-skinned young thing.  When the fim's on the screen she sees the reality... a rather short, sixty-something  lady.   Smile

For me, I finally realised I'd lost weight when I walked past a few reflective shop windows.  Caught totally off-guard, the person looking back at me was a slim woman.  In the past, like Dame Judi, I'd been walking along thinking I was slim and the shop-window revealed the opposite!!   So, to adjust your view of what's on the outside, just keep looking in the mirror....  the internal and the external will catch up at some point.

For me it happened when I got back down to a size 7. That was the size I was before I had my boys, and I never thought I would see it again. Then I decided that I wanted to become more toned. That included a bit more weight loss but have been evening it out with healthy food. Now I can look in a mirror and see my muscles and I feel great. I'm in yet another spot where I didn't think I would ever be. I can watch a workout video and instead of saying I want to look like her, I can say, hey I have a body like hers.

I think it's really different for everybody. As long as I can see my little muscles, I'm good, LOL.

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Thanks for the replies!

I have to work on this and i know this is a common problem for many woman that are thin or overweight. So its a process I hope that i can really see myself in the mirror and not some image that my brain created.

I got compared to a 115 lb girl (I'm 157) and called delicate this weekend by two separate people...ROTLMAO!  I just don't perceive myself as either light or delicate!  I've never really seen myself as heavy as I had gotten so I supose that my self image actually matches my body right now.

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