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Splurge day?

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I've done really well this week with an average deficit of 1000 calories a day (I am heavier so as far as I can tell this is in the right range- also, I exercise pretty regularly . What is the down-low on the splurge day? I had a stressful day and would like to eat 1500 calories of pure pizza ( I already tries going for a run, still want the pizza lol)- but not if it will wreck my hard work for the week!

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No! Resist! In order to be happy and healthy you need to make a lifestyle change, which does not include saving up all you calories for pizza. Why not have a slice or two tops? Or maybe chew some gum and drink green tea. That kills cravings, at least for me.

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Okay, I've come back to Earth and decided 2 pieces of veggie pizza is probably smarter than half an extra large pepperoni. Thanks for the encouragement!

Good job! Trust me, I know the temptations, especially being a 14 year old hormonal wreck. Haha. My parents just made cake, but I resisted, just sniffed it and poked it haha. I think to myself: What's better? Being happy with yourself or one piece of cake?


I've binged and at 1000's of cals worth of cereal and pb, and thats how i gained all the weight i lost back. so i decided i have to make a healthy complete change and not restrict or anything, but be healthy towards food. =D

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