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Weight Loss
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After trying to lose weight by cutting calories and mild exercise, I was frustrated when I hit the plateau days. I've recently discovered the if I splurge once a week, my weight actually goes down the following day. I think this gives credence to those who say you should shake up your metabolism to keep it from adjusting to a set cycle. When I say splurge, I don't mean giong to a fast food restaurant, I just mean eating about 200 more calories of healthy food than the rest of the week. Also, I would suggest not doing it on the same day every week. I do it on a Friday one week, Sunday the next, Thursday the next, and so on. Now, I've only been doing this for a few weeks but, if it stops working, I will journal about that too. So far, losing 9 pounds in 3 weeks, it's doing the trick.

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what about like 2000 calories extra one day? thats what i call a splurge, not 200 calories extra. thats so little...

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