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Is standing for 12 straight hours equivalent to 1 hour of exercise in terms of calorie burn?

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I know that it wouldn't be the seem for heart rate, but would standing for 12 hours burn as many extra calories as 1 hour of moderate exercise? I don't want to overeat, but I also don't want to undereat...

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I just looked it up for you.  These numbers are based on my weight - 140 (ish) but if I stood for 12 hours, such as a store clerk, I would burn 154 calories per hour.

A brisk walk fo 3.5 miles per hour and I would burn 254 calories per hour.

So at the end of the day I would burn more calories standing for 12 hours than walking 1 hour.

In figuring out your burn I would consider standing light activity (it will exhaust you though).  But that is my take on it and no where near scientifically analyzed.

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I'm about 140 lbs, too...5'4 and 16 years old. I'm asking this since I'd like to use the teen calculator at to calculate my needs, but I have no idea what to do to add in all of the standing. Would 1 hour be a reasonable estimate?

If you are interested enough to find it out pretty exactly, here's what you would do.

1. find your BMR for the day, using the online calculator of your choice, and divide by 24 for an hourly BMR.

2. use calorie count to find your calorie expenditure for 1 hr standing

3. subtract the hourly bmr cals from the standing cals, that's how much you're "burning" by standing up instead of being in a coma, per hour. multiply that times 12 for your total. 

4. now we compare that to how much you burn walking vs being in a coma. use calorie count to find 1 hr walking and subtract your hourly bmr.

5. divide the total you got from #3 by the number you got from #4, that's your personal, accurate estimate of how many hours walking is the eqivalent of 12 hrs standing.

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Okay, so:

1 hour standing = 107 cal - 61 = 46 x 12 = 552

1 hour walking 5 MPH = 478 cal - 61 = 417 x 1 = 417

552 / 417 = 1.32 standing for 12 hours is equivalent to walking a quick 6.6 miles. Haha. That seems insane.


cool! can you really walk 5mph? if i go much higher than 4 i'm trotting/jogging. then again i have issues with my shin muscles so that slows me down a little. i was so depressed when i watched the olympics - the olympic walkers go at like 8 mph! that's faster than i can run!

ps - it's exciting to see someone not afraid of  numbers. go you!

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Yup, I can walk 5 mph...I can't read at the same time, though. If I'm walking 4 mph or slower, I can read a book (and not run into anything) at the same time. Haha...I've read a few books purely on the walking path. A few runners have passed by me and told me that I'm talented for that. ;)

Homeschooling can be a wonderful thing...I love math. It takes me an eternity to learn things, but once I get the hang of it, numbers are fun!:)

You can also try searching for the activity - I work as a cashier and stand the entire day at work, sometimes walking, carrying, etc.  I use the "standing, filing" option for my work hours - and burned 1200 calories today at work!

Another option is to invest in a heart-rate monitor watch.  I bought mine at Target for about $70.  It has a stopwatch function, and I can press a button to get my heartrate.  I can set it to monitor calorie burn over a period of time, checking heart rate occasionally to keep it accurate.  So far I haven't tried wearing it to work - it gets so busy I wouldn't remember to check heart rate - but have used it at the gym and compared the numbers to the information given by the exercise machines and it is right on!

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