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special K cereal diet

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I am writting to find out, if anybody has luck with the special K cereal diet? Has anybody try eat the cereal just once a day and eating resonable lunch and dinner? Because I think get treid of eating cereal two a day. What eating cereal one day and maybe one of there waffles on the other? Help. Email conklin85@tds.net.
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All I know is I would be starving if all I ate was Special K for two meals plus a normal dinner. I think it has a high glycemic index. I recommend you calorie count instead.
To be honest, you'll probably get hungry within the first hour or two after eating your first bowl. It doesn't fill you up. You can try it though if you can stay hungry for a while, though. Best of luck.
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The reason this diet works is that one helping of Special K cereal with milk is only 150 calories.  So if you eat that for two meals, you've got a lot of calories left for your third meal.  I agree with nycgirl:  I would be starving if that's all I ate before dinner.  
Because special K is mostly carbs, I'd say it's probably not a very good balance for your body.  If you just need to get into your new lifestyle with a kick, try it for 2 weeks, but don't plan on it long term.

I love my special k red berries.  I eat it a couple times a week, it's actually pretty low in calories, but I don't make a "diet" out of it.
I get sick of eating the same food really easily, it would never work for me. Besides, as soon as someone said "you can only eat this" I would want to eat everything BUT that.
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thank you to all those who wrote a comment about what ask. Thanks.
I was doing the special K thing for awhile but I just could not keep with it.  Cereal twice a day just got too boring.  Now instead of special K I go for a High fiber cereal with good protein vs carbs, skim milk and some fruit for breakfast...I did try that twice a day for a week or so....boring boring so again just for breakfast. 

My cousin did it a couple of years ago, going from 215 to about 130-135.  She is younger (early twenties) than I am, but it worked for her and she has kept it off.  She is eating "regular" food now, but still watches her portions and she said that she goes back to the "diet" if she starts to creep up in weight.  I personally would have a hard time doing it, b/c it seems a little monotonous to me, but it worked for her.
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I tried it, and I was starving.  It didn't fill me up, not enough fat and fiber to make it through the day.
i eat special k once a day, alternating it for my breakfast meal and my dinner. of course, this method alone didn't help me and my mom lose weight. combined with excercise and ALOT of calorie counting also contributed.

but special k has so many different varieties of cereals and bars and what not that i never really got bored! it worked real well for me! hope others have had succes as well!   :)
I thought the special k diet was only meant for two weeks? just to slim for a special occasion or to finish/start a diet?

mmm... red berries... i havent tried the 2 week thing im not strong enough lol but to be honest, at almost £3 a box, the 30g serving is hardly any - not enough to last until lunch / dinner or whatever so i end up doubling that making it 300 -400 cals in one go (i think?) so i have lately opted for 2 slices of toast and jam - thats about 200 cals and certainly more filling!

I love cereal, I could probably do this diet, usually for breakfast I eat 1/2 cup of Life with 1/4 cup of milk, topped with a 6" banana, 2 medium strawberries, and 1/16 cup of blueberries, that's about 210 calories which is my biggest meal of the day and then later either between lunch and dinner or at 9:30pm I'll have 1/2 a cup of my favorite kiddie cereal like Cookie Crisp as a treat so I don't binge.

What I have to say about the Special K cereal diet is poo poo because it's not giving you the variety of nutrients your body needs and it would just make more sense to eat meals based on fruits and vegetables to end with the same amount of calories. I'm sure all the sugar in the cereal isn't that great for you either. Stick to the core foods and produce, I agree with calorie counting.
I really believe that the best way to lose is through honest lifestyle change.  That means do it how you want to live for the rest of your life, and who wants to eat cereal for the rest of their life?  There are better ways to limit calories in my opinion, and a sensible plan here on C-C is one of them.
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