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is spinning good for weight loss??

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I've recently begun my new years resolution, once again, to lose some weight. Currently 68kg and 5ft 7 and want to get down to 58..

On top of eating healthier and cutting out the majority of starchy carbs, I am exercising most days..whether its spinning, swim, body conditioning or the gym. However after my spinning class, I started to think maybe spinning was better for muscle tone rather than weight loss, as it engages the quads and calves so much.. Although its cardio I still have doubt in going to get even bigger thighs and not thinner :(

Please help x
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To be honest, spin classes are great if you are generally kind of lazy, because they aren't a very great workout. Well, in my experience (all lower body, no body weight resistance, extremely taxing on legs and therefore difficult to do many days a week). You would be much better off on a treadmill or elliptical if you have the discipline to push yourself without guidance. You'll notice it is much easier to raise your heart rate on these machines compared to the bikes, but it's also more difficult energy wise. You will burn more calories on these type of machines and tone your entire body better. However, some people find spin classes beneficial for other reasons. Extra motivation if you will, since you have someone pushing you. What's important is do what works for you, what makes you want to go back to the gym day after day, and you will have the most success from that. If you like spinning though, try a real bike. It provides a much better, more fun, workout. 

You can burn a lot of calories doing it. But whether or not you will lose weight depends on how much you are eating. Don't cut out starchy carbs, they are good for you. And don't worry about too much muscle, you don't have it, and your not going to get it by accident.


I have no idea about spinning, but if you do a good bit of bicycling your legs will become firmer, more defined, less jiggly. The muscles may get a little bigger (emphasis on "little") but that will be more than offset by less fat over the muscle.

Try this. While tensing up your calf, feel for how much soft flesh there is there. That is all fat. (If it were muscle, it would be firm when tensed.). Now do the same for your thighs, and rear. If there is only 1/2" or 1/4" of fat, then the slight increase in the underlying muscle size might be noticeable. Otherwise, there's much more fat to lose, than muscle can be gained, and a combination of diet and exercise will make your legs slimmer, not thicker.

(Exception: if you become such a strong sprint cyclist that you are tearing other racers up and leaving them for dead, then you might develop significantly larger thighs. That won't happen from spin classes.)
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Spinning is as hard as you make it, like anything else, since you control the tension and speed. It's also much easier on your joints, so loads of athletes use it for extra cardio, rehab and off season. I'm doing it 5 days a weeks, since I'm pretty much barred from running now.
Well thanks for the information.. Maybe it's best just to hit the treadmill more to burn fat rather than spinning classes, as I do have already muscly thighs and calves and don't want to increase mass more.
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My friend does it very vigorously in a class... 3 times a week and had lost alot of weight. Diet is important.
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