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soy milk= estrogen =no weight loss?

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So my friend's nutritionist said to not drink soy milk because it has estrogen in it and estrogen basically latches onto body fat, thus affecting weight loss. I've read on some other forums about how if you eat a lot of soy stuff it can have some negative effects. But is this really true?? Has anyone heard this?

I really like soy milk, just started drinking it a week ago, and I think I'm going to make the switch permanently but I'm not so sure now.


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Soy does have a lot of estrogen, but unless you are consuming a lot of soy products simply having soy milk won't be enough to make a difference. There are a lot of alternatives as well if you regularly have other soy products - almond milk is my favorite, and rice milk is good too.

You will find a lot of mixed information about soy.  Yes, it contains phytoestrogens.  What does that mean?  Nobody seems to know for sure.  Some studies seem to show that it has beneficial health effects, others not so much.  I have never heard of this "hanging onto fat" theory before and I'm a little skeptical of it ... I have drank soy milk exclusively for a couple of years now and can definitely lose fat when I eat right and exercise.

Like anything else, use soy moderately.  A glass a day is unlikely to hurt you. 

The amount of phytoestrogens in a single glass of soy milk, or even two glasses, is probably not going to cause a problem.

"Soybeans contain a complex mix of phytochemicals, including isoflavones. Some of these may act as estrogens or as anti-estrogens (the latter may block the effects of estrogens in the human body). Soy isoflavones may also act as antioxidants and have other beneficial effects on blood vessels and the heart. There's still a lot to learn about soy."

See this link for more information.

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I used to drink a ton of soy milk (lattes every morning).  I did it for about a year until I read an article on the dangers of Soy...then i did a ton of research.  I will now not drink it.  Just Google "Dangers of Soy" to read up on it.  I am now drinking almond milk which is really good and tastes better too.

Sarah G.

It's like anything else.  It's good for you in moderation.  The moderation part being rather critical.

no, i just had a lot of tofu!

My 1 or 2 glasses a day haven't hurt me yet. :)

Also, in the NICU where I work, we use soy-based formulas for most of the babies.  I can't imagine all the doctors and nurses that decide what to feed them deciding as such if soy was harmful.  From what I've seen, it hasn't affected their fragile little bodies one bit, so I think most older people are alright, too.

LOL...switch to Almond Milk instead....yummmmmm! Only 40 calories per cup ;). 

My DS is allergic to cows milk....so soy it is for him.  He still seems pretty manly (at 20 months). :)

But aren't dairy cows given hormones, too? I thought the big risk of estrogen was from dairy, frankly!

Estrogen is everywhere.  It comes in different forms -some are natural and some are not.

Diary cows produce their own hormones (including estrogen).  When it comes to most anything "given" to a diary cow, there is a withdraw period when the substance is removed/not given to allow for it to leave the cows' systems before milk can be put into the general circulation.  One particular form of estrogen that used to be given to cows was found to be dangerous to people and is no longer being used (banned, I believe).  (Just as a side...I don't think there is a "risk of estrogen" from dairy.)

As for soy - a friend of mine is estrogen dominant and has endometriosis.  Her dr recommended to her that she avoid taking in "extra" estrogen which included restricting her soy intake.  Adjusting her diet has helped her from a medical perspective.  I don't know about from a weight loss point of view.

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My best friend is a personal trainer and she also stays away from soy saying it raises estrogen levels which makes fat hard to burn. She says its similar to the estrogen raise during pregnancy that causes our bodies to hold onto fat stores for the baby. Personally, I've never tried a soy anything I didn't like. I can't say I have soy all that regularly but I definately don't avoid it. My in-laws always have soy milk in their house and I swipe a glass whenever I can. They also have been losing weight consistantly the past few months with diet plan that includes soy milk. I'd say the jury is still out on soy but if you like go with it.

My aunt used to drink a lot of soy milk and her nutritionist told her to switch to rice or almond milk because very processed soy (like soy milk) contains a lot of estrogen. She has rheumatoid arthritis which is apparently affected by the estrogen. I know that Trader Joe's carries an organic whole grain milk that's made out of amaranth, quinoa, and brown rice. The unsweetened kind is pretty good!

As for the cow milk. It's the growth hormones that people should be worried about. It's inhumane and unhealthy. 

Alright, Ill answer the question in hole.

 Ive been working out my whole life and more focused on muscle building as of about 10 years ago. I have a nice body but I still pay attention to every detail, I moniter my weight and appearence. Im not the kind of person to backslide.

Soy protein WILL MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT, This is coming from a guy. I gained a lot of mistery weight, some in muscle mass and very little but to me noticable in body fat percentage. I drank a carton of the best, lowest fat soy milk locally available, once a day because it taste so darn good lol

I noticed a huge difference in only a 3 months period for me it was some what beneficial because of the stress I put my body through.

 If your a woman, This is absolutely terrible, With the amount of exercise I get at work, home, gym and bed and for me to still gain the smallest percentage of body fat, I could only imagine how it would make a woman look. Foot in mouth

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A glass or two of soy milk will not make you fat. Short of steroid-laced brownie sundaes, I can't think of a single food that "makes" you fat.

Frankly, I'd be more worried about the soy protein isolate and hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated soybean oil that ends up in a lot of processed goods. And for every study that says "soy is eeeeevil," there's another that demonstrates its benefits.

If you decide to look into it, make sure you're looking at information published in reputable journals or by reputable organizations (ie. The American Heart Association, not the Weston A. Price Foundation).

I am a nurse, and from what I have read and from what my own Dr said is that hormones (i.e. Estrogen, or estrogen and premarin) will cause you to gain wieght but a lot of it is water weight. Hormones cause us to retain salt which of course holds water.

I am on prempro and I can say that I am much more fluid overloaded whan I take them and I pee off a lot if I miss more than two days. The Dr put me on HCTZ low dose diruretic and I can lose up to 4 pounds in water weight. The swelling goes away.



I usually consume soy in at least one form a couple times per day and I'm still losing about two pounds per week. So, take that as you will.

(Edit: Oops, didn't realize this was an old thread.)

"She says its [estrogen from soy] similar to the estrogen raise during pregnancy that causes our bodies to hold onto fat stores for the baby."

I found what you said very interesting because I had gained a lot of weight during my pregnancies (50 pounds the first time and 75 pound the second). I lost almost all of the weight both times after I had the babies. But the weight gains during my pregnancies did scare me. I was also bloating up and my doctors would tell me I needed to drink more. But I already was. I would carry around a huge bottle of water, drink from it constantly throughout the day, refill it multiple times, and eat only foods like very liquid soups. I never really understood why all the weight gain in terms of water and fat. Thanks for the information.

Anyway, I haven't had any trouble with soy foods such as vegetarian meats, but I recently switched from cow's milk to soy milk, and I have been gaining weight just like when I was pregnant. I'm bloating up too. I think I'll try almond milk or just go without milk for awhile.

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