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soy decrease your metabolism???

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i just heard that on the site

and i love soy milkj and tofu i eat it everyday

it decrease ur metabolism???
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I've never heard that.  Did they explain why it would decrease metabolism?
This sounded odd to me, so I researched it.  Now, most of the soy studies have been done on rats, not humans, but they showed that soy increased metabolism, not decreased it.  I know we aren't rats, but I think soy is good for you in reasonable amounts, and if you like it you should eat it.  It is a mainstay of Japanese diet, and they certainly don't have a problem with obesity or slow metabolism!
oh thanks alot

i was so worried
actually males get increased estrogen levels, does that count?
We've been talking about soy on this thread, and shazm gave us an excellent run-down on the medical studies, including the effects of phytoestrogens on men.
forgive me but i am still confused, the other post says it does and some say it doesn't
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